Is 2 Medifast bars a day ok?

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Hey all,.

I know that the rules say try to only have one bar a day, but I was doing the calculations, and if I switch out my fifth meal for a bar I can still stay below 1000 calories and 90 carbs. With that being the case, why is this discouraged? Please let me know your thoughts as i'm Jonesing for another Choc. Mint bar today. Thanks!.



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All I know is they say not to, but that said I have read some folks who do have 2 a day. My theory? You are a grown woman (I assume!) and if you want to make that choice then it is your right. I have only read they discourage it based on the carb count. Just be sure you included all your condiments and such in your carb count. And you might pose this question to Nutrition support for further clarification...

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(I think) the reason they say only one bar per day, is that if you are doing the plan as written, you can choose any of the 5 Medifast meals (for the other 4 that aren't the bar) and any of the veggies on the plan, and any of the protein choices on the plan. If you have more than one bar per day, and your other choices are the ones that are a little higher in carbs, you could be waaaay over the 80-90 target for carbs. Rather than force everyone to "count" carbs or anything else, they opted to restrict it one bar, so that you can mix and match the meals and veggies without the bother of counting anything..

If you're counting and can monitor your calories and carbs, including any extras or condiments, I agree with Pawp1 that you can probably get away with it easily enough. If you find it slows your weight loss, go back to max of one per day...

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SEE...that is the very reason I can not do the bars...they are to good...just like I would be eating the whole dang box....LOL...I can't help ya......Later Prez..

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Yes, the bars are soooooo good! I really look forward to having one each day...can't ait to try the others! I'm new, so I probably can't be of much help. Except, I know you shouldn't do more than two a is tempting!.

Try it and see if it hinders you weight loss. If so, then I would definitely just do one per day..

Be blessed..

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I don't know what to say. I have been waiting for other posters to see what others think. My first thought was Medifast has already done the math on this so why mess with it? But it is also your plan and your decision to make. If you can make 2 bars work and stay within limits I guess it's okay. However, my biggest objection would be that you would be caving in to, for lack of a better word, a new obsession about food. Part of our lesson here I think is to learn to limit things we are in LOVE with and learn not to overdo it.

Hope this helps some..


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Dear All,.

Thanks for all of your thoughts I greatly appreciate it! I did go with the two bars, I felt like I really needed the energy, I don't think I'm in ketosis yet and I'm putting in 18 hour days at least right now. Diane, I totally understand what you are saying and I agree with you and my blog today is actually going to be on this topic..



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I also do two bars a day when I am having a particularly long work day. It's not every day or every week - but on the occasion. I do track everything I eat and stay within the guidelines for calories/carbs regularly and especially on those days...

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I agree with everything additional thought, perhaps the vitamins and minerals are different? I haven't checked, and really I doubt for me if those extra 60 calories (or whatever it is) will make an enormous difference. Do what you need to do to keep going, and fine-tune as you find it necessary. Enjoy what you eat too!..

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