Is anything in the VitaminShoppe store FDA approved?

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My first question is: Is anything in the VitaminShoppe store FDA approved?.

My next question is: Okay ive been training 3 years just weights no cardio here are my stats.


Height- 6"4.

Weight - 16 stone.


I am looking at cutting some weight and getting my bf% down, I have started doing cardio and tryig to stick to a half decent diet high protein low carbs, few of the lads av told me about clen to help me I'm just trying to do some research before jumping straight in, so just basically want some info on like ow much you take , what you have with it, pct etc.

Any help would be great cheers..

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Your question was: Is anything in the VitaminShoppe store FDA approved?.

Nt following pacific diet plan jst eating lots of chiken tuna eggs plenty of water.

Avin 2 protein shakes a day no carbs jst protein!! shud I b following a pacfic amount of carbs,protein fat etc?.

Cardio is 30 lengths of swimmin twice a week and half hour on treadmill 3 times a week..

Comment #1

Would up the cardio to at least 45 mins per day.preferably in the morning on an empty stomach...

Comment #2

Before you start talking about resorting to Clen or similar you should sort your diet out, as Paul says, get your diet and cardio sorted and you will find that you have no need to use Clen, unless of course you're looking to step on stage - but then with your diet plan as it is you would not have much chance..

I'll put money on you losing BF% without Clen if only you actually knew what you were eating in terms of proten, carb, fat percentages; and what your maintenance calories - you could then adjust your calories and cardio to steadily drop BF without the need for a drug, which would just maintain your ignorance and do nothing to improve your overall knowledge...

Comment #3

Please stop using text speak in your posts.....

You are eating lots of protein and no carbs?....WHY.

The fact you are asking if you should be following a specific diet tells me that you are not ready for Clen.....

Your diet should have good protein, complex carbs and good fats...yes fats without a decent amount of good fats your body will be slow at releasing the bad fats you have stored....

To be fair mate you need structure in your diet to acheive your goals.....

So write down everything you eat in a typical day post it up and we can then suggest changes..

Comment #4

Okay this is a typical day what I have started.

7am- protein shake.

10am- tin of tuna.

1pm- soup or scrambled egg on brown toast.

5pm - chicken & beans.

9pm- protein shake after the gym.

Any ideas wil be much appreciated..

Comment #5

Ive made a few changes to your diet.


Comment #6

Much appeciated can you give me any other foods tht will be good for sum variety.

Gonna try get some pics up then see what progress I make.

Thanks for the help..

Comment #7







Lean red meat.

Cottage cheese.





Cus cus.


Wholemeal bread- pita bread.

Veg- minimal carbs.

Salad-minimal carbs.


Olive oil.

Peanut butter.

Oily fish.


Comment #8

Your only eating three meals of real food per day (protein shakes do not count), you want to be aiming at 5-6 small meals (one every 2 to 3 hours), this is best for tuning up your metabolism. Your resting metabolic rate (rmr) is responsible for 70% of your calories burned, so you can see why you want to get this on your side. RMR is also relative to your lean body mass, this is why it's crucial you provide your body with sufficient protein to allow for protein synthesis. For your final two meals you should drop the carbs.something like this;.

1, 1 cup oats, 5 egg whites, 1 whole egg, brown bread.

2, Meat or fish, brown rice or sweet potatoes, green veggies.

3, As above.

4, PWO shake.

5, Meat or fish salad with olive oil/vinager.

6, Egg omelette with veggies..

Comment #9

Richtries I have to disagree protein shakes do count as they do raise metabolism as they contain calories, obvouisly they do not raise it as much as real food due to no chewing involved/digestion etc....but they do raise metabolism....

Real food is a better alternative but not everyone can eat 5-6 solid meals a day in my opinion as long as you have more real food meals in your diet than liquid meals then you are on the right track..

Comment #10

I agree PScarb, it's tough to fit in 6 meals of real food, especially when your working a 9 till 5. I usually make my own shakes with egg whites and fruit in the morning, but I guess protein powders are more effectice post workout due to quicker aborption?..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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