Is havin logging problems?

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My first question is: Is havin logging problems?.

My next question is: I just wanted some advice on this, and some different opinions, so I can get this guy out of my head already!I was seeing this guy for about 4 months (known him for 15 years though, but recently reconnected)...he came on strong in the beginning, texted mostly, the occasional phone call and email. I'd see him only like once a month though (I live about an hour away from him). He had a habit of flaking out or canceling plans and rescheduling. Of course, my female mind immediately thought HAS A GIRLFRIEND....but when he came to my place, he'd stay the entire I don't know.Anyway, he emailed me the day before Valentines Day saying he lost his phone, and my phone number, asked for my number again and wanted to know if I had plans for Valentines Day and if not, he'd like to take me out to dinner. I politely replied, saying I would have liked to, but I had plans already (true at that point..come on, the day BEFORE he asks??) and I sent him my number.I've heard nothing from him since then..almost a month ago. I'm still trying to figure out what happened. Is the male ego that fragile, that I hurt his feelings by saying no? Or is it just the classic example of "he's just not that into me?" I can take the honesty, so don't hold back please!..

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Your question was: Is havin logging problems?.

That behavior DOES turn me's just that I can't help wondering what made him ghost...even though it shouldn't matter...people do get curious. I thought the phone excuse was pretty lame too...not sure I believed it, but I guess I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, I mean, I have lost my cell on more than one occasion. Could be an excuse on his part, but it's not the strangest thing to happen.As for the girlfriend, yeah, I supposed there could be one. He stayed over about 4 weekends in total though. If he has one, he's obviously a really good liar, not to mention a cheater.It's hard to let it go sometimes...I realize I have to, but when there is no closure, it's kind of like torture. Time will make it go away, I'm's still pretty fresh in my mind...

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There IS closure - it simply comes from within. YOU accept that this is who he is and what it is. And with that acceptance you will stop trying to figure out something that doesn't make sense. He isn't responsible for giving you closure - you are..

Good luck..


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The only thing I can think of is that when a woman has plans for valentine's day it could mean that she has a steady bf. So maybe it is just a matter of letting him know that you are available...

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Well this does sound kind of like the latter. If he's this flaky you are definitely better off without him!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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