Is there a app for iPhone?

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My question is: Is there a app for iPhone?.

My 2nd question is:  .

I met this cute boy at an event.. who was a mutual acquaintance with one my friends.  I'm 25 years old, and he's 26.  I added him on facebook (as well as lots of other people from the event).. and since then my friend has been keeping an eye out for me so that I'll happen to be where he's at.  The following week my friend tells me to come out to a cafe.. and there he was.  I did not stay long but he gave the both of us a hug goodbye.. and gave me a quick kiss on the head.  I thought I was going to melt.. I barely met this boy and he was already pulling such cute moves.  The next day, he writes on my facebook "nice to see you last night" and of course I write back the following day...

The following weekend I run into him at a club... this time completely by accident.. and he follows us to the dance floor.  Needless to say, I was SO GIDDY and had a smile ear to ear... we danced ALOT.. I was even taken aback by how closely we were dancing.. he initiated all the body contact.  The following day, he leaves me another facebook post "Did you have fun?" ...OFCOURSE I was ecstatic.. but I tried to keep my calm and replied the following day with "it was so much fun!  nice seeing you again ".

A week later, I run into him again, same club, and this time my friend tells me that he'll be there.  I was fighting a cold but I came out anyway... and I barely got to see his face.  Lots of people were talking to him and I didnt feel confident enough to approach him... we had brief eye contact but I would quickly look away.  At the end of the night I realize that my friend had called him on my phone.. and we now had eachothers numbers.  After the club, our friends decide to grab coffee but I was so sick I needed to go home.  I call him and ask if he's still out.. if he could swingby and pick us up and take us home.  So him and his friend comes by and drops us off at home.. I text him within the hour..

But I thought that we had some sort of connection.  A couple days later I send him a private facebook message... "Did you happen to get a text from me?  There were so many random numbers in my phone that night I had to guess which one was urs.. but I just wanted to say thank you, I was so sick I just needed to get home..  we totally owe you!"  My friend already told him that she forgot her phone at home so she was using mine... and there really were lots of random numbers in my phone that night.  But wow, again no response.  I was mortified..

A few days later, he updates everyone on his blog about how he got sick, was hospitalized, but is now home.  I figure that this is why he never replied or communicated with me after that night.. so I muster up the courage to instant message him.  His screename is posted on his profile.. so I figure that it's ok to send him an IM.  "Hey.. I was gonna write you a facebook message but I just saw your screename... I read what happened to you and Im so sorry.. I hope I didnt get you sick, although mine wasnt as severe..."  He writes back really coldly "im fine, dont worry about it".. I then say "are you ok now?"  he writes "better than before, brb" and he never sends me an IM after that! .

Im at a loss for words.  I know Ive committed some classic mistakes here, so can someone please tell me what the hell I did wrong??  I need it spelled out for me, because frankly, I feel like a fish out of water.  I havent liked anyone in over a year since my last relationship (thru ended (it was a 2 year relationship).  And the first guy I allow myself to like.. he rejects me and makes me feel like a complete idiot.. and this is AFTER I think that he likes me too.  Was I delusional??  Did I fool myself into thinking that he might like me?  And why did I have to chase him like that!.

Thoughts and criticisms PLEASE!..

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This situation is me most of the time. My mistake is usually that I appear standoffish. You, on the other hand, seemed to have had the right amount of enthusiasm for this guy. But, maybe he was trying to get over somebody and freaked because he realized that you liked him. Maybe he's not ready to have a relationship (thru with someone else. I don't think you did anything wrong.

Wouldn't you be put off if you thought somebody got you sick? Anyway, wait it out and see if he makes the next move...

Comment #1

Honestly, a big clue to me that I don't want to go out with a guy is if he doesn't ask for my phone number right away.  To me, if he does not ask right away, he is not interested.  If he runs into me x number of times and is dumb enough to let me go, that is not the type of guy I want to be with. .

When I met my boyfriend, we spent the entire night together walking the city and just seeing sights.  By the time we got back to my place, it was 5am.  We had trouble entering the right codes in our cell phones because our numbers were from different countries (we're in Europe) and every time we would test it, it wouldn't ring on my end.  But he stood there for half an hour - I'm not kidding, a full 30 minutes - until we finally figured it out and it worked.  It was 5am and I was really tired so honestly like after 10 minutes, I was like, oh well, guess it doesn't work.  I said "nice knowing you" jokingly to him and feinted walking away and he grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards him and he was like, "ur not going anywhere until I get your number" lol  It was the sweetest thing ever.  So this guy was not letting me go under any circumstances.  *That's* the kind of effort I deserve.  Anything less than that is not good enough..


Comment #2

"he grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards him and he was like, "ur not going anywhere until I get your number" lol  It was the sweetest thing ever.  So this guy was not letting me go under any circumstances.  *That's* the kind of effort I deserve.".

You got that right blairbear!!..

Comment #3

  "*That's* the kind of effort I deserve... ".. It totally has to be a way of life!  Like this type of thinking must be internalized...

Comment #4

 I didn't read anyone else's post, but I think that you're WAY over analyzing this. Why? You're freaking out b/c he said he'd be right back and didn't. Holy hell!! It's the end of the world as we know it!!  Ok, Ok, I'm being sarcastic and I'm done being so..

 Listen, the reason you're freaking out is b/c your expectations are HUGE. You're EXPECTING him to react a certain way, and since your expectations haven't been met, you don't know what to do or think. Just chill for a second and think.... "Is it REALLY TRUE? Did he REALLY reject me?  Is this ABSOLUTELY true? Does he have any RATIONAL reason to do so?"    .

 Think about it..


Comment #5

Hi Wonderlei,.

Welcome to the board!!.

I think you may have done a little too much persueing, but that's it.  Don't beat yourself up over this guy.  There are tons of fish in the sea and you will find another one to like and he will like you back.  I don't think you know this guy well enough to say anything more about him..

Good Luck,.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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