Is the muscle building stuff in VitaminShoppe steroids?

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My first question is: Is the muscle building stuff in VitaminShoppe steroids?.

My next question is: Hey everyone, this is my first post..

I need a little help, I just started my first cycle a couple of weeks ago. 500mg test enan and 400mg deca. Got my stuff gear from the sites recommended on musclechat..

I've been injecting into my delts alternating between them. Everything was going well until the other day. There seems to a large area of mishapen tissue around the injection site on my right delt and it's painful to lift my arm up..

Does this describe an abscess? If so wot should I do? What are the treatments for getting rid of it?.

Hope you can help me on this...

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Your question was: Is the muscle building stuff in VitaminShoppe steroids?.

I've been using blue 1 inch pins Dave..

I got my stuff from anabolicsteroidcentre and steroids-direct is there a chance that it could be fake?..

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The gear you got from steroids-direct will be real but if you want me to check tell me what you got and the name it was posted out to and I'll look into it, I read in a post yesterday that david had heard something dodgy about anaboloicsteroidcenter...

Comment #2

I say we should start seroisly doubting these sources who persist to say, each time they are chalanged with a fake gear report (and there have been quite a few now) that their supplier has sent them fakes, or that batch of primo was fake. This is a perefect excuse for pick and choose scammers to continue to pick and choose, and more importantly, to scam. ASC supposedly gets it's gear from thiland, there is no reson for a single fake to emerge from that place. Ampsntabs have just done the same thing, they're back now, their name cleared by the same excuse. If one looks over amps stock, it's looky pretty low/out of stock, limited products, etc..

I think once a scammer, always a scammer...

Comment #3

Thanks for your help!.

Went to the docs today and got the all clearHe said it was probably just a minor infection...

Comment #4

Good news mate. I think the fake issue affects us all no matter where the stuff comes from...

Comment #5

Good to see it's nothing to worry about boobla monster...

Its amazing how much better you feel from going to the docs..

Comment #6

That's very good to hear. Now you can clear it up in a matter of a few days to a week. Much better than any serious problem..

Comment #7

Being on my first cycle made me pretty paranoid anyway, but when that happened I started questioning everything!.

I was a bit apprehensiveto tell the doc that I was on gear, but he seemed to be cool with it. Even asked me how much I was paying for the stuff!!!..

Comment #8

You should always be able to trust your doctor. He/she has a confidentiality agreement with you if you are 21 or over and could never get you into trouble over things you tell him/her. My doctor's son has used roids for years now and we've talked about them together..

Comment #9

As far as I'm aware there has been alegations of scamming against steroids-direct right? If anyone knows of any I'd like to know about it...

Comment #10


I bought from steroids-direct, they told me that my parcel was sent the 27th of November, 22 days ago. The maximum delay for U.K is 21 days as written on the website..

I'm confused and I begin to doubt that I would get something..

Does anyone know this website ?

Thank you...

Comment #11

Hey guys I have been thinking to buy some gear from steroids-direct but I have benn seein things about them saying they are a scam..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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