In,can a non paying member reply to an email a paying member sent to them?

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My first question is: In,can a non paying member reply to an email a paying member sent to them?.

My next question is: How can a man tell if a woman is interested in him?  Also, when a man is out trying to meet women, what usually blows it for him?.



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Your question was: In,can a non paying member reply to an email a paying member sent to them?.

Your question is too vague too big to provide you with any kind of succinct answer.  Could you narrow your question a bit?..

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Women are all different as far as how they show interest. As for me, I would flirt and probably innocently touch a guy that I was interested in. As far as blowing it, well, if a guy is having an entire conversation with my chest, it's a safe bet he's not going to get my number. Talking about an ex girlfriend or all of his conquests is a deal breaker too..



Comment #2

 I'll break it down for you in a nutshell, Nightrider. This is very basic info and can be broken down, but... the number 1 thing that will kill attraction... IS BAD 'BODY LANGUAGE' or BL. If you walk with your head down, if you don't make and hold eye contact long enough, is you speak with a 'high pitch', or too soft, if your movements are fast and jerky and uncoordinated, these things signal to a woman that you DO NOT GET IT. The kinds of women that respond to bad BL are the ones you shouldn't date.

 I've been studying the very thing you're asking about for years and have taught many guys how to 'project' themselves to be more attractive. If you 'feel' unsure about yourself 'INTERNALLY', or if you have doubts about yourself 'INTERNALLY', it REFLECTS externally. Meaning: bad BL. Women have been proven to have 10x's the ability to accurately read and judge a man's BL according to his level of confidence. IT'S SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. BL IS EVERYTHING!!!!.

 How I can tell a woman is interested in me is by being able to 'read' her BL. More specifically HOW she 'looks' at me. If she looks at me, I will stare at her until SHE looks away. Most women can tell if a man is confident or not, just by this single act. IT'S TRUE! And when she looks away, she'll usually look down and then back up. This is a 'good sign' and it's an indicator of her interest.

MOST TIMES, but NOT always.

 Or another sign that she's attracted to you, and this is VERY accurate, her pupils will dilate. She may blush, bat her eyes, play with her hair, bite her lip, gaze into your eyes while you talk, or lean into you as you stand or walk, or look you up and down. So you see, most of these are ALL ways to communicate through BL. NOT WORDS. BL makes up 78% of ALL communication. Tonality or tone of voice, makes up 15% of all communication, and spoken words are only 7% of how we communicate.

 I'm going to stop here, since I'm not sure what it is you REALLY want to know. If you want, I'd be willing to answer any of your questions. I'm by no means an 'expert', but I do have quite a bit of knowledge on the very thing you're asking about. Don't be afraid to ask, Nightrider..


Comment #3

Hi Nightrider,.

A woman's body language is a good indicator of how she feels.  Does she lean toward you when you are talking? Or if she is sitting back are her legs pointed toward you.  Does she smile a lot.  Eye contact is always a really good sign.  Does she ask about you when you are talking?  If she can only talk about herself, she might not be interested.  If she touches you, I'd say that is a good sign too.  Nothing over the top - just a little touch to your arm or shoulder..

I know the main thing that blows it for me is someone who talks only about themselves and if they talk about ex's too much.  If she brings up a "what was your ex like?" question, just keep it simple.  Nice, but she wasn't for me..

I do know that I like it when a man shows confidence.  Not arrogance, but confidence.  If you want her number, just ask.  But be nice..

Good Luck,Krist..


Comment #4

Does she single you out, talk, flirt - i.e. put on lipstick, touch you, giggle, ask your opinion on things...etc.

How to turn her off - don't make her feel special but like all the other girls.  Don't look at others while with her and compliment her on little idiosyncracies that are specific to her..


Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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