Is the best? my cousin needs a man....?

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My first question is: Is the best? my cousin needs a man....?.

My next question is: I have been dating (online dating with a lady who wants to go slow. She emails me everyday and usually calls me everyday. After three dates, I told her my son was visiting and our family was going bowling. She said she wanted to meet my family so I invited her to go bowling with us. She met my family and she had a wonderful time, she it in well, my adult kids liked her, and everyone had fun. Then my son was returning to England so my family was having party for him. I told her and she wanted to come to the party and bring her adult son to meet my adult kids. She and her son came to the party, I met her son, and the adult kids met each other and everyone had a great time.

She still says she is going slow and tells me I have to slow down. She wants to have contact with my son in England by sending a letter now nd then. She also wants to have a party for my daughter in law. Is that being slow? Is she really interested in me and won't tell me, or what? Her saying things confuses me. I don't think meeting each others families is 'going slow'.

I am confused. Do you think she is interested in me or am I being played with? I have told her I really like her and said I love you which I already asked you all about and found the error of my ways. I just don't get it, is she interested in me? Is she interested in me more than she says since we have met each others kids, or does that not have anything to do with her interest level? I am confused...

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Your question was: Is the best? my cousin needs a man....?.

Of course she's interested in you, she wouldn't be spending time with you if she weren't.  Her actions are showing you her interest..

But no one can predict the future and the two of you need to get to know each other a whole lot better before you can even begin to know if you're compatible for the long run. .

To her, meeting the family may not be the big deal it is to you.  So for her, it may well be consistent with going slowly..

I'd give it at least 3-4 months of dating (online dating with before you start getting into how she feels about you.  As long as she's accepting dates with you, and showing enthusiasm and appreciation on the dates, that's what is appropriate at this early point..


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I think that if the two of you are not in a serious relationship (thru she has no business being involved in your children's lives.  It sounds like SHE is the one who needs to take a step back with your kids if she doesnt wish to deepen the emotional and physical intimacy that a relationship (thru requires...

Comment #2

It sounds like she's being honest about needing to go at a comfortable pace while her actions are showing she is interested and "joined" to a certain extent.  So relax and enjoy.


Comment #3

Thanks. What you said is what I was thinking. Obviously I like her and am looking for a sign of interest from her. Relaxing is hard for me to do - I don't want her to go away. How to relax?..

Comment #4

Thanks. That's what confuses me, she says she wants to go slow but she has had the families meet and is concerned about my adult kids all the time. To me, slow and family interaction don't quite equal slow. Confusing to me!!..

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