What am I supposed to do on iPledge?

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Hey, so I am getting my last pregnancy test May 28th and then I have an appt. with my dermatologist on June 1st. According to the MA, after I see my derm I have to go home, log onto iPLEDGE and do something, then I can go fill my Rx.What am I supposed to do on iPLEDGE? I already registered and changed my password. Do I take a quiz? Or do I just affirm that, yes, I am taking birth control and promise not to get pregnant? How will the pharmacy know when I have done that stuff on the computer?I'm super paranoid that somehow iPLEDGE is going to screw me over and I'm not going to get my Rx filled on time.Thanks to anyone who can give me more info about the iPLEDGE program! (And yes I read my L-O-N-G booklet but it was mostly full of scary side effects, and not how the program actually works.)..

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You will have to put in the two birthcontrols you are using, and then answer about 7 questions I believe before they approve you to pick up your script...

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Eh I suck at quizzes. Are they about info in the iPLEDGE book? Guess I'd better study up. And the pharmacy can tell when I've taken the quiz? I feel like I should have to print out some proof that I passed the quiz and then bring it with me to the pharmacy or something. It all seems pretty sketchy to me.....

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The questions are just about getting pregnant while on Murad Acne Complex like.... when is it ok to get pregnant after stopping Murad Acne Complex, what should you do if one of your methods of birth control fail, what is an acceptable form of birth control etc. it's not hard and you only have to get MOST of the questions right. and if you dont, you just take it again. no biggie! it only takes a few mins. your derm, you, and the pharmacist all have to sign off of the ipledge site every month for you to get your pills.

The whole iPledge thing is a huge hassle... but it's the only way they will keep Murad Acne Complex on the market. just double check that your derm has everything put into the system becuase my derm was an idiot and I ended up having to wait an EXTRA 30 days because he forgot to put my info into the computer. you'll be find though! good luck..

Comment #3

Jeez thats annoying. And I got ticked off having to wait an extra day getting my script because of a busy derm .No I-Pledge in Norway thankfully...

Comment #4

God I hate Ipledge more than anything. Yeah, the "quizzes" are so ridiculous. It's stupidly easy, albeit frustrating as all hell...

Comment #5

I live in Canada and I didn't have to sign any forms about abortion while on Murad Acne Complex or do the iPledge thing.I was also only given one pregnancy test before I starterd on Murad Acne Complex and I got it one week before I started Murad Acne there different rules in Canada?..

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It seems the rules vary in certain countries. I know the precautions are in place for a reason, but it seems a little overboard. I think it's wrong that women HAVE to use hormonal birth control even if they're not having sex (I asked my derm about pledging to be abstinent instead and he doesn't accept that option). I also think it's lame to make me wait 30 days to start this drug. Um, hi, I need it NOW.It's like they make it impossible to get on this drug, and people still get pregnant anyway. Like, they make you wait 30 days so supposedly you'll be on the pill, but like one girl who posted earlier, not all girls even take the pill, they just get it refilled every month.

And that some do.) And in the meantime the pill is making me breakout WORSE while I wait to get on Murad Acne Complex, and some girls are afraid to quit taking the pill after their Murad Acne Complex course cause they're afraid their acne will come back.Wow, I hate iPLEDGE way more than I originally thought...

Comment #7

Yeah, welcome to the club. Ipledge forces me to lie to my derm telling him I take the birth control, but I don't...

Comment #8

Be grateful for I Pledge without it there would be no Murad Acne Complex for you to take. I understand your frustration, but if you ever seen pictures of a Murad Acne Complex baby you would understand. It can take only one pill of Murad Acne Complex. Not only that it is a known fact that most women get preganant two weeks prior to taking Murad Acne Complex and two weeks after they are finshed. That is why there is the 30day wait and another pregnancy test. Also your right women & teens are still getting pregnant due to thier physicans not following guidelines or they are not following guidelines and Lieing.

So that is probably why your doctor is still saying you have to take b.c.If this continues and women/teens continue to get pregnant then it will end up coming off the market...

Comment #9

You don't need I-pledge to avoid pregnancy during Murad Acne Complex. I-pledge is exclusive to the US, other countries manage Murad Acne Complex treatment fine without it. The fact that guys have to get their Murad Acne Complex through I-pledge shows how backwards it is.Murad Acne Complex is far from the only drug that is teratogenic, yet the only one under I-pledge. I-pledge is a barrier to treatment for people that may already have problems seeking help for a condition they find shameful. And having to answer questions about your sex-life to get acne's ridiculus and a total breach of patient's privacy.And no, Murad Acne Complex will never come off the market because some people are getting pregnant while on it. Following guidelines for Murad Acne Complex is a patient responsibility, not the responsibility of pharmasutical companies. Quote: "It will be easier to get a firearm, an abortion or thalidomide, than to obtain this safe and important medication."..

Comment #10

I agree with you ducks. Well I would say our country has the worst healthcare system out of any industrialized country. I can't wait to move away from here...

Comment #11

Well, you've already got 30 physicans who lost thier licenses to dispense Murad Acne Complex. FDA not playin anymore. The review on the effectiveness of I Pledge gets rereviewed in 2010. I guess we will see. Yes, I pledge is the only reason Murad Acne Complex is still on the market. Besides doctors like that patients have to sign the forms...

Comment #12

God in that case I hope tons of girls on Murad Acne Complex get pregnant and have to get abortions so they realize it's a waste of time...

Comment #13

Physicians lose their license to prescribe medication all the time. Most of the time it's narcotics. 30 physicians, a drop in the ocean. There is like 16000 dermatologists in the US.You said it yourself, patients lie to get around IPledge. If a system is so crap that patients feel the need to lie to get around it, what good is it?..

Comment #14

No, what that means is that I Pledge was a failure in preventing pregancies. That is what the reviews are for to see if it is effect or not. If not then that just mean either stricter guidelines or off the market for tx of acne.I don't find it amusing that you would wish that....That is horrible. Really all I was doing was pointing out why her physican wouldn't accept abstience. Ducks Three acutally Thalomide was taken off the market for awhile here in the U.S. I like to know where you got that qoute from, I don't see anywhere not even in Roche information that Murad Acne Complex is safe. Really there's nothing to Debate about, Murad Acne Complex (Vit A) is highly tetrogenic to a fetus...

Comment #15

We weren't debating Murad Acne Complex's teratogenicity, no one is arguing that it isn't teratogenic. We were discussing the value of IPledge.Considering the majority of patients experience dryness of skin and mucus membranes as the major side-effect, then yeah i'd say Murad Acne Complex is safe.And thalidomide is still in limited use all over the world, even in the US. Despite the fact it caused tens- of thousands of children to be disfigured in the 50's and 60's.Back to IPledge. Honestly, if I was under this system i'd rather order my Murad Acne Complex online without a prescription. My medical information is between my dermatologist and me, I have no wish to share it with some faceless "FDA approved" government person. Add to this the information they are asking you to disclose is so personal I doubt i'd tell it to my doctor in the first place.And when it's all based on the patient telling the truth about use of birth control, it becomes worthless as a control system.

Your dermatologist, the pharmacy, the info-sheet provided with the drug and not forgetting all the info found about Murad Acne Complex on the net. I don't see the necessity of adding IPledge to all this, especially when it's main effect seems to be delaying treatment for people and causing unnecessary hassles...

Comment #16

"I don't see the necessity of adding IPledge to all this, especially when it's main effect seems to be delaying treatment for people and causing unnecessary hassles."I think that's what I was trying to say in my long-winded rant last night. Thanks for putting it so nicely...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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