What am I doing wrong with the Medifast program?

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I started in Januay wasn't really following the plan to fully but still managed to lose 10 pounds. I recommented on April 30, 2009 and have been doing better than I've ever been since I've started. Since April I've lost 4 pounds last week but this weigh in which was Thursday, I didn't lose anything. This morning I had 1 bar and coffee with cream only. Getting worred that I won't lose anything. Please give me so incouragement..

I've been drinking at least a 1 quart of water eating about 3 or 4 medifast meals because I don't have any appettite for anymore. Here's my plan.

Morning Bar and coffee sometimes ffcream if I have some available.

Mid morning Bar.

Lunch salad and maybe a soup Chicken noodle or somedays I'll just have a salad with tbl of reg dressing..

Mid Evening a Bar.

Then Dinner: Maybe broccoli with spray butter and baked chicken breast or something..

Please tell me, what I'm I doing wrong..

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You answered your own question. You are starving yourself and your body has gone into starvation mode and will not release the weight..

You have to eat ALL FIVE Medifast meals every day, plus a FULL lean & green - is that a full 7 ouonces of cooked chicken breast, and 3 full servings of broccoli? Oh, and where are your fat servings? (with chicken you are supposed to have 2)..

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Maybe I'm starving myself.. I just got over of having those cravings during the first 7 days I'm almost scared to eat anything else due to the cravings I use to have..

The chicken is usually about 5 ounces cooked because I normally put it in a pan with a tiny bit of oil cook it on top of the stove and I count this as a fat serving. But if I'm starving myself shouldn't the weight evenuall shed? What should I do. I even ate 2 slices of 98%FF ham and 2 slices of cheese to trick my body to lose this was after dinner...

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It's counter intuitive, I know, but if you starve yourself your body will freak out and hold onto every ounce as hard as it can. 5 ounces cooked is NOT a complete lean serving, and your body NEEDS all the nutrients from all 5 Medifast meals. Plus the fat servings are necessary for your health - a "tiny bit" is not enough, you are supposed to have 2 teaspoons of oil with a "leanest" option like chicken..

If you keep your carbs under 100 and stay in ketosis then hunger should not be a problem for you. Lots of people find they lose more weight at the upper end of the calorie range, closer to 1000, than the lower end (but you are not even IN the range right now).

The plan works if you follow it. Have faith! Just follow the plan for a week and you should be pleasantly surprised...

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OK I'll try it for a week. Thank you lambchop..

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A quart of water is about half of the minimum you should be drinking. They recommend 2 quarts (64 oz)..

Eat 5 Medifast meals..

Eat 1 L&G meal..

Drink your water, and eat ALL your meals, every day, and don't eat anything else. Do it every day, and give it a month. You'll lose weight...

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I didn't know it was suppose to be 2 quarts a day. Thanks...

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