Is it safe to consume supplements like VitaminShoppe hydroxy Cuts that let us lose body fat really f?

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My first question is: Is it safe to consume supplements like VitaminShoppe hydroxy Cuts that let us lose body fat really f?.

My next question is: Hi there, new to this forum..

Sorry to ask another question about dbol, it must be driving you all nuts!.

Been thinking about start a 4 week cycle of Dbol, 6 x 5mg tabs a day. I have been training for a year now, 4 times a week, not training the same muscle 2 days in a row, eg, mon (chest & bi) wed (shoulders & tri) friday (back) sat (legs). I have nolva here aswell, incase of any sides occur, but the research I have been doing, the sides are very slim for this short period of cycle, but I suppose everyone is different. i'm 5ft11 and weigh 12stone dead, I seen a huge improvement for about 3-4 months, but it's as if I have hit a brick wall, thats why I am considering using dbol. I drink 2-3 litres of water everyday, and have around 300g of chicken a day..

Just wondering what people think, best advice, should I leave it for a while, so I go for it etc etc.

Altho, I am on medication for spots, this medicine is calld tetralysal also called Lymecycline, I know no-one is a doctor here, but just wondering if it's a good idea to take dbol while on this medicine, thanks, and hi..

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Your question was: Is it safe to consume supplements like VitaminShoppe hydroxy Cuts that let us lose body fat really f?.

Nothing wrong with tghe cycle your suggesting....

Although, if you have a hit a brick wall and your body isnt responding to yuor training and diet... if you dont change either of these then when you come off you will find yourself back at stage 1! id get your body responding again before starting teh course... then the dbol will make a big difference!..

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Lymecycline is an antibiotic prescribed for the treatment of severe acne.Taking a steroid that causes acne at the same time could render your spot treatment ineffective.Or make your current situation worse if you are already susceptible to acne.I would say you just need to mix your training up a bit.Do things different for while,shock your muscles into new growth.Cycle your rest days better...

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Thanks mate, think i'll do what you say, try different things etc for a while!..

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I woudl use dbol for at least 6 weeks mate. if you worried about acne then try a milder steroid like anavar or tbol..

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How old are you m8? As others have stated try mixing things up a bit as training and your diet can get a little stale if you stick to the same things for a good period of time...

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