Is it safer to take hair vitamins from VitaminShoppe store??????

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My first question is: Is it safer to take hair vitamins from VitaminShoppe store??????.

My next question is: Would've thought diet and cardio would be your main concern fella. there's no such thing as a 'magic' pill that strips the fat off....regardless of what any advert says!.

Probably not what you wana hear...but it's true...

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Ok so you call steroids "Roids" and you call the bigger guys who have trained hard and focused on diet "Sted Heads" and you think you will get help here......

Well I am 5'5" tall 220lbs with no neck so I must be a sted head you think are funny in the gym which is weird because I have some guys like you in my gym lanky weak skinny guys and that makes me laugh as well...ha ha..

Comment #1

Thats just my personal opinion as you have not seen me you cant really comment on my build a want to gain a boxers build toneds with muscle but not bulky take a lenox l;ewis build for example I could gain this build if I worked for it so for you to comment on someone youve never seen makes you very judgemental and pissed offwich I didnt mean for you to get.

So nice 1..

Comment #2

I am not neither judgmental nor pissed off but you clearly have made a negative judgment of those Sted heads as you put it in your gym but are willing to take advice of such guys on this board.....

Maybe if you sort your diet out you would not feel the need to use Roids as you put it..

Comment #3

Solid scouse.

If you took gear then you'd be a sted head too..

I think what you mean is that you don't want to appear like you take steroids so you can tell all your mates that you work out hard etc..

I see this all the time in my steroid drop in that I run. Loads of young guys who are into boxing and MMA want that additional speed and strength but dont want to look like they take gear. Nothing wrong with that but there is something wrong with criticising others who work just as hard maybe harder than you in the gym and have made good progress and as such have a lot of muscle..

How for instance would you feel if someone looked at you after a solid workout and said 'well you havent got much muscle have you, you little runt?'.

I for one never criticise those who are smaller than me cos I was once a small guy but I did a lot of martial arts before I did bbing and that set my physique up for what I do now..

There are loads of idiots in this world and having more muscle doesnt make you one as there are loads of skinny guys with carpet syndrome who walk around like they are something special..

Oh and maybe you should post up a pic of your body so that we can advise you better on what you need to do for that ripped look you want...

Comment #4

By calling people 'sted head's' you where showing your ignorance. A lot of those big guys have worked very hard to acheive that muscle, learning about diet and training correctly, and using steroids to sometimes supplement that. It is offensive to bodybuilders to call them sted heads, it implies the only reason they look the way they do is because they took some drug.

You might not you want to look like those guys, and your own subjective reasoning may make you think those guys are no brain, egotistical sted heads....but as you get older you will (or ought) to overcome your prejudices, and you will (or ought) to learn to respect people and to not laugh at them for not having the same psychology as you. Thinking like that is the root of facism..

I have no intention of looking like some of the larger bodybuilders on here, but I use their knowledge and tecniques to acheive my own goals...and after discovering the amount of knowledge that they posses, and the skill they use....I sure as hell respect them..

It was foolish of you to write like that on this forum...but anyhow....

The questions you ask are a bit too general for people to reply with a direct answer. You need to first start looking at your diet and training (and not steroids)...the info on here is top notch, the guys are freindly and helpfull as long as you behave respectfully...

Comment #5

If you haven't got the diet right then no amount of "assistence" will get you results..

IMO getting diet right is harder than anything but when you do the rewards are worth it...

Comment #6

Ditto Ragdoll.

Nail the diet, gear comes second,.


Comment #7

Ok I seem to have stirred things up.

Firstly I know taking steriods with no training will do nothing other than make you ill probably and do rerspect each individual for what they want to gain and what build they want achiever or who are ogf that build..

I was simply giving my judgment wich want aimed at no specific person..

So I hope you can forget about the comment I made as it was rather judgemental it's just my opinion everyone is entitled to 1.

I just wouldnt want to be that big because it's hard to maintain an if yuou dont well just look at arnie swarzanegar these days after all that working out over the years now he is sagging in fat and looks a mess..

I would rather be lean and just because you are big of working out an stweriods doesnt mean a man of less muscle couldnt knock you to the floor..

Weight lifting is one thing fighting is another am sure chuk liddel of ufc would beat the hell out ofn most pro lifters.

Ive no more to say..

Comment #8

Im sorry but I dont remember anyone talking about fighting and that if you have more muscle you would be able to win any fight. Seems a bit childish to say that. By the way muscle doesnt turn into fat if you do not do as much exercise then muscle decreases and fat increases that is why Arnold is not as he once was but I'm sure he would be able to lose weight and increase his muscle if he worked out to the intensity he did as a younger man. Just because you have large amounts of muscle mass when your younger does not mean you will become fat and a 'mess'...

Comment #9

And yet this is the best thing you have said in this thread..

Comment #10

Very witty and sharp really made me laugh and yet so right... you should of told him use DNP lol..

Comment #11

Is this post based on how to make friends and influence people...?.

Take more time on your posts... Correct spelling goes a long way....

No one cares about Chuck Liddel... We are Lovers and Lifters not fighters....

If you want UFC advice go and post on a UFC forum mate....

Or just leave your ego at the door, take on the chin what has been said and learn from guys who have more experience in lifting than you've uttered rubbish from your mouth.....

Comment #12

LMAO I hear that every week when I'm working in my club off some skinny little tw*t who's done a little bit of boxing so he thinks he's well ARD.

Well Chuck Lidell is a trained MMA fighter and Pro Lifters/bodybuilders are trained bodybuilders/lifters so the comparison is not a fair one..

Thats like comparing a BMX stunt rider to a tour de france athlete..

Oh and anyone who thinks that UFC fighters dont use gear is a fool.

I know several Pride and UFC fighters personally and I know for a fact that EPO, Gear and GH are widespread in the sport. So maybe you need to get a little social education before you start throwing silly comments about...

Comment #13

Solidcoarse I need a new sparring partner. Is there any chance you live in the states?.

I have actually got a really fun backyard brawl happening this weekend. I think it would help put things back into perspective. Getting hit in the head by a 400 lbs. right cross always does for me. lol..

Besides your poor forum etiquette, I think you should fix your protein intake to atleast 300-400 grams a day, and sleep, sleep, sleep. Fighting wears you out in places you didn't even know you had. Rest and good basic supplementation could really give you that lil extra you have been looking for.

But I have no idea what you look like, what is your diet, weight, age. It would help in sharing proper knowledge. I will let you know right now, no one gives a shite how many you won or lost..

From now on just be careful on the opinions you share..

Comment #14

Bushidodad, his name is "Solidscouse," "scouse" meaning he is a "scouser"...someone from Liverpool...

Comment #15

In my opinion, I suggest learning about good manners, nutrition, and training. But really just sort out the first, and you're likely to get help with the rest...

Comment #16

U 4got v solid bit meaning he is very hard, good at fighting, hence v word solid-scouse..

Comment #17

He is probably a 7st wanabe who has done a few sessions in a boxing gym and as TinyTom says it's the sort of thing we hear every weekend on the doors and especially in Liverpool where they seem to have more than their fair share of idiots and it's these same idiots who won't fight you when it comes down to it..

His bad English grammar will be done to him being an uneducated scouse hoody...

Comment #18

No need to knock scousers really. Most cities have their fools...

Comment #19

You will gain nothing in the way of losing fat and toning up without hard work and burning the muscle strands in order to shape them. I suggest a low carb diet but you could try clem it's safe in sensible amounts but at the end of the day you get out what you put in. Oh and dont call them ROIDS it sounds like some shite a chav child would say pal ..... stick in..

Comment #20

Aiyt a see we got a few small ****ed 25 stone fat meat edz pissed off.

K am 20 weigh 138 stone and I promise I wouldnt bak down to none of you scouse in ma blood.

Hey whoeva sed scousers bein idiots haha.

Go out round ma city an say that guarante within 5 minutes youd be either beatin bad stabbed or popped so you steritype little **** cum down then you fukin gimp SCOUSE 4 LIFE.

We terrorise and cause fear were eva we go come to ma face an say it haha pussy..

Comment #21

Okay I'm not sure who understood that, but with a couple of phone calls I think I've managed to correct the spelling and grammar and translate it....

Spelling/Grammar Correction:.

Aight I see we got a few small ****ed 25 stone fat meat heads pissed off..

Ok I am 20, I weigh 13 stone 8 pounds and I promise I wouldnt back down to any of you, I have scouse in my blood ..

Hey who ever said scousers were idiots haha.

Go out round my city and say that I guarantee you that within 5 minutes you'd be either beaten up badly, stabbed, or shot, so you stereotype little **** come down to liverpool then you ****** **** 'SCOUSE 4 LIFE'.

We terrorise and cause fear where ever we go, come to my face and say it haha pussy.


My timewasting actions have annoyed a few of the nice people on here..

I young and don't really weight alot yet I'm brazen and stupid enough to come and claim to be a big man on an internet forum..

I find it funny that someone would say that scousers are stupid, but I'm confused as to why I am laughing..

If you were silly enough to goto liverpool and repeat your claims there are enough local ruffians who don't fear the police and who have nothing better to do than start a fight who would be daft enough to take you on using one of the following methods: Fists, Knives or Guns..


I like to think that Scousers have such a bad reputation that people find us scary and offensive where ever we go. I am making the claim that I would like to confront you on a face to face basis...

Comment #22

This idiot is banned now he offers nothing to the board he is a 20yr old wanabe......

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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