Struggling to stay on the Medifast plan

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I've been struggling since I'm started on Jan 4th I've managed to lose some but I just can't follow the plan to a tee. I'll follow it for at least three days and then I stray away or get bored.

I've even been praying that I get through this. I have 50 pounds to lose and can't even do it. I'm tired of saying one thing and doing another. I now once I get a full month in, then It will be smooth sailing. How can I get in this mind set where no matter what I WILL NOT FALL OFF PLAN!!! I'm so discusted with myself.... NOW TODAY I'm on plan. HOW DO THE Veterans do it...

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Actually, once you get a full WEEK in it will probably be smooth sailing. You have to stick with this 100% long enough to get into ketosis, feel more energetic and less hungry, and see results on the scale. You keep giving up before you even really get started..

And BTW, 7 pounds in a month when you have NOT been following the plan is amazing. Imagine what you could accomplish if you followed it 100%!..

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I know you're right Lamb Chop I just needed to hear this from somebody else. I have to try really really hard...

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I agree with the little lamb... by stopping and starting you are torturing yourself. The first few days are really rough and everytime you stop - and then start again - you are having to go through the misery all over again..

I have to tell myself the Medifast packets are like a prescribed "medicine" Take one packet every 2-3 hours - Pick 5 packets and put them on your counter and that's what you need to take for the day. (also the L&G).

When I feel like cheating - I think of having to go through the first few days again and that keeps me from doing anything I will regret. I have an eliptical in my garage and I go do 15 minutes on the elip and that usually helps a lot...

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I really hate to have to go through this over and over again and the feeling of knowing I'm not eating right makes me feel terrible. This is torchor..

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For me it was to finally realize that the longer I cheated the longer I would stay fat and the longer I would have to stay on medifast... I posted some pics of myself fat at the fridge and notes of encouragement. Also removed all of the things that I would cheat with and soon enough the clothes were loose and I was able to say no to anything. Also, get a nive Low-carb cooking book and make some nice gourmet meals so you don't feel like you are eating anything nice.

Good luck..

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Yes not for me though blechh LOL.

Here's the mdifast list of veggies and gram weights, I found when I weighed over measuring there were a lot more veggie and meat then I thought...

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This is like quitting any addiction. It is very hard. You have to commit 100% in your brain or this diet will not work for you. No cheating, no havng a bite of this and not counting it. 100% committment..

When I committed, I really committed. I have 11 yr old twin boys and if you think what they eat (plus I am the cook in the house), I was tortured daily. Bread, cookies, ice cream, snacks...the list goes on and on. I make great mac n cheese and one day I stopped myself from licking the spoon at the very last minute. It was heading for my lips and then I caught myself and rinsed off the spoon. I knew then I was there.

It took me 3 months to lose 45 lbs.

When you think about it, 3 months is nothing. Even though transition stretches this out an extra couple of months, think of this as a 3 month commitment. You can do anything for 3 months. And once again, once you see the weight coming off, you will not need any more encouragement, unless you hit a plateau. Those go away too.

But you will have to practice good eating habits for the rest of your life. I have lost weight 3 other time but I have lost an additional 20 this time and I am never going to gain it back. I told my wife that if I do gain it back, I am just going to continue to eat until I eat myself to death. But that's not going to happen..

Good luck...

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I feel your pain, Lambchop! I'm new to the plan, and last week I lost six pounds and was on cloud nine! This week...I'm struggling with overwhelming hunger. I am crying at the drop of a hat (and yes, menapause at age 48 can bring that on) but I also think it's mental, as though I am facing my reality that as uncomfortable as this feels, I HAVE TO STICK TO IT!!! I have it easier than the Mom's out there- I live alone with my doggies. You know it's bad when you open a can of dog food, and even THAT smells good!! Still, I know that I want this to be my LAST diet of reducing, and that my dream is to then be on maintenance for the rest of my years on earth!! Praying for strenghth...for me, for you, for all of us!!!!..

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Oh yes, this is not always easy. Most days I do great until the afternoon and then when dinner hits I just want to have real food and not another Medifast meal. Today I am going to trick myself and put my soup in the water to soak and frigerate it. I do not like to waste so I will be forced to have soup for dinner. It does work if can just get into the mindset to Just do it. Just do it!..

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I had trouble eating many of the powdered foods, especially the shakes. I paid up for the RTD shakes and they are waaaaay better. Tastes just like chocolate soy milk without the grit. I would not have survived this diet without them. I pretty much existed on RTD's and green bars...but I made it!.

You can too...

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All great advice. you just have to hang in there. We can do this together. Do not give up. I went through the same thing you just described last year...but I am determined to not let that happen this time. I am starting today 100% OP...we can do this...together :-)..

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Hang in there! The first 3-5 days are definitely the hardest days to get through, but once you're into ketosis, your hunger decreases a lot (often disappears) and your energy goes up. At that point, you feel good and the plan begins to work it's magic by going after your stored fat and you start to meltPrepare your meals ahead of time and log them on your "My Plan" in advance so you know exactly what you're planning to eat. During those first few days, go ahead and have a planned snack (celery, bouillon, dill pickle, SF Jello, or Medifast soy crisps or crackers) and make sure you're drinking lots of water.

It's not easy, but it's simple - and it works!.



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Your words are so encouraging. Thank you guys I love you all!!! we can do this..

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Inknchi, This is too funny...everytime I see one of your posts my heart skips a beat because I'm thinking..."Oh, Barack Obama is posting here!!!" You'd think I'd get used to it but I don't Silly, I know but I do it everytime!..

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I was thinking the same thing........for a minute I was thinking it is him??..

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