Is a dangerous site?

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My question is: Is a dangerous site?.

I had had a first date using last evening with a real nice guy...mid 40's just like me. He was divorced a couple years ago. I was divorced over 7 years ago. He took me for a wonderful dinner at a great downtown restaurant. conversation was easy and enjoyable. After the restaurant we stopped for a night cap and then he took me home.

Just a brief goodbye kiss. He emailed me the morning and thanked me for a great evening and said he would like to get together again. I really like him and I don't want to ruin it by rushing in to anything. Is it too old fashioned to think that guys won't respect women who have sex too soon? What is too soon? Is there a way to let men know you are interested without coming off as loose????..

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Generally speaking - if you wonder IF a man will still call you or respect you or like you if you have sex, then it's too soon to have sex. Sex is something to do because you feel passion and affection for the other person AND confidence in who you are and what you offer. Sex will NOT make a man fall in love with you or keep one who isn't really interested in you the person. Therefore, if you aren't SURE that you want to have sex, then don't..

I have never regretted waiting to have sex with someone - I have deeply regretted NOT waiting.  Right now work on building the friendship part - the sex part will fall into place naturally - WHEN you BOTH are ready for it..


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For me, it's not about him losing respectsince he'll be a participant, how could I respect someone who had a double standard?  It's much more about getting emotionally attached too soon through sex, before I know the person well enough to determine his character, etc.  I tend to lose the ability to evaluate a guy as a potential partner objectively if I'm having sex with him.  So that means that waiting a month or two (a good 10-12 dates, 1-2 dates a week) works best for me, so I have a reasonably good idea of what he's like before getting physically involved..

As for letting him know you're interestedaccepting dates and showing that you're enjoying yourself is all you need to do at this point..



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Have sex because YOU want to have sex.  I have never worried about a guy's opinion of me or it is has any affect on his intentions about me.  If it did...then he is operating on a double standard and I wouldnt want anything serious with a guy like that anyway because that double standard will be enmeshed in everything he says and does.  Have fun...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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