Is Nutrisystem a waste of money for me?

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Hi all - it's my first day and I just had my first Nutrisystem "meal." I am in tears. Did I just throw away $275? I mean the reason I'm fat is because I love food and I'm always hungry. So here I've signed up for a plan where you are required to eat toddler-sized servings of food that tastes like cardboard. How do you do it? Do you lose weight because the food is so hard to choke down that you just take a couple of bites and throw out the rest? I'm in a total panic. I had a blueberry muffin - 170 calories - and I'm so hungry I just want a real breakfast. One with eggs and toast and maybe some meat.

It's only 10 AM - a bit early for lunch. I can starve without spending all this money. Worst of all, I am white-knuckling to keep from binge-eating right now. I can't believe I did this. Any advice?.


It's the end of the day now and I've just had a chance to check in. I am overwhelmed by all the responses and support. I am going to give this a chance. I definitely took one look at that muffin and panicked. Then I tasted it and gagged. Well, so it's not nearly as easy as Marie Osmond claims.

I guess it serves me right for believing advertising. And also for thinking that anything could be easy when it comes to losing weight. But it seems like there's a really good community of believers here. Real people or much better than false ads. You all are so generous and encouraging.


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Your question was: Is Nutrisystem a waste of money for me?.

Did you read the materials that came with your food? Have you called a counselor to discuss the plan? It appears at first glance that you did not eat your add-ins for breakfast. I have been on the plan since April, and I've yet to be hungry. I spread out all my foods and add-ins so that I'm eating every few hours. There are plenty of threads that talk about how to jazz up the foods, what I like - you may not like. I love the blueberry muffin, warmed, with a bit of FF cream cheese and/or SF jelly. I eat it with 3 prunes, and either 1/2 c egg substitute for the protein serving or a morningstar sausage patty..

If you're hungry, eat your afternoon snack now. I eat mine about 10:30, a carb master yogurt and a fruit serving. Then, I eat my lunch salad at 12 and my entree at 1.

It's important to consider why you joined Nutrisystem in the first place. I wanted to lose weight and be healthy. If I had to eat cardboard to do it, I would..

Also, when I think I am hungry, I drink water or decaf tea, or see what project I'm working on. I tend to want to eat when I'm bored. So I have to engage my mind in order to think less about food..


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I'm suspecting you haven't read all the literature that came with the food. Please do so before you do anything else..

Breakfast need not be comprised solely of a blueberry muffin. There are add ins like dairy/protein that must be consumed each day......along with fruits and vegetables.

So, for example, your breakfast could have been the Nutrisystem entree (in this case, a muffin), along with some yogurt and fruit.....and much more than a toddler would eat..

After becoming more familiar with the plan, if you still have questions, post them or call NS.....but don't give up! Way to early to judge the plan!.


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Hi MsFancyPaints,.

Do not give up. In your box you should have received a booklet called Meal Planner. Notice that you have different section telling you what to eat. In the back they list all the food you can eat with it's measurements.

For breakfast you can have the blueberry muffin, 1 egg, 1/2 cup orange juice and a cup of coffee with splenda. If you have more than 100 pounds to lose you can add 1 more carb which could be a 1 slice of bread. I hope this example helps.

If you have more than 100 pounds to lose, add one carbohydrate to breakfast and dinner, and add one fruit to lunch. Don't forget to check out the carbs you can eat on the back of the booklet.

You should check out PamSB blog because she is my guardian angel for asking questions. She's an amazing lady and super helpful. I think you'll see her here before you know it. Also call the counselors they are really nice and so helpful. It's the 800 number on HomePage..

Also check out what everyone talks about because it helps with all the conversations going back and forth. You just jump in and start making friends that will help you big time.

Do not give up because it works. Give it a try..

Good Luck...

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Call a Counselor. 1-800-321-THIN. You need to understand the plan in order to work the plan. Waste $275? Well, for me, it was the best money I ever spent in my 60 years on earth...without a doubt. I lost 105 pounds, ate great food, was NEVER hungry, and feel like a gazillion bucks. $275? I would have paid a LOT more to get what I got from NutriSystem...a LOT more!..

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Definitely read the meal planner. Today is my 2nd day and I'm thinking this is TOO much food.

Being a foodie, I was concerned about how the food would taste, but so far I'm thrilled. Read the message boards too, folks give *great* advice on making the food even better..

Good luck!..

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Below I have listed some of the important things you will need to know as you start your NutriSystem journey:.

1. Eat all of your food (mark all of the circles in your Menu Planner) and then stop (and, if you are buying from QVC, you may have a slightly different plan or different food from people buying directly from NutriSystem);.

2. If you are a woman with under 100 pounds to lose, you only get a Low GI Carb with an entree that calls for a small roll or tortilla, then you add a multi-grain or whole-wheat roll (or any of the Carb selections) of between 80-120 calories (or 45 calories' worth of bread or melba toast for the chicken salad). If you have over 100 pounds to lose (man or woman, any plan), you add a Low GI Carb to both Breakfast AND Dinner and an extra fruit serving to lunch;.

3. Read the instructions and information on all of the food packages (see #2);.

4. The milk for the cereal is NOT counted as your protein/dairy for breakfast;.

5. Your dairy/protein serving should be 100 calories or less, 3g fat or less and 7g protein or more (but you can go as high as 120 calories once per day for yogurt, if necessary to meet the minimum protein requirements);.

6. Have a dairy/protein serving with your fruit to avoid sugar (carb) spikes from the fruit alone that happens to some people;.

7. Drink ALL of your water (64 oz. minimum), and you can count Crystal Light and decaf teas as PART of your water intake, but try to have as much plain water as you can;.

8. If you choose to imbibe alcoholic drinks, you could slow your weight loss and become dehydrated and end up munching snacks when you shouldn't, but you are an adult and it is a personal choice (just count it as completely empty calories and don't skip any food to make up for it);.

9. If you can exercise, DO...just walking is excellent, but do as much as you can;.

10. NO, we do not know how FAST you will lose (even though average, healthful weight loss is approximately 1-2 pounds per week, long term, and is quoted by the Dietitians as being average on NutriSystem after the typical first whoosh of loss by some);.

11. The people on the Discussion Boards are your to help you, motivate you, and kick your butt when necessary...don't be afraid to ask questions, but if you don't like the answers you get, well, those answers are based on the knowledge and experience of the responder. Ummm, like, don't shoot the messenger, y'know?.

12. You can have up to three (3) "free foods" per day, just not at the same time. A free food is anything 20 calories or less, which includes a Sugar Free Popsicle (15 calories), Sugar Free Jello (10 calories), Sugar Free Gum...anything that you want to take the edge off those munchie times..

13. Oh, and lest we forget, you may (just may, not always) get GAS...some members refer to them as the NutriToots. Beano and/or Gas-X seems to help...

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Hang in there. Your body is used to having more food than it needs. It will adjust to the new portion sizes. I was a -two-cheeseburger-a-day person before NS. I lost 75 pounds and learned what a normal portion is. Trust me, it's well worth it.

Give it an honest try...

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No not a waste- the others gave great advice already- This is a program to help you learn to eat smaller portions and learn to make better food choices- the reason we are all here. This is work, not a miracle, it DOES WORK!..

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Oh NO! Don't panic....try to relax and refocus on why you signed up. You wanted to lose weight and get healthy, right? You've picked the best program around for that WAY TO GO!!!!!.

OK, the first few days are going to be tough, but you have just started a wonderful, exciting new journey. You'll look back on today and laugh later. I promise. Call a counselor and make sure you understand the program. It will seem easy to follow by this time next week..

If losing weight was easy, none of us would be fat. You have to decide if you really WANT this. If you do, well you've found a perfect solution. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!..

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I save money with NS. When thinking of starting Nutrisystem my husband and I added up what I spend a day on Fast Food etc. just for going to work. I am SAVING Money with NS. I live on the go. Mom of two teenagers in sports I work full time School partime I commute an hour each way to work.

No fastfood runs because I didnt have time to cook I can always find a microwave..

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FIFY: did you get your's for ONLY $275.00?.

I do not feel as though it is a waste of money to invest in my health and my happiness. And, my orders are usually more than $275 even when I use my discounts.

If you come back to the board and read the advice from the members above (and do what is suggested by the members - and read your materials!), I think you'll feel much better about your decision to change your life with NS. Best of luck to you!..

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All of the above advice is great but most of all CALL A COUNSELOR! They can really help you understand the program - one of my biggest regrets was not doing this sooner. Also it will take a bit to really get in the groove of it once you do fully understand how to do it. I am going on 6 weeks and feel like I finally am getting in the groove. I no longer feel hungry at all and even feel too full at times! But the scale keeps inching downward so that is all I care about. Finally, take some time to read the discussion boards for a few days - I am still learning tons of tips and info daily. I wish I had done that sooner too. So much good advice and support on here! Best of luck with your weight loss journey - you can do it!..

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Since I'm single and live alone, I always felt like the money I spent for Nutrisystem was just my grocery money...

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Don't give up ~ first if you didn't receive a "Meal Planner" with your order, call cust svc and request one..

I'm on the diabetic plan and I have 3 meals a day, 2 snacks and desert. Lots of food..

My breakfast varies but usually I have.

NS cereal.

With a hard boiled egg. It stays with me till my snack time..

My snacks often are.

One pc of fat free lunch meat wrapped around a 50 calorie string cheese stick.

And an apple.

Lunch varies, but is a Nutrisystem entree along with.

A huge salad.

I often add canned chicken (the kind that comes in the same type of can tuna fish comes in).

And I mix low fat mayo in it for my fat. I add the chicken to my salad and.

Top with a fat free salad dressing..

Then an afternoon snack which is often the same as my morning snack, only because I love it..

Dinner is a Nutrisystem Entree.

A cup of canned or frozen veggies (which counts as 2 servings).

A large salad (Again) w/fat free dressing..

And after 7 a Nutrisystem desert..

I feel like I'm eating all day long..

My 85 year old mother visited recently and couldn't believe how much I eat and still loose weight.

This is a great plan! Don't give up yet. Call a counselor and discuss your fears and problems with him/her.

I'm thrilled with my weight loss...

Comment #14

Plus, if all else fails, I'm pretty sure you can send the food back and get a refund if you don't want to continue (I'm sure restrictions and time periods apply, all the more reason to call a counselor). It works, it's more food than you probably realize- but if you don't want to spend the money, call Nutrisystem directly..

Most importantly, stop crying (is a box of food really worth your tears? Save them for an episode of Grey's Anatomy or something). If Nutrisystem isn't for you but you still want to lose weight, try something else. If you're motivated, you'll do it (whether with us or with another plan)...

Comment #15

Oh, come on. That isn't very nice. Maybe she's at work or went to work. Why not give people the benefit of the doubt?..

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I had to laugh after reading this post because after being on Nutrisystem for only one week I had to face a social situation today (canasta) where I knew food would be. I ate my breakfast beforehand and didn't leave in time to have my snack before lunchtime and was actually wondering how I was going to fit it in (I'm on NS-D with 2 snacks/day). On a regular day I feel like I'm am always eating and then to have to squeeze in more food in less time? I NEVER thought that would be a problem for me. Weird. Must be why there are so many success stories with NS. Never going hungry! YES!!..

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I must say THANK YOU to PAM for the "Nutritoots" joke. Too funny and too true!.

To the OP - reading everything on this site and getting to know the people that have been on the plan for awhile is a great thing..

Much of my weight is from emotional eating - I "ate to sedate". The proper portions of Nutrisystem were a bit of a shock but now I feel quite good after each meal and don't feel deprived. I'm thrilled that I can have cheese (string cheese) in my salad each day for lunch! Yummy yum..

Amazing what eating well can do as far as energy too! No more sedation!.

Keep going - you can do this!!!!..

Comment #18

First of all relax. You are not "wasting" $275.00. It will be money well spent when you have lost what you want too. The food is not gourmet food but there is alot of it and when you get on track and figure out just what you need to do it will be second nature. There are lots of ways to enhance the meals and a lot of them are fine by themselves. You get to add all kinds of good for you foods also.

I have never been hungry and have been on maintenance for going on 4 months now. There are lots of people on these threads who can help you along. There are no "dumb" questions so ask away. Keep with it and good luck, Nancy..

Comment #19

I am married but agree with you. What I was spending on fast food and eating out PLUS my grocery money...NS isn't any more expensive.

I go to Sam's for my husbands food...lots of chicken, turkey and veggies for him plus salads (I buy in quantity for him). I eat my Nutrisystem entree and the same veggies and salad he eats..

NS is worth every penny!.


Comment #20

In my opinion, the breakfasts are the weak link in this diet plan, taste-wise..

I also love food. But I have had to accept that my love for food had made me fat. Also, a diet is a diet. It was a major change for me. It took some time for my taste buds to get used to so much less fat, for instance.

But that is why I am on the diet - to learn to enjoy foods that are good for me, to get used to appropriate portions, and to change my tastes so that I don't feel I need so much fat in my meals...

Comment #21

I have lost 46 pounds in a bit over two months by staying on Nutrisystem and eating as I should. I also love food, which is obvious since I started Nutrisystem at 317 pounds..

First of all, you get used to the difference in the taste of the food and you can "doctor it up" in many ways. If you just had a blueberry muffin and nothing else, no wonder you are still hungry. A Nutrisystem breakfast is much more than 2 little muffins!! You also get to eat between meals, something that is a major no-no on other diets..

My favorite saying, and one that I keep in my mind is:.


Comment #22

I am by no means an expert, but I did lose over 50 lbs. with this lifestyle change...yes, it's a lifestyle change NOT a diet. This change will not only include changing your eating habits but also getting off of your duff and moving around a little bit if you really want results. Its really that simple..

You have a decision to make...stay fat OR do something about it. If you don't like the food, least learn the science behind it and make your own meal plan. The science works if you follow it..

I get so tired of the "i dont like the food" whining...its just an excuse...go buy a pizza and list your "box of bland tasting crap" on the trade thread, or donate it to the local food bank..

As my mother used to say...there are starving kids in India who would love that meal..

I wouldn't be so hard on you if you hit a wall after several months and made this post...but JESUS, you have only been on the plan for 3 frickin' hours!..

Comment #23

I have to say, I was kinda like you in the beginning. My dad got his BBB first and as I unpacked it for him, the foods looked absolutely ridiculous, they looked tiny and I thought to myself, 'no one could stay on this plan' but as it started to work for him, I thought I would give it a try myself. Believe me, I've never looked back, sure some of the food is awful, but there are other ones that have shocked me delightfully with their fantastic taste. Sure, you have to adjust your eating, but that is just helping you prepare for the future when you meet your goal weight. Just keep trying it and you'll find it working for you, like I've found it working for myself..

The hunger will eventually leave as well, it leaves for some quicker then others, heck, I've been on the program for around 11 weeks and my own hunger cravings didn't start to die down until I was 8 weeks in the program, now there are times in which I completely forget to eat an meal and readjust my eating schedule. I figure if it can work for myself, it can work for anyone...

Comment #24

It'll get better really!! I was worried I had made a $300 mistake as well, but after three months I've found Nutrisystem to be a great way to eat healthy and the convenience can't be beat. You can eat your foods any time you want so figure out what's best for you. I don't go more than two hours without eating. I graze all day and don't get hungry. I actually think the Nutrisystem food is very good, but there will be some entrees you like better than others. As you try new things, go into your meal planner and circle what you like and draw a line through the things you don't like so you have the information when it's time to order. Good luck!!..

Comment #25

Nutritoots! That's priceless! I can't wait to tell my boyfriend that the gaseous emissions coming from my body lately have an actual name!..

Comment #26

Oh my 3 months in and I finally figured out BBB means Big Brown Box. Is that right?..

Comment #27

Arlene: If you watch the video on my Success Story, you will see me hestitate, giggle and sorta roll my eyes when I talk about getting my first "big brown box." I ALMOST said "BBB" but caught myself. That was one take, no script, just telling my story, but, luckily I was self-editing as I spoke...

Comment #28

LOL I look for that Pam.

Just watched: Pam you are amazing!..

Comment #29

I know exactly how you are feeling!! I was ready to quit the first whole week but not because of the lack of food, it was the whole "cardboard" thing. But I hung in there and am SOOOOO glad I did. What I learned to do was to only order 1 of something I've never tried before instead of 3 or 4 of an item that sounded good. Then I kept track for the first few months of all items on a piece of paper with a scale of "OK", "Good" and "Gross/Yuck" to know what to and what not to order again. I also learned to follow my meal planner and not skip any of the foods you're supposed to add..

And, a lot of the other members are right, the support here we give each other sure helps. You'll always find someone to chat with, to answer your posts on the boards and even to give you some mighty tasty recipes using the Nutrisystem foods!.

So hang in there because you are worth it..

(now closing in on 70 pounds gone!)..

Comment #30

Hmmmm....trolls come in all sorts of "Fancy" things....paints, pants...what's an extra "I" among friends...

Comment #31


You can make the plan work for you AND make it easy. You'll find certain veggies that become your staples to keep at hand. For me, it's mushrooms, peppers, celery, onions, broccoli, and cauliflower. Next time you try a muffin try heating it up a bit and spread a little fat free cream cheese on it. You're allowed 2 Tbsp.

You can buy the steam in the bag variety of frozen veggies. I steam a whole bag and then split it out into portion sizes that way I "don't have to think" too much about the food. Pick my Nutrisystem entree and grab my veggies to go with. You'll find a groove of your own to make the plan work. But you have to check off everything in the daily planner. Don't skip any meals and drink ALL of the water.

Following the plan to the letter for the last 4.5 weeks and have lost about 15 lbs already...

Comment #32

You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?.

I ain't sayin' it's so....kinda makes me wonder though..

Couldn't be I guess...the person I am thinkin' of was banned looooong ago...

Comment #33

We often think alike. The screen name did make me wonder, in a rather obvious troll way, she's come back before under the radar. And if she ballooned into a huge beast, and is here for the real....well......I'll say no more...

Comment #34

I think (read: hope) the name is coincidental. I just compared it to an old screen shot of mine......

Comment #35

Wow. I don't know how to do any of that...but I'm glad you do, very telling. Hopefully Nutrisystem will delete this thread soon...

Comment #36

Hmmm...maybe it's coincidental...I hope also Barry..

BUT...and a big but....not many people know how to edit their very first ever post instead of just updating the thread..

Or maybe I was just a slow learner...

Comment #37

My screen shot of MissCryBaby's page is one of my prized Nutrisystem possessions...

Comment #38

That would bring top dollar on ebay!.

Time will tell...we'll see if she comes back...

Comment #39

Gotcha. I figured out what you meant, then deleted my post, but not quickly enough (I hate it when that happens!)..

Comment #40

I just started my 8th wk today and we are all in this boat because we love food and If you quit after just one bite of a muffin I have to ask how badly do you want to lose weight? This is very easy and doable you just have to try and find what you like to eat and what you don't like don't order on your next box. I hope you take this in the spirit in which it is given I am trying to be helpful and not hurtful.Deb..

Comment #41

Over 1,300 views...the private (off site) boards must be slow today...

Comment #42

Another telling!t, thats twice as many as the naked thread...

Comment #43

Wow, what? They (private boards) do exist. The view #'s speak for themselves. She was somewhere else next time...

Comment #44

Even funnier....go to who's online...she is reading as we speak...

Comment #45

I am so confused. What are private boards? Is there an underground Nutrisystem community I'm unaware of?..

Comment #46

You look like a sweet girl...better you stay innocent a bit longer...

Comment #47

I'm not aware of one, either, but I'm a freakin' newb, so what do I know?.

Besides... if she only paid $275 I got frickin ROBBED! I paid $329... TWICE now!..

Comment #48

I have been on autoship for over two and 1/2 years now...I pay $273...just another reason to suspect.....

Comment #49

Lol! After participating on the Nutrisystem boards for awhile, I found that there were some people that I had an affinity with, and a private board (which is completely independent of this one) was set up so we could associate without distraction, hostility or interference.

I'm sure there are many private boards comprised of all kinds of associations, such as shared political views for example, but I'm happy to say that the little group that I belong to eschews political discussion (we're all over the map) in favor of genuine concern for each others private struggles and achievements, and, with the exception of me, is comprised of sincere people of compassion and empathy...

Comment #50

And if you tell them anymore you will have to kill them.

I hope I was wrong and it wasn't her Barry...i hope it was a coincidence.

Time to watch the Phillies final 6 outs from bed...I love the part where 25 guys pile on top of each other on the mound...

Comment #51

Oh, man! I never get to have any fun...

Comment #52

I don't think it is a waste at all... I love the convenience of the food and being able to throw a meal together in five minutes or less. I enjoy dinner the most, but I eat my dinner meal at lunch and have my lunch for dinner. Stick with it, I haven't been on Nutrisystem for very long, but I don't plan on giving up until I reach my goal. Good luck!!..

Comment #53

I did the auto-renew and I added a $30 coupon. I just googled "nutrisystem coupons" and a lot came up. I think the one I used was from - but I'm not 100% sure. There were plenty of them and I think you can apply them any time...

Comment #54

People move on after they lose their weight. Or not. Develop friendships, start their own boards where groups of people that like each other chat.

No great mystery. That's probably how 90% of boards start up...

Comment #55

When I started I felt much like you. I didn't like alot of the food I felt sooo hungry. I thought no way I can do this... but I was lucky to have my husband do the program with me and he was going to succeed and had his mind set.

He just kept reminding me to take it one day at a time not think about how I have a month of food here to eat that I don't like, etc. Just stick to program 100% today...each day. The food begins to taste better and you will find your favorites - I have only had to throw out two things so far and the free week helps replace when you come across something you can't stand.

You also learn to choose more filling options for your add-ins when you are like me and this program isn't "so much food I can't eat it all" like so many say on here. For example if it seems like too much food to eat you can sprinkle on parmesean, if you feel hungry and need more food you can have yogurt instead. That's why the program is so great..

This is a mental game. Just take it one day at a time and force yourself to be 100% (if you are convinced this is the only food you get, you will eat it out of hunger) - the food gets better and better as you wean off the garbage. My husband lost 60 pounds and hit goal in 8 months and I am down 62 with 39 to go.

Keep at it! You can do it!!!!! Good luck!..

Comment #56

Now that you are into it for a couple of days, are you feeling better about it?..

Comment #57

I pay $299 a month which is 10% off because I am on Autoship. My 3rd order will ship the 26th. The next should give me 15% off. I am going to check on Flex before I get my 4th shipment in November..


Comment #58

Got me.

I just know that I posted on a big gaming board. A bunch of us got to be friendly and sort of lost interest in the game and started our own board so we could chat. We've had it for about 7 years.

I think that's how a lot of smaller boards start...

Comment #59

We all cant be wrong! We are all "results not typical"!.

Please dont give up yet. Try not to be overwhelmed and promise yourself that you will give it 100% effort for 3 weeks. Seriously- dont eat one single BEAN that isnt on your plan for 3 weeks and I promise you will be so thrilled you will keep going.

I will tell you that the first week is the hardest then it starts getting better. By the start of week 4 you have a routine, you have figured out what you like to add-in, what time of day to eat and when to just have a glass of water and grin!!.

I have lost over 30 lbs and feel better than I ever have. I have no problem at all sticking to NS. I dont even want to "cheat" it's just not worth it.

You think right now that you will never feel this way but I can assure you- you will IF you dont give up on yourself.

BEST of luck to you!!!!..

Comment #60

Instead of switching to flex, just delay the shipment to arrive as you need them. Delaying a shipment doesn't impact your AD discount but switching programs might - check on this before you do anything...

Comment #61

First of all, don't base it all by the blueberry muffin. There are some Nutrisystem food that tastes GREAT. I don't care for the muffins..

I'm not all for drugs, but maybe if it sounds like you are having aLOT of trouble with this, maybe you should talk to your doctor about some appetite controlling medicine?..

Comment #62

While I don't like the blueberry muffins as is, they make AMAZING bread pudding!..

Comment #63

I decided to give this 100% for a week. The first impression has been so bad that I can't look it any longer term than that. I wasn't crying because of "a box of food" or even the money. It's the overwhelming disappointment. I've been trying to lose the same 45 pounds since I had my first child - and she's now 10 years old! I cried because it felt like another failure. It's hard to believe, but in the rest of my life I'm a very optimistic, positive person. So, even though I find myself in the unusual position of forcing it - I'm going to try to love this and become one of those true-believers on this board...

Comment #64

First, congrats on the awesome weight loss. Second, thank you so much for saying that "the program isn't so much food I can't eat it all." I was starting to think there must be a different Nutrisystem that I'm on b/c it seems I'm totally in the minority on the hunger thing. I'm trying to change my outlook and get past the hideous first impression. It looks like I have a lot of work to do to figure out what foods can be added in and in what quantities, but if I spend the next week reading the boards 10-12 hours per day, I might be able to figure it out...

Comment #65

As for the OP, MsFancyPaints, I had a panic moment too when I had my first breakfast. I had the Cranberry Orange Pastry for breakfast the first day, and could barely choke it down. It will take a couple of boxes for you to find things that you look forward to eating, or, everyone's taste is different.

I'm down 21.5 lbs now. It works, I promise. As Poly says, eat big salads! It helps, I promise...

Comment #66

I agree. We all found our way here not for our strength but our weakness...

Comment #67

Have you called a counselor yet and walked through the program with them? They can explain to you what to use for add-ins and how to follow the program. Continuing to frustrate yourself and waste food and days on a plan that you aren't following correctly and don't enjoy isn't doing you any good.

A meal planner booklet came in the box. There are pages in there with suggested grocery items and serving sizes for your add-ins: dairy/protein, fruit and veggies. The same info is on the website under Tips & Recipes>Recommended Grocery Foods..

Sorry, there is no Nutrisystem Kool-aid for sale. The so-called "Kool-aid" drinkers here know first hand that the program works. You say you are frustrated with your weight, even think you are hideous and have failed at other diets. The only way to succeed here is to want to do this more than anything - if you aren't committed to losing the weight then you will find every excuse in the world to fail. That is the easy way out...we've all been there.

Yes, the first Nutrisystem meals I ate I thought were horrible to. I ate some breakfast pastry and tasted nothing but chemicals. Had some horrendous experience with the add water cup for lunch and can't remember what awful nasty chicken dish I had or the pizza that tasted like cardboard. Made it easy to give up after a day or two and blame it on the program. And that's what I did - threw in the towel after a week.

Something finally made me get serious about wanting to lose weight after a few more weeks. I don't know it was, but something clicked and made me want to lose the weight. I spent a week looking through the food tips and recipes. I didn't want to cook elaborate meals with the food, but simple fixes like adding some spices, mixing in some veggies or adding some minor things that could make the food palatable and more filling was within my tolerance. Is toasting or nuking a breakfast muffin or scone and spraying with some ICBINB or putting some SF syrup on it that difficult? Sure, it still didn't taste like a scone from a bakery or Starbucks, but it was passable with a cup of coffee or tea. A wedge of LF laughing cow in the lunch cup and some simple spices.

Each day got a little easier and the weight started coming off..

I actually have no problem eating the scones and pastries now without heating them. After a week or two of detox, your taste buds change. They taste fine to me now. If I'm home, I may make a recipe with the pancakes or bread pudding with the scones I don't do that from necessity but rather because I want to..

I think you need to really search deep within and ask yourself whether you want to lose the baby weight that you have been carrying around for 10 years. If your head is not in the game you won't succeed. If adding spices or simple add-ins is too much for you, then maybe this isn't the program for you.

If people believe you want to succeed here, they will give you all the help in the world. If you continue to be overly negative about everything no one will want to make the effort. No one is saying that you have to have a bubbly personality and be happy and chipper about everything, but you do need to be open to listening to ideas and suggestions.

If you decide to stick to the plan, then call a counselor and go through the program. Sticking it out for the week but not following the program will just lead to failure. You can also post here what you ate for each meal and add-in and we can give you some help...

Comment #68

Ashley I'm with you. I don't know what they are talking about and not sure I want to know. I was just looking around when I stumbled on the Mrs. Fancypaints exclaimation Deb..

Comment #69

How did that happen? They have so many special offers. Deb..

Comment #70

The men's program has additional foods (double snacks) and is more expensive, Deb...

Comment #71

Thanks Pam, being a girl I was unaware of the price difference. Yeah Girls! We are the fatter of the two sexes so I'm glad for the price break as we generally have more wt to lose then men. Deb..

Comment #72

Just think - if you're reading, you aren't eating!.

I love the support on these boards. And the humor. I also love the easy tips. It's easy to ignore the more complicated recipes if they aren't your thing - they aren't mine either. But there are plenty of simple tips.

I admit to being one of those who is seldom hungry on ns. But I also admit to consciously choosing filling food. Oatmeal over cold cereal, e.g. I think of it as volumetrics meets ns...

Comment #73

So as I read through the postings I am not the only one to not see the "i" which makes all the difference. I just question the use of the words "lurking" or "troll". I was hopeful that things would really be fun again.

Oh well, MsFancyPaints, I do want to wish you great success and encourage you. This program really does work and you may find some great friends here...

Comment #74

MsFancyPants was a troll a few years ago. Be careful...

Comment #75

What do you mean? Fill me in please. Deb..

Comment #76

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