Is it normal to plateau early in the Medifast program?

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Hello Everyone:.

I could really use some advice. I started Medifast almost three weeks ago. In the first 13 days I lost 9.5 pounds, which was incredible! Now for the past 6 days I have not lost anything, and even gained one pound. I am sticking to the plan completely. I have not missed any meals, am weighing my lean and green, exercising each day for at least 20 minutes, drinking tons of water, am not constipated, and am post-menopausal so it is not (nor will it be again) TOM. Is it normal to plateau so early in the program? Does anyone have any advice on how to jump start the loosing again? I expected to plateau every so often, but not this sudden halt on the weight loss.

I would really appreciate hearing if this has happened to any of you before, how long this may last, if you kept losing after this, and if you have any advice on how to get off the plateau.

Thank you very, very much,.



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I can't speak from personal experience, but my sister did Medifast and she told me she had a three week plateau! She is the sort of person who really sticks with something when she is doing it, regardless of how difficult and uncomfortable it is, so I don't think she 'cheated'. She just stuck it out, and she did lose again.

I would only "plateau" for a day or two and then drop some more, but I looked at those days as being like on the diving board, getting ready to jump. I knew I would drop soon. I can imagine that a three week plateau would certainly be completely frustrating! It sounds like you are doing what you can. My sister was also post-menopausal, and as we know, that can slow things down too. I suspect your body is just adjusting to your success so far and figuring out that it is safe to keep losing..

Good luck with getting past this...

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Have you been measuring? Chances are you are shrinking, even if the weight is not vanishing......

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I'm so happy I've found this post. I'm going through the exact same thing. This is my 3rd week and this week I've had no weight loss in 5 days. The first 2 weeks were great. This week I introduced exercise and my body rebelled. I don't have much advice though.

So if anyone has any advice, please help us!!!..

Comment #3

A third-week slowdown is (anecdotally) commonplace. I wouldn't worry about it, just hang in there and be patient, and the weight will come off..

It's not technically a "plateau" until it's been weeks with no loss. Five days is nothing, don't sweat it..

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I plateau constantlyjust the way my body loses. I plateau, then I drop a few pounds, then I plateau, then drop a few pounds. Constantly.

But I've lost 50 lbs on Medifast when I couldn't lose anything on other diets so I'm okay with all the plateau'ing. Now I just accept it as the way my body makes adjusts to the changesby dropping lbs in chunks instead of the scale moving every week. It's still getting there. I think all the hoopla about how fast people lose gets too much attention, it sets many people up to be dissappoined when they have more "normal" weight loss results that would otherwise be thrilling.

I just kept reminding myself that it's a marathon not a sprint; it's about endurance and going the distance, not speed...

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I had a plateau at week three where I lost .2 only in a week. I stuck with it and now three weeks later I have dropped 5 more pounds. Stick with it. It will work if you don't lose heart. I just kept telling myself...what else am I doing with my time anyways? Wouldn't I rather know I'm trying to lose weight doing Medifast than just throw my hands up and then be wishing I could lose weight but doing nothing about it. That works for me in a plateau, or at least it has thus far...

Comment #6

Thank you all for the awesome inspiration and advice. It is so encouraging to read the responses and supportive comments from you...I have no intention on giving up, and your insights and kind words are fuel to keep the process going.

Thank you!..

Comment #7

Everyone loses at a different pace, and it is not uncommon to plateau. I encourage you to stay true to plan. If you are including bars in your meal plan, you might want to limit this to one every other day or one every three days. This sometimes help move you beyond a plateau. I would also suggest you check the number of calories you are consuming each day. If you are getting too few calories this will slow your weight loss.

I encourage you to stick with this. You will see success...

Comment #8

I also have trouble with not seeing the scale move for a while - - at the beginning- big drop - - then up a few, down a few, stay the same, blah,blah,blah. I'm hanging in for the long haul and know the numbers will catch up!! Hope you will too- - I'm trying to stick with only weighing once weekly - - hard to resist some days though...

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