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My question is: Is there a FAQ?.

My 2nd question is:  .

I am a female, 27 yrs old,I have been with my guy for 6 months,everything was just great at the begining and after that he said that he wants us to be friends and see what happenes later,i really love him and am so attached to him that I cant stop thinking of him! he asked to be friends and I was like ok we will be friends (although I didnt like the idea) but the next thing I relaized that I cant accept the fact of us being friends,later on I have spoken with my man abt that issue and that really makes me angry and that I canot convert love to friendship,and I asked him for the reason he said cuz we r not getting along together of the fights and etc. Ofcourse fights begun when he decided to be friends but at the begining it wasent like that the relatopnship was very peacful,its because how comitted and how I am jealous and etc.since he said lets be friends actually he stopped calling nor txting me thats why I became very angry and couldnt accept this! so I have spoken to him again and I told him how angry I felt that he is being away from me,first he said fine just go your way and leave me alone I cant stand this anymore,the next moment he changed his mind and he was like ok I will talk to you and he hungup,the next day he CALLED! and he was really nice and we havent open up the subject just chatted a while with me and then the next few hours we were txting..

I dont understand this guy he is making me confused and all,i wish I can know what he is up to or what is he thinking!i really do not want to loose him or at least I need some tips to keeep him I dont want him to run away again! cuz he said that am not being smart enough or deal with him to win him as a lover ,and I really dont know what he mean!.

Please help!Thanks...

Comments (3)

He discovered after being in a relationship (thru with you for six months that you're not good relationship (thru potential for him. I bet he doesn't like your jealousy issues specifically. This one is over, he's called it quits and just wants to be friends. Calling you doesn't mean he wants a relationship (thru with you. If it were me I'd say "thanks but no thanks" and go our separate ways. I don't know why you are so afraid to lose him, finding out you're not right for one another is a big natural part of dating.

Unfortunately, it's not good for you to stay in his life holding out hope that he'll come back when he's figured out through experience that he doesn't want a relationship (thru with you. It is best for you to move on and accept that while you may be a great girlfriend for someone else, you're not a good match for this one specific guy...

Comment #1

Run and protect yourself and your emotions. The only thing he sees in you now is convenience if things get rocky on the other side of the fence. Be smart it's all about you now...

Comment #2

Keeping you hanging on as a back up while he goes out and sleeps with other women (or at least flirts and dates him). You're his worst case scenario. You'll never be okay with the friend relationship (thru and you will continue to be miserable. You'd be better to cut all ties so you can start to get over him...

Comment #3

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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