Is it possible to create a account under someone Else's email address?

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My first question is: Is it possible to create a account under someone Else's email address?.

My next question is: I need some advice.  This is something I can't even ask my friends b/c I don't want them to really know, if I can help it. I met a guy about 10 months ago. The second time we were around each other was for a b/day party at my work, he is a relative of the /img/avatar3.jpg. Supernice guy, almost everything I'd like for a companion. He sent me flowers at Xmas, even though I'd told him I didn't want to date using him. We started talking on the phone in a few months later.

My dilemma: he has bad body odor. That's part of why I wouldn't go out w/him to begin with, but then as I started talking to him everyday, I started to like him. Since he lives so far apart, we only see each other about once a month. I've purchased body wash & deodorant for him, but it's almost as if he refuses to use it. He showers daily, so I don't know if it's a medical issue or what....but I don't know how to say it to him..

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Your question was: Is it possible to create a account under someone Else's email address?.

That's tough!  Do you think it's his diet? Does he actually wear deodorant at all? Is it underarm odor?.

Maybe you could casually bring up the subject of colognes and ask him if he wears any. I know you said he won't use the body washes that you bought him, but I wonder if you bought him a cologne would he wear it. .


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It's underarm odor. It's not that he doesn't use deodorant.  He does now & again & when I does I make sure to compliment him on how good he smells - instead of nagging about how bad he smells.  I get the feeling he thinks it's not that big of a deal.  He's an older gentleman, well older than I by several years, and I can remember as a kid older men didn't care..

It's not his diet I'm sure. It's just the simple fact that he doesn't make wearing deodorant a habit and I get the feeling b/c he's dealt w/it so long, doesn't even know the odor he puts off. I did buy him some body spray & he'll use that occassionally, but it still doesn't take the place of actual antiperspirant to help w/'s a hard subject I know, I just wondered if someone could give me some tips on talking about it, b/c I feel like I've hinted in every way & being a guy, he doesn't see it unless I say it directly.  I hate to be straight forward w/this subject like that b/c I don't want to offend or hurt his feelings, but it's a make or break deal for me & I'll have to figure out something..

I hate to try & manipulate him, but in this case that might be my only option I guess. Guess I could be give him a line up of wash/cologne/deodorant/body spray/soap & see where that gets me, but again, that's just hinting to him & he may not understand.   Thanks for any advice......

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LOL I hear you. I have an extremely sensitive nose.There was one point when I had to tell my boyfriend, who wore Old Spice which is the most DISGUSTING scent, that I would really prefer he switched to unscented or anything else because it turned me off. The next day he rushed out and bought unscented. Trust me, men DO want us to be turned on by them!You say "it's not that he doesn't wear deodorant" but that's really where the problem is, he doesn't wear it often enough. And he refused your gift of body wash. So you have to be less subtle.

And I hope that if I'm ever smelling a little weird you'll tell me too."..

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This is really interesting to me because on another board I'm having a conversation that is almost opposite of this, women totally loving their guy's natural body scent. My guys scent usually drives me wild and I get a chemical love reaction. But I know how you feel though. My SO doesn't always wear deodorant. While he doesn't usually have a strong body odor, sometimes I do smell it to an extreme. His diet makes it too pungent at times. Last week he was smelling a little too strong and I told him that while the pheromones he gives off drive me wild, I don't want other women getting turned on by it, and to please *go put on some deodorant!* I tried to just leave it at that and see if he would put on more deodorant. He did.

Do you feel close enough to your guy to simply come right out and tell him, hey, lately I've noticed a change in your smell and it's getting stronger. And just see what he says. Open the discussion? I think that to be in a close relationship (thru it takes building that intimacy where you can discuss things that may be of a sensitive topic together. I know it's hard though at first.. I'm in no way downplaying how you feel..

By the way,sometimes those cologne or scented products make the scent worse if there is a pungent smell it doesn't actually cover it up as well but makes a worse scent. Sounds like maybe he needs an antibacterial body wash. I think there is a brand like softsoap that has a good anti bac wash. There is a probably a googd clinical deodorant out there that helps with extreme issues like this.


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Hi, just had to add my 2 cents here.  If he does not wear deoderant all the time and he has strong BO, then most likely his shirts will have that odor also.  After time even washing the shirts will not take out the odor.  This could be adding to his already bad smell.   Also regular deorderants may not work for him.  He may need to use a really powerful antiperspirant..

I am thinking you will have to take a deep breath and come straight out and tell him.  Its a hard thing to do..

Good Luck and let me know what you do..



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