Is online dating websites, like, a good way to meet people with common interests? Or...?

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My first question is: Is online dating websites, like, a good way to meet people with common interests? Or...?.

My next question is: My boyfriend and I have been dating (online dating with for 7+ months and recently he mentioned that he always goes out of his way to do things for me, and he doesnt feel like I do the same back. I tried to explain that Ive been living like a nomad the past 5 months because he always wants to stay at his house every night (thats me giving- and it's a lot). He does do all of the cooking, cleaning (hes a control freak with his things) and pays for the majority of things.


I do appreciate everything he does, but I dont know how to show it. I always say thank you. I guess I struggle with showing it. Any suggestions (sex isn't an issue)?..

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Your question was: Is online dating websites, like, a good way to meet people with common interests? Or...?.

Ask him what gesture on your part would let him see that you really do appreciate all that he does. .


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Yes, again it's about communication.  What you consider an appreciative gesture might not mean the same to him so you need to ask the kinds of gestures he likes, and then do them.


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I am dating (online dating with a man for almost 6 months.  I drive 1 hour plus to his house more than he comes to mine (ok with me) and I am cooking for him, and doing the dishes at his house at least once a week.  In fact, everytime I am there, I tidy up a bit to make things a little neater than if I didn't come at all.  I make the bed, sometimes take out trash and have picked up food for us to prepare..

So you could offer to make a meal and clean up once in a while.  You can also bring a special gift once in a while as a surprise.  I bought my bf girl scout cookies and surprised him with it when I came ove.  He also really loves it when I cook for him and try to make it tasty.  OMG just by writing I realize now that he loves for me to cook for him because it's a sign I care.  Hmmmm  I see now how being doted on a bit makes him feel special..

You could offer a massage or give him his favorite sexual treat with a smile and a tease.

I only give this much because he has given to me so much. I would not suggest this if you man doesn't give to you much in the first place..



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Think what you would like done for you, chances are he feels the same.


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