Is the Medifast chocolate pudding any good?

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I was thinking about ordering the chocolate pudding. Is it good? I just want to know if it is good plain without making a recipe out of it. Your opinions are appreciated! Thanks!..

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I really like it. You must make it with really COLD water. I either put ice water in the fridge first and use that. Or I put my shaker jar with the water in the freezer for a little while, then put the pudding in and shake it hard. It taste exactly like regular pudding. However, it is not one of the the most filling meals..

I like to make a shake out of mine. I put a full 8 oz of water, and 1 cup of ice, it makes a really large filling shake...

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I really like the chocolate pudding, but I did discover that what you make it in does make a difference. I was trying to do it in a small bowl, and the texture was wierd, but edible. Once I changed to a glass bowl that was a little deeper the whole texture changed...

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I love the chocolate pudding! It is one of my favorites! I like to eat it PLAIN, or with FF Cool Whip or PB2...

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The choc pudding is my favorite pudding. I make it in my magic bullet and add a couple ice cubes and a really cold water. I usually freeze it for a little while, too. There's a recipe for ice cream (a la dbthreads) that's great, too. I usually add some SF raspberry syrup as part of my liquid...

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Like Becki, I add some syrup too but in the chocolate, I like the Toasted Marshmallow syrup. I love it with some light cool whip. Every now and then it comes out a little watery, so the suggestion to use very cold water and measure carefully are good ones! Also, I use a small whisk..


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Just to be the devils advocate, I think the pudding is disgusting. It's got a weird texture and flavor. Blech.....

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I really like the pudding - but I put in 8oz of water and ice and blend it into a thick shake. Since I like mint, I put the capella mint/chocolate drops in it Yum, yum!..

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I enjoy the pudding but you have to make it with cold water and than I use a whisk to mix it to get it very creamy and all the lumps out. But I do like all the flavors. I know there are receipes to do other things out there with them too...

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I have the chocolate pudding everyday. I mix it in a small (1 cup) plastic Rubbermaid bowl. I pour in the packet and add water a little bit at a time. I stir it with a fork, keep adding water until it is the right consistency. I put the lid on it and take it to school. It stays in the refigerator until 2:15 and it is great.

Sometimes I add a tablespoon of Jello's sugar-free, fat-free chocolate fudge pudding mix to make it more chocolatey. I usually just eat salad and chicken or fish for L&G so even with extra added to the pudding I stay on plan. The main thing is to record everything extra you use so that you are aware of carbs, calories, and protein...

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The chocolate pudding with a dab of FF cool whip has become my evening treat. I usually make it plain, but occasionally add some flavor drops. If you don't like the pudding texture, you can always use it for shakes...

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I love the pudding....but it didn't taste that great until I finally bought a small wisk...made all the difference in the mixing. I stick it in the freezer for a short time and it's like heaven!!..

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It is my favorite Medifast meal I have at least one a day sometimes 2! I measure exactly 1/2 cup of ice cold water and a little crushed ice then I stir stir stir until it gets smooth and yummy! Enjoy!..

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The ice cream recipe is simple with amazing results: add a small amount of allowable fat free cream cheese - like 1 tsp to 1 tbl - and transform the fine chocolate pudding into chocolate heaven. Worth a try I'd say...

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It's delicious. Use very cold water and shake it real fast in the container. It'll get thicker quicker that way. Yum!..

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It's one the few Medifast things I eat without turning it into a recipe.

I use a small wire whisk to get the lumps out, but honestly, I'll eat it lumps and all!.

Of course a little PB2 or Capella Butterfinger drops turns it into chocolate-peanut butter heaven...

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