Is Creatine from VitaminShoppe safe to take..?

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My first question is: Is Creatine from VitaminShoppe safe to take..?.

My next question is: I read somewhere that there are a lot of fake ones with light blue caps on. I may be wrong but it doesnt look the same as the pictures on the apex website. The cap is a different colour and it looks like it works differently to the one ive got..

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Also this thread has pictures of real and fake bottles none of which look like mine so I'm a bit confused..

William Llewellyn's Body of Science :: BOS Forum.

I have no reason to believe my source would sell me fakes as I have got good stuff from him before it's just suspicious that I cant find any pictures like the one ive got. So I thought I better make sure!..

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Your question was: Is Creatine from VitaminShoppe safe to take..?.

Thanks for your help guys I didnt know about the new apex caps, that cleared up I'm sure this is not a fake..

I read about the fake light blue caps on some other forum I cant seem to find anymore sorry! It wasnt concrete evidence just a post suggesting this from what I can remember..

Has anyone used this before? I am planning my 2nd cycle right now and am unsure of the dosage to use. I would be injecting EOD for best results right? similar to sus250?..

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Looks exactly the same as what i'm using at the moment & this stuff ain't fake!!! I'm gaining like no tommorrow & strength increasing by the week..

The dogs what-nots mate!!!..

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I think a lot of the problem Apex generated was the amount of fakes and the fact that there are so many UG labs now and many of the owners or people involved are on forums promoting the companies they are involved and slagging off all the others..

GL, BD and Apex were the first 3 to start producing great products that weren't pretending to be Organon or Schering but saying we're not a recognised Pharma company but we're making products for the bodybuilding market end of story so they have been targets at time from other brands wanting a shot at the title..

I also think like with any hardcore supplements it's vital you trust your source not to be in it purely for the money, he must have your best wishes at heart too or you could get stitched up, would you agree Neil?..

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Definately mate! If you trust your source then that is the first and foremost consideration. Although the trust comes from using products an dgetting the expected results. If you used the ALL-TEST 350 and didn't put on a single pound then you'd know you'd been sold sh1te and you wouldn't go back to that supplier. But put on half a stone or more and you'll be back quicker than you can say "Pass me the protein shake"!..

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Chek the photos of the real and fake one!!!.

William Llewellyn's Body of Science :: BOS Forum..

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All Apex products produced since January 2008 have blue plastic snap off lids. Fact...

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Hi, my bottle has blue metal cap, grey rubber seal, whats the dead give away for fake Apex all test?.

Cheers guys..

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It could be you hav an old bottle, ask your source how long he's had it in stock...

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From what iv read up and down that look 100% real m8t. Even vial looks good quailty. I used apex dbol last cycle and it was spot on...

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It's very good stuff I rate T-350 although does have the side of making me hornier than a junk-yard dog - but then all good test does..never made me crave pizza though -lol..

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Hi, I have attached close up photos of what I havem it's mainly the all test i'm worried about,.

What do you's think?.


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Well,, I just picked up a 10 ml vial of it from Mexico.. I will tell you in a week how good it is.... I love test man.. usually use susanton and enthanate by organon.. so this should be an interesting cycle....

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You picked up a 10ml bottle of what in Mexico?..

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You will know if it's real m8. I done a cycle of t- 350 before and it's was mental.

Otherwise the only thing I found out about the realness of them was the hologram and they come in their own box but that was about 3 years ago...

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