Is anybody as annoyed as I am that takes your money and then tries to steer you into Chemi

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My first question is: Is anybody as annoyed as I am that takes your money and then tries to steer you into Chemi.

My next question is: I met this guy who saw my pics on my friends' site. He begged her to meet me, I reluctantly met him knowing he was not my type, and I actually liked him. He invites us to a family party we go and he kissed me when we were alone and I was receptive to it. He wanted to go out with me but plans fell through, so he asked me to hang at his place and I said yes. But the day we were going to hang I heard nothing from him. Then he plays it off to my friend that we rescheduled and told her that he cannot hang out with me alone cause he is way too attracted to me and he would try something and he wanted to get to know me first in a group situation. I still have not heard anything from him and I'm left saying WTF?!?! I really need help deciphering this jackass behavior...

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Your question was: Is anybody as annoyed as I am that takes your money and then tries to steer you into Chemi.

Rude is rude no matter how you try to pretty it up afterward.  It's inexcusable.


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I agree that it was rude and he's not really worth your time trying to figure out his reasons or motivation. Just chalk it up to HIS missed opportunity and move on to find someone who won't be such a jerk.

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He is a rude jerk. Thanks for the response...

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Hi Blueiigrl:.


I'm in the same boat but the guy I love was my friend in Jr. High and High School.  We connected again in January.  He exhibited the same characteristics.  He would get really close and intimate and withdraw but he was honest about it and would withdraw completely from all his friends.  I believe he's a Bi-Polar Manic Depressive but I love him deeply and have for nearly 30 years.  I came to that same point that I knew I had to tell him how deeply I loved him.  I am a writer professionally and academically, but it took 17 drafts and finally I wrote it the love letter and delivered it in person.  The response was a really unpleasant and shocking!  He had a complete "meltdown" cried & said how much other women in his life would say they loved him & changed their mind.  He insulted me and my intentions and I defended myself but was not hysterical like he was and left.  Eight weeks passed and I sent him an e-mail; he invited me to lunch as my birthday present and showed up with his best friend the first step towards commitment & to check me out, no doubt  and we had a great time.  He was very attentive and watched my interaction with his friend.  He even bragged about some of my accomplishments. I knew then he was becoming serious about me and now he knows I will not give up on him.  His initial reaction to my love letter was very emotional and he definitely needed to vent; I know now that if he didn't care about me or love me; his reaction would have been cool and dismissive.  So now we're on our way and we're taking it one step at a time.  Please do tell him, it's a chance you'll have to take, but love, true love is always worth the risk...

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Thank you so much for the well written response. I will try and figure this guy out...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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