Is for seniors?

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My question is: Is for seniors?.

My 2nd question is: OK, I met this man about 6 weeks ago.  We hit it off right from the get go.  We enjoy the same things such as dancing and hiking.  He is divorced and I am separated.  He wants to progress quickly, I want to take things slow.  Last few times, he has been asking me to stay over at his place.  He had adult kids that lives with him.  I don't feel comfortable with this.  First off, I feel as though it is too soon into the relationship.  Secondly, I feel uncomfortable staying overnight in his room with his kids in the same house.  I am starting to feel pressured, trying to balance my comfort zone and his wants and needs.  Should I feel wrong for feeling uncomfortable?  I know it's been a while since I was dating, but I feel this is too quick.  Any thoughts or advice are most appreciated..



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If you feel it's to soon ...its to soon...

Comment #1

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I should trust my feelings and my instincts.  I didn't listen to them in the past and that is why I am separated.  I gotta learn to listen to my inner self..



Comment #2

Being separated is the first issue that struck me. You are still married. How does that play out with you?Secondly, I agree. Dont second guess your feelings. Someone else cannot tell you how you should feel about a certain situation. This is what defines you as a person.

You don't like moving fast, he is moving faster than you like. I agree you should let him know. His response will tell you a lot about the man you are dating. Thirdly, you may want to consider that perhaps your married state may have sent a mixed message to him, being that you don't mind complications. Could it be that you may have moved too fast on your own, by being involved with someone new before your old relationship (thru was taken care of? He may view your no as other than firm and may think that he already has you, since your actions here have told him alot about your real values..

Comment #3

Ah, you are so right, because here I am 4 to 5 months later, and he claims he is a "friend with all the priviledges"  Why didn't I listen to my inner self (and you).  I feel like he was stringing me on.  In the beginning, he was saying, Oh, I have so much feelings for you, but that died out very quickly when he was getting what he wanted.  How do you tell early on if they are speaking the truth?  I guess I need to read them better and not have sex until much later, is the lesson to be learned for me..


Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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