Is down?

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My first question is: Is down?.

My next question is: So really...this is more of a rant then needing advice. I know when I've been "dumped", but this is just another one of those stupid things.I dated this guy for little over a month...things went great. We talked almost everyday, either by phone or texting. Thing was, during the week he was in another state for job training and the weekends he would come home to see me. It was kind of nice because there was no pressure to spend unnecessary time. So, we continued to see each other one the weekends, hung out with his friends a couple of friends a couple of times.

Or so I thought...This past Saturday we went on a double date using with a friend of his. We went to a bar afterward and I ended up staying at his place (nothing happened!). I was at his place on Sunday till about 2. I was the one who decided to leave, he wanted me to stay. So, usually I get a talk to ya later or something to that effect.

So, big deal he's not calling me Sunday,we did spend the majority of the day together. So, I sent him a text Monday to see how he was feeling (he was whining all morning he thought he was coming down with a sinus infection.) I get a message right back saying he was feeling a little better, just tired. Okay. So I asked him if it had been a long day, he responded back with it was and that he had gotten to bed a little too late the night before. I stopped at that.

Just some kind of CLUE instead of NOT talking to me anymore. Way to be a man! I guess I figured I deserve some sort of hint instead of the, I'll just stop all contact with you game. JEEZE does that get OLD! This reminds me precisely why dating (online dating with sucks. Sure, I liked him. Yeah, it stings a little.

Usually, you can tell the moment they start losing interest or, yikes, you do something wrong. But, I got nothing. Oh well, back to the drawing board!!..

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Your question was: Is down?.

LOL, I know...I know. It is only Tuesday, and I could possibly be jumping to conclusions. But, I agree with the whole females' instinct thing. I kind of wished I started trusting my instincts a little sooner rather than later...because usually, I find myself thinking "Hello! You knew this, you just didn't listen!" So, that's what I'm trying to avoid...

Comment #1

I used to second guess my first instincts.  That was just a couple of times and then I learned not too.  Now, once I get that feeling, I cut it off - and this is both in friendship and romantic.  Really, I hold my friends to the same standards as I do a boyfriend.  Which is why I posted that thread about friendship with my ex.  That guy infuriates me.  I am so over him!! Grrr..

Typically, I am very harsh and people say I should ease up a bit, however I am naturally just very untrusting and end up discarding people from my life often.  It's pathologic...

Comment #2

See...I am the total opposite. I have had friends totally walk all over me, boyfriends too. Only in the end to have it all shoved in my face. So tired of that. So usually, when a guy goes from having some form of contact with me every night for over a month, to nothing...I go on my way.So, I took the advice of a friend of mine and texted him a very nice, friendly message of hope everything is going well, take care type of thing. He texted me back, saying he's been sick and going to bed.

I ended the conversation with telling him to let me know how he's doing later in the week. So, still no clue on what happened...but all I know is that was pretty much the end of that.Hey, at least it only lasted a month! Haha...

Comment #3

Well, that sucks that you let people walk all over you.  dont let them do that anymore!!.

As for that guy, omg whatever to him.  do not text him anymore...

Comment #4

The dude doesnt feel good. Good lord Idont even wantice cream when I am sick let alone talk to anyone. Give him a break and yourself and dont jump to conclsions just because he not in the talkitive mood. You spent the whole weekend together and hes SICK!!!!!!! Crap it would be till Wednesday before I called or woould want anyone callin me...

Comment #5

So that was it. You haven't heard from him again? That is deeply obnoxious. I'm so sorry. And if that's what he's capable of you are better off without him. There are good people out there!.


Comment #6

You're right - honesty and communication are the way to go.


Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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