Is having connection problems now?

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My first question is: Is having connection problems now?.

My next question is: So there's this guy. I've known him for a long time, but never well. I got back in touch with him, and we exchanged several emails. He suggested I look him up when I came back in town. I came home this weekend, and had emailed him to say "hey lets get together" while I'm here. He didn't respond, but I called him anyway.

Anyway, turns out he was out of town this weekend but he told me he'd call me when he got back. The problem is, it wasn't until almost midnight, and he wanted to get together. He did suggest going out, as opposed to going to his house, but I still thought it was unreasonably late. Am I just being prude? I mean, despite the title, this was never an actual date. But we don't know each other well enough to be just "friends going out." Is it me or is this odd? If you have some constructive comments, I'd love to hear them!..

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Your question was: Is having connection problems now?.

You're not being prude. Yes, it's odd. Did he want to go out to a club or something? I'd probably do this with close friends but not a guy I'd never hung out with, and at midnight at that. Nah, I'd pass on it. I would have told him it's too late, and I'd rather get together earlier in the night for __(dinner, or whatever the case)_____.So, what did you end up doing?.


Comment #1

No, you are not a prude.   I know that here in Florida places like South Beach dont first "get going" until about midnight.  Everyone has their own way or their own biological clock maybe yours and his just dont fit that's all...

Comment #2

Thanks!  He wanted to go to a bar or something I think.  It was a Sunday night, so we didn't have a whole lot of options. .

Part of the problem was that his flight got in late.  But still, I didn't feel wrong - like creeped out or anything - it just wasn't..."comfortable" maybe?  I don't know.  Anyway, I just told him that I ended up having family plans.  But he seemed okay with it, and I think we'll try and go out again when I'm  in town again next week.  I've suggested a restaurant - so even if it's 10 or so it's still a legitimate activity.  :-).

Thanks for your help.  Clearly I don't ever go on enough dates to ever know what I'm doing!..

Comment #3

Yeah, I know what you mean about not being entirely comfortable.  It's good you didnt get a creepy feeling. This  guy must be very anxious to see you - in a good way =) - if he wanted to see you right after he just landed..

Having dinner is nice because then you get to chat some and you wont be too tired to go for that night cap..

Have fun!..

Comment #4

Depends on his work schedule.  If he works nights or swing shift on a regular basis, a midnight date using isn't odd at all.  I work nights so I end up going out at those hours all the time.  For me, a date using at midnight means I get to sleep in.  But I do realize that most people aren't on a night schedule so I try to make dates for more normal times..

If he's on a more normal schedule, then you should be flattered that he still wanted to see you at that hour and after the frusteration of a late flight..

You are definitely not a prude for turning down a date using that late, especially if you have a more 9 to 5 lifestyle...

Comment #5

It was pretty late , especially if you felt it would have signals attached you weren't ready to send out... hopefully things can be better planned out next time.


Comment #6

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