Is Medifast food really that bad?

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After reading about how some people can barely choke down the Medifast food, I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into! Is it really that bad? I have a box of the chocolate shakes and some soy crisps as part of my week one Detox and start the actual food this week. I haven't had a shake or the crisps yet, as I decided to stop the detox and just start with the food after I buy some at my local center tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should do the shakes today as my 5 meals and a L&G for dinner and then have a shake tomorrow for bkfast and one for lunch until I can get to the center for more food. Any advice?.


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The soy crisps are not a meal - they are an optional snack, so if you are switching to 5 & 1 and all you have are shakes and soy crisps, then yes, you should use the shakes as each of your "5" until you get to the center to buy more meals..

Don't be scared - most of the meals are pretty tasty, and the ones I didn't like at first, I now don't mind except the orange creme and strawberry creme because I don't like fake fruit flavors. There are so many options from Medifast that you can find something you like and you can have the same thing for all five meals if you want!.

Good luck!..

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Some people are exceedingly picky eaters. Some people are looking for excuses to fail. If you don't suffer from those conditions, you'll be fine. The food is not gourmet, but it's not terrible, it's just food. You'll like some, some you won't, that's all. You're better off not to pay too much attention to people who would find something to complain about if they were eating gourmet food for each meal.

The crisps are not a meal, they're a snack.

Why not try a shake and see how you like it. They're pretty representative of the quality and taste, although obviously soups differ from oatmeal and both differ from shakes. But if you like the shakes, or can at least tolerate them, then decide whether you're going on Medifast or not, and place an order...

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Everyone is different too. I love the soy crisps, but as someone siad they are a snack not a meal..

I enjoy the shakes too, blended with ice or shaken in the shaker bottle..

I love the ready to drink shakes the best, those are smooth with no chalky after taste.

But you will find there are so many things you will love and as time goes on your tastes will c hange...

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Everyone has their own tastes with the Medifast foods. I just thought I'd let you know that the ready to drink (RTD) shakes have a metallic aftertaste for me. I much prefer the powdered shakes for that reason. Having said that, the RTD's have a great, smooth consistency. When you do get you food from the center, read evverything here to learn tips on making them in ways to make them taste the best..

Go to the Medifast Connection board and look for a thread called "What I wished I had known before I started Medifast" or something like that. It talks about how to blend shakes in a blender with ice, how to soak soups, how to mix hot drinks, how to cook eggs, etc. I think you'll find it helpful. Good luck! Medifast is a great program...

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I've already joined through the Center and paid a huge fee so I am doing this and will do whatever I have to do to eat their food!.

Any idea if we can add a bit of almond milk to the shakes? Almond milk has 2 carbs I think for a whole cup. How would that fit into the Medifast plan?.


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I actually prefer the dutch chocolate shakes to any chocolate-flavored drink I could buy "in real life". Although I use only about 5oz of water, not the full 8oz, to make it a bit thicker. I also really like the french vanilla shakes, too..

And the dutch chocolate RTD aren't bad either, although more like "chocolate water".

I don't use a blender or ice for the powdered shakes, but I always let them sit for at least 20 minutes after mixing but before drinking - the texture and flavor change dramatically in those 20 minutes...

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Someone just asked about almond breeze the other day to NS, do a search for it, I think they said something about a little bit of it is a condiement for the day and to only do on occasion...

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Hi Alisa You'll find that if you blend the shakes in a mixer with ice (I bought the Healthmate blender sold on the Medifast website), that you really don't need to add anything at all to the shakes. They're actually quite good that way! Truly...

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I've found I like the shakes very cold so I add ice whenever possible. If you look through the threads it gives suggestions on a lot of foods including mixing the vanilla shakes with diet Root beer or diet sunkist orange. I've found both of these to be a nice change. mixed with ice in the blender it really good...

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I'm on day 5. While waiting for my food to arrive I read all the boards and got scared too from some of the comments about food. I am pleases to say I have like or loved everything I've eaten. This morning was a huge delicious Belgium waffle! I posted recipe on the thread about what to do with oatmeal. Do a search on this thread for RECIPES ONLY Tons of recipes and a few links to pages of recipes people have put together. Another excellent one is the English muffin made from honey mustard pretzels.

Check out the thread on using a sandwich maker for recipes, I was so impressed I ordered one! Also I posted a thread on counting leans, go there because soopermommy sent in a chart to download that is invaluable!..

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I've posted in my blog how for the first 2 weeks my husband and I hated the oatmeal. After reading some advice from others, we've found the tip that works for us (using a full cup of water instead of 6oz). Now it's one of our favorites! A lot of the foods can be like that for different people - they just don't like a particular product. Others list that as their absolute favorite! Don't be afraid - there are tons of creative recipes and tips for the meals. You may find one or two meals you don't like, but odds are that you'll find a lot more you enjoy and will find some tip or advice to make your non-favorites good...

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Also, add some Sugar Free Torani syrup, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, to the oatmeal, as part of the liquid measurement!..

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We all have different tastes here so if I tell you what I like, it may not be what YOU like. All the food tastes a bit odd at first....then we all get used to it. I can honestly say I've never heard of a single person who didn't like SOME of the MFin food! Many of us have been here for long periods of time....that wouldn't be possible if the food was that bad..right? Some things you'll like right off the bat, others take some getting used to. All of our tastes change dramatically as we travel this path to good health. What we didn't like at first we may wind up liking down the road a bit..

Welcome aboard! Don't worry. Just give yourself some time & an open mind & allow the 5/1 to get ingrained into you like it has the rest of us!.


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I am one of the oh my god this was gross gals but read the post on what I wish I knew before Medifast and you will get lots of great tips, like soaking, adding hot sauce etc. I've tried the tips and they make a huge difference! You'll be fine..

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I mix my shakes (I only use the French Vanilla) with Diet Caff Free Coke. I bought a few of the rubbermaid shakers from Target and I pour one can of Diet CF Coke in then add my shake pack. Shake a couple of times - you'll feel/see the container start to expand, put a papertowel over it and release the air - if you don't it will explode all over you and your kitchen-shake until it's completely mixed. You may need to release the pressure another time or two. I don't add ice - I drink it like that and it's great. I signed up through a center too and have really enjoyed it.

Good luck!!!..

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I love the Dutch Choc powedered shakes and like another reader said, I really don't like fake fruit flavors but now I am HOOKED on the Orange Creme...I mix it with Diet Ginger Ale or Diet Crush and it's like an orange popsicle Other than that the food is bearable...don't set yourself up for failure before even starting...just take it one day at a time..

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