Is there a contact number?

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My question is: Is there a contact number?.

My 2nd question is: I have known this guy for five years now, we dated for 6 months and broke up but still stayed close friends. We have always been close and it always seems like we are together even though we dont have a title. we are very comfortable with each other and everyone around us says will probably end up married in the future. people who dont even know him says it as well as ones who do. everything we do it feels like were still together. when I try to talk about us or the future he gets all bothered and recently he brought up to me that hes looking for a girlfriend , I feel hurt and upset because what we share/have/do will all change if he gets a girlfriend.

Hes only two years older then me. then he says how I should be wanting him to be happy, but the thing is I see no problem with us I dont get why it cant be me or just keep things how it is. I dont know what exactly I'm asking here but I just really needed some others input cause everyone around us and myself feel that he and I are good together. I have put up with so much and I would do anything for him and I just dont get why he cant wake up and see this. when I'm upset n sad he says how he wants me in his life and he cares about me and all of this nice things but then it's like okay if thats how you feel then why do I feel like your pushing me away and you dont want to be with me, clearly wanting to find a girlfriend is pushing me away and it's not me so how can he say all of this stuff to me then say all of that other stuff.

Thanks for listening...

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Thank you for reply and reading my post. actually I feel he has a lot of growing up more to do and how to treat people in any type of relationship (thru for that matter. we broke up because he didnt like that fact id ask to many question such as what did you do this weekend, how was your weekend, how was this how was that and so forth just regular questions anyone would ask for that matter. he also didnt like the fact that it would be nice to talk to him every other day at least even if it was to say how are you , goodnight goodmorning whatever it might be. therefor he says I'm clingy cause of that also me wanting to see him at least like twice a month or three times a month thats clingy to him. he also didnt like the fact that I couldnt understand why he would break our plans many times to go hangout with his guy friends or go to some party with one of his friends.

Thats why we broke up. but he also doesnt like to communicate and when he dont want to deal with something he gets rid of it so basically when I try to get to the bottom of things and he dont want to hear it so he blames it all on me and wants out. thats just him I far as the athletic and career thing. my career will be in all well in do time. I have two years left of college and then I can get a full time job.

I have no problem doing sport things with him but he dont want that cause I'm not up to his level of whatever sport it might be so he gets bothered and etc.he has said to me a few times, thank you for putting up with me I know I'm a pain in the ass but thanks for still being here and just stuff like that he tends to say to me. but the thing is nothing ever changes. I'm doing the work and sometimes I see him trying but it always ends up to be he never wants to communicate on how we can get past these arguments we tend to have. he never wants to talk about us or our future together and then he sends me mix signals so I think there is hope for us and then if I try to talk about where we went wrong in the past he dont want to talk about that either. each time I try to have a mature conversation so we can get to the bottom of things he either says not now or hes tired or he dont want this this isnt working.

But he does need to grow up a bit. and like hes still in that stage of wanting things perfect and if it's not then goodbye type of thing and wanting to check out girls all the time and just so much more. it's very confusing and annoying but I stick around cause I know he isnt a bad person and he isnt really all that bad and all I want to do is be with him he makes me happy and once he gets a girlfriend things will change and I dont want to have that happen. he thinks some other girl is not going to want to ask questions and want to communicate and etc. I said to him almost all girls will b like me so whats the problem with us just staying how we are...

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Based on what you posted it seems like the two of you see your relationship (thru differently.  He wants a casual thing - seeing you only 2-3 times per month, doesnt want to talk everyday, makes other plans a priority over the plans he has with you, etc..

I would suggest you find a guy who wants a real relationship. ..

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Hi giggles,.

Welcome to the board!!!.

I think you want more than he is willing to give and you aren't seeing this because you just might be in love with him..

Take a step back and ask yourself if this was anyone else - would you put up with this treatment?  To be really honest.  It doesn't matter what other people say about your relationship.  It is what the two of your say.  He is saying no and if this is hurting you, you will need to decide if you can handle having so much contact with  him.  Don't fool yourself into thinking you can be JUST friends if you truely can't and from what you said, I'm not sure you are ready for that.  Time will help you with this.  Stay busy doing what you love to do..

Good Luck,.



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Hello and thank you. he actually hasn't come out and said any direct answer to me towards he dont want to be with me he just always never wants to talk about it and things like that. I have asked for a straight answer and he gets bothered. or he says how he wants me in his life and he dont want me to leave n things like that. yes I'm not sure what I want to do but I know I want to stop getting hurt and help myself in case he does get a girlfriend cause then itll be worse if I dont help myself now. I'm not sure how to go about this cause I talk with his sister and we are hanging soon and it's just going to hurt a lot with no contact with him. hes always been there it's just what I'm use to and it's just so hard to even think about him not being there.yes I do love him and he knows this and he sadi he did to me too but I guess he cant just let go so quick and I cant cause I guess he really never did truly love me...

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