Is nourish hair vitamins from VitaminShoppe any good?

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My first question is: Is nourish hair vitamins from VitaminShoppe any good?.

My next question is: Going turkey in 4 weeks..

Is it illegal to bring steroids back into this country for personel use.

Some1 told me, your allowed to bring 350 worth back into this country aslong as there for personel use only is this true..

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Your question was: Is nourish hair vitamins from VitaminShoppe any good?.

Whatever you want to use and whetever is cheap I would guess....

Just be careful... you can just as easy get scammed by a turk as you can by an englishman! thats why I say ask in the gyms cos they are more likely to know the score!..

Comment #1

Just checked for you on Customs website....



Class C drugs include cannabis, GHB, anabolic steroids and tranquillisers..



Class C - Supply and/or dealing: up to14 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both..

Possession: up to 2 years imprisonment, an unlimited fine or both..


Comment #2

So I'm guessing your not allowed to bring them back then..

Comment #3

Half right there mate.. under section 4 part 2 of the misuse of drugs act you are allowed to possess Human grade AAS for personal use - you may also import them...

Its the selling that gets you locked up...

Comment #4

I only posted what HMRC said.

Got a link to the act mate?..

Comment #5

The XXX YYY ZZZ Act refers to a point of law in the form of a document which details all the relevant parts...

Comment #6

Yes you can bring gear back from turkey.


1. you can prove it's for personal use.

2. it's pharma grade. No Ug gear..

There is NO set limit as to how much you can bring back, it's down to the customs officer's discrection. But a figure that gets thrown around the boards a lot is 150 worth, but dont know how valid that is...

Comment #7

Bully - you're a man in the know... Where in law does it state that? HMRC say it's a no no.....

Comment #8

HMRC probably dont want everyone to know you can bring gear back lol..

I know it's true cos I have seen hunderds of posts on this very subject on many boards and lots of people have posted on there experiences about bringing gear in..

Countries where gear is readily available are egypt, romania, poland, turkey, greece, few other but brain has gone dead..

Comment #9

150 worth in turkish money or 150 worth in our money.

Also what pharma grade how can you tell the difference..

Comment #10

If you buy from a pharmacy it's likey to be pharma grade , unless it's a dodgy pharmacy!.

150 is 150 buddy!! english money!.

Leeb suggestion of finding a gym and asking is maybe the best idea mate, if you got the grapefruits! lol..

Comment #11

Thanks... ill probs not end up bothered and just enjoy my holiday.. it's just if I come across them whislt I'm there..

Comment #12

Hmmm Bully / Andy....

HMRC control what comes in and out of the country. Par Example - they say you as a person can't bring meat/plants into the country....

What HMRC say and what UK law says are two different matters... Bearing in mind that HMRC have more powers than the police, my advice would be that the usual methods should be used for sourcing..

Just because some guy on a board said it somewhere doesn't make it correct...

If in doubt ring HMRC from your mates house and ask em..

Comment #13

HRMC control what comes in and out the contry yes, but does it say on there website that a toothbrush is ok to bring into the country??.

My point is that they dont say on there website because they dont wanna advertise the fact! There are posts around the boards actually stating the law, but I cant remember where ...

Comment #14

I emailed customs just to see what they would say lol..

Comment #15

Let us know if you get a response mate, be interesting to see exactly what they say...

Comment #16

No worriers....

I have thort about posting them back or is that a bad idea?..

Comment #17

Hmmm toothbrush is a bit off topic, but if it were okay to import them for personal use surely they would say on the website. Where as it explicitly states that you can't do it....

Or do you think they have used some sneaky wording to infer that it's naughty? Could well be the case, but I'd be interested to see what response they give via email...

Comment #18

Seems you cant pick up a full copy of the act without paying for it & I'm not bothered enough to do that lol.

There used to be a thread on here somewhere written by a copper that went into fair detail...

Comment #19

Would I be able to post them to the uk you think?..

Comment #20

No that is not a bad idea I know a few people who have done that with no problems...

Comment #21

An ACT is a statement of law, it is what you must follow and the police must enforce..

As opposed to a BILL which is a proposed law, not in force but being discussed at great length and cost. Only then can a BILL become an ACT. Some BILLs start riots... (theres a gag in there I bet).

Slightly off topic so, does anyone know if theres a personal amount limit (like smokes)? Turkey eh hmm wheres my passport..

Comment #22

And then I woke up and read the other 2 pages!!! duuh man i'm slow today. Sorry fellas..

Comment #23

What would names of steroids be called in turkey?..

Comment #24

I'm guessing if you buy a large amount and are not intending to supply and you cannot prove such an amount is for personal use then you would be arrested for possession of a class c drug with intent to supply...

Comment #25

Thats my understanding of it yeah... read somewhere that 6 months supply is considered to be the maximum but they dont know that much about them so you could get away with more and claim it was 6 months worth...

Comment #26

So it's legal to have gear for personal use 'across the pond."..

Comment #27

I wasn't asking for sources, I was saying that I may have to buy a home and move "across the pond."..

Comment #28

It is not that cut and dry where customs are involved as because their is no set limit the officer could say that 10 sus is your limit and you would not have a leg to stand on....but this only applies to Pharma gear not UG lab gear..

Comment #29

Mate I think you can bring them back I'm thinking about going in a few weeks to bring back some and was also thinking about sending back some in the post..

Comment #30

I remember a Jack Dee standup routine from years ago in which he said,.

" I hate people who take drugs for fun............... like Customs".

I had to pay 38 "import duty" earlier this year for a package of various grippers from Ironmind in the USA WANK**S..

Comment #31

Hmmmmm how much is sus and deca over turky mate?..

Comment #32

Might be worth running your eye over Turkish export laws aswell because if it turns out to be illegal to take what you've bought out of the country that holidays gonna get a few months longer.Long before you are faced with UK Customs.A friend of mines enjoying the sunny confines of a Cypriot jail at the moment to testify to that.Where smugglers and murderers alike share the beds in the crowded corridoors at night!..

Comment #33

Ok mate looked into this and I would say the best way to bring your s..t back is send it home.


Comment #34

How easy is it to get hold of it in turky?.

And wot is the law?.

Can anyone help me?..

Comment #35

It's a odd one, I know people who have had UG gear confiscated but been allowed to keep genuine pharma grade..

Id do some research up front and see whats available in a chemists shop, in Thailand for example quite a few Chemists will openly advertise what they have in stock in the window...

Comment #36

Hi folks,.

This thread interested me so thought i'd do a quick goggle. check out:-.

Anabolic Steroids (roids).

Trade names include Anavar, Sustanon 250, Dianabol, Stanozolol, Deca-Durabolin..

The law:.

Anabolic steroids are prescription only medicines. It is not illegal to possess them for your own use, or to import them for your own use, but it is illegal to supply them without a licence, or to import them for supply to somebody else: Class C penalties apply. The use of anabolic steroids in sports is prohibited. A positive test can end a sporting career..

Source: Drugs information - Anabolic Steroids (roids).


Take care.


Comment #37

Dont take the chance..

Some jobsworth customs guy finds a bunch of pink pills in your bag..

Its not worth it..

Post it.

A couple of guys I used to know went to India once a year bought their supply right away - posted it home then partied for the rest of the time..

Never had an issue recieveing it. And you get to do the packing...

Comment #38

I went last year to side turkey and brought back sust,primo, oxys and hcg for my mates uncle,never had any problem what so ever,just put it in my suitcase...

Comment #39

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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