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My question is: Is free?.

So we've been talking about ex's lately and I found this quiz.  Try it and see what you come up with..




Comments (11)

Hi galbeth,.

I took the quiz, but I didn't  need it to know that I am also not in love with my ex.  Any of them :0)!!!!! LoL  I hope your ex hasn't gotten to the point where he is dangerous!!!!.



Comment #1

I don't think he is he lives in a different state then  me but the woman he left for have broken up so of course he is trying to come back.  He found thru a friend that I am dating (online dating with and it is not setting well for him..

Any ways that's a different board then this.  But I know I do not love either of my two ex's.


Comment #2

Fun quiz.  While it's normal to still have feelings for an ex (depending on what sort of relationship (thru and/or breakup it was) but you don't want to let that keep you from being able to forge a new and better for you relationship!.


Comment #3

Omg, mine says I'm still holding a candle! lol damn... thats funny tho...

Comment #4

I havent had an "ex" in many years but I know that I'm over all of them...

Comment #5

When it's getting into *years* id hope someone was over it already.  I never understand people who hold a candle for *years*.  it's kind of psycho...

Comment #6

Yeah, I know what you mean.  What I have noticed is that when people are still attached that way to an ex it is because no one else has come along to make them feel a certain way about love or life, or they still pine away for the person who they fell in love with...not the person who he or she ended up really being, or they love making themselves miserable...

Comment #7

I do understand this.  I know it's hard to forget all those wonderful feelings, and I don't forget.  It can be tough and it can hurt to think about the good times but the reason it hurts is bec they f-ed it up by turning into monsters lol  So I never pine for them back bec I most def remember that they were crap people.  They were fake and not really what they presented themselves to be. ..

Comment #8

I understand your feelings.  I can remember some good times or moments as well the bad - but I dont hurt in 99% of the cases.  It's only when I think about what type of relationship (thru I had with my first exhusband does it ever "hurt" (if that is the right word to use) because  I felt it was special - especially compared to what I saw other people had.   Apparently he did not return the sentiment.   It's not that I forget those feelings but I have moved on from those feelings That's when you know you are over them - when thinking about them doesnt make you feel like you felt about them back when. It's nice to know that you dont carry around baggage like that, isnt it?..

Comment #9

Maybe I haven't had enough time since a couple of my exes because I'm still only 18, or maybe it is just my nature.. probably a mix of both.. but yes, the hurt fades away but I'm not a very forgiving person.  I move on in that I don't pine for the person or want to be with them anymore or whatever, but I don't move on in that I forgive and would be friends or even friendly when I see them..

 I am extremely loyal and I am all about second chances for sure.  I feel that I give as much opportunity as I can for the person to redeem themselves or not make the same mistake twice or thrice but once I am crossed, there is no going back.  Then I don't know you anymore. ..

Comment #10

"but I don't move on in that I forgive and would be friends or even friendly when I see them.".

You dont have to forgive anyone in order to move on.  I am not a forgiving person either but I dont allow it to prevent me from being happy in the future.  I dont recommend friends with exes anyway - not healthy and it does hold a person back from opening up to a new BF or  GF.  In regards to being friendly with exes...since you are 18 you are probably not really impacted where it could backfire on you in real negative way.  For instance, even if a guy tried to pull a game-like stunt with me and I broke it off for that is still better for me (as an adult living in a small town) to just be cordial with him should I see him - it makes for better business that way in some cases.  I am not suggesting that if you are in a restaurant and you see him sitting at a table across the room that you get up, walk over and say hello, but if (by chance) you cross paths inthe street or at a store you just smile and say hello and keep walking or just exchange courteous bits like "how are you?  that's great - gotta run"..

 I do have a point of no return and if someone takes me there (depending on what someone did to me)...there may not be a second or third chance.  But I am loyal to those I love. ..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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