Is the weight loss pill d-4 any good. i got it at VitaminShoppe. just wonder if it works?

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My first question is: Is the weight loss pill d-4 any good. I got it at VitaminShoppe. just wonder if it works?.

My next question is: Im about to start 6 weeks on decca and was wondering if I need to take hcg after or is there a more easily obtained alternative or do I need to take anything at all??? ive heard that you only need it to make your nuts get back to size does it do anything else posative like help keep gains? basically I'm just tryin to find out if I really need it as I'm struggling to get any.the decca was hard enough to get an it's cost me 70 but it's ment to be the american good stuff an not the greek stuff,i know I'm prob paying twice as much but I just didnt know how else to get it...

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Your question was: Is the weight loss pill d-4 any good. I got it at VitaminShoppe. just wonder if it works?.

Thanks for the replys guys .what is pct as you can tell I'm not fully informed on this I'm just going on what a guy at the gym tells me,an he goes on what the guy that supplys him with the stuff tells what is the other one I should take with decca? the reson I chose decca is that on one web site I read it says it the one with the least side not after getting huge I just want to put a bit more size on then I will be happy. plus as I'm asking all these questions am I ok still taking ephadrine and creatine while I'm using steroids? I only really take the ephadrine to give me the boost to work out anyway just wonderd if they clashed in anyway...

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1) PCT=post cycle therapy, a course of treatment that is needed after a cycle to restore your body to homostasis and help you keep any gains..

2) do not trust your buddy and his knowledge base, develop your own by reading...this forum is full of information, take advice from guys that have done this stuff, not sources.

3) no one ever does just one cycle, believe me, we all say it, but....

4) creatine is fine and ephadrine could be too...its just that you cant cut and bulk at the same time.

5) IMHO test has the least side effects...if you take deca alone, dont plan on having any sex for at least the time you are on it plus that much time after you are off it because deca will shut you down hard.....

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Deca does have the least androgenic sides however it will shut down your natural test production hard. therefore it is advisable to satck it with test. test comes in a few different forms. most commonly people use test enanthate, I would do 500ml test per wk (- 2shots) and 400ml deca per week ( - 2 shots). then follow this with a month of PCT using nolvadex...

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Plus 250iu of HCG every 3-4 days right from the off.

:twisted: Fierce..

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Oh no this is getting far too complicated! was hard getting someone to supply me with decca,now I'm going to need test too.can someone please put in idiot proof english exactly what I need an what doses and how many weeks etc.ive seen forums saying I need novadex and clomid after that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!! confused!!!!!!!!!..

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Sorry that sounds that I'm not grateful for the advice ive been given by the guys already I'm just unclear about all the jargon etc.i really dont want to screw myself up by doing this, basically my mate who did it on a 6 week course in the summer had 6 weeks of pain free training and it cured all his niggling injurys,and he said he never had decca **** etc.and to be honest I havent even found out where to get the hcg yet,its so bloody hard as people are so secretive when it comes to getting steroids!!! I cud go out and get any class a tomoz with no problem but steroids not a pretty sure I can get clomid or novadex from work( nuff said)..

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Whats a good counter with the side effects of decca? (limp ****) ive been looking and cant find much. any advice is good...

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Ok, to start at the top... you can use Deca on it's own but there is a chance of the old 'deca d*ck' - it's not certain to happen.... but it might!.

Usually first cycles are test only at around 500ml per week for 8-10 weeks.. I really would say that deca for 6 weeks isnt the best but thats your call at the end of the day..

Things you want to get hold of though are Nolvadex and HCG - clomid too if you like but not 100% neccesary for me...

If you stick with the deca then 3 weeks after your last shot (it takes 3 weeks for the deca to clear out) you would want to start PCT with the nolva - the HCG I would run for the 3 weeks while you wait... this will bring your nads back up if any shrinkage had occured and tricks your body into starting test production early, which is why it helps you keep any gains.

Gym knowledge is usually sketchy at best mate - it's sorta like a group of lads at school sometimes... it probably starts off ok but everything gets twisted and exaggerated.

Have a search around the forums and you will pick up some decent PCT info I'm sure.

And dont be afraid to ask stuff - always better to check than stumble blindly..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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