Emotional eating is making me stop Medifast

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...........ever again. If I don't figure out how to stick to this, even in the crappy times, I am just going to quit. I know that sounds dramatic.........but starting and stopping again and again is honestly making me miserable. I am an emotional eater, I honestly didn't think I was before. But now I know. I feed my anger, I feed my sadness, hell, I feed a cold.

I read a post the other day about taking the bumpy road..........Lord, have I done that! I don't recommend it.............

That little bratty girl in my head has been given control for too long. Somehow I need to take back that control. She screams and screams until I finally give in. Then who is miserable? Just me. I have to shut her up, or tell her No! or just learn to deal with her screaming. Maybe a combo of all three? I am going to think about that.............

I have been back on Medifast since Thursday but can't seem to get a pattern going again. I am either eating too close and running out of meals or it is bedtime and I am lacking two Medifast (I did double up last night.) I am going to write up a schedule today and follow that to the letter for the rest of the week. Maybe I just need to get my body back into the swing of things?.

This has to be it though, I can't keep hurting myself by starting and stopping. Rereading this post, I swear to you I am not being whiny. I have been maintaining around 175 for a few months doing it this way. I am just not happy with that. I need to lose the weight, if for no other reason than I don't have any shorts or summer pants that will fit at this weight!.

I have been using too many excuses. It is so easy for me to find a reason to eat something I shouldn't. That has to stop. I know Medifast works. I have experienced how well it works. I can't let that one horrible day ruin all my effort.

I would appreciate your support, all your advice, and any suggestions on shutting my inner child up!.

I have been lurking on the boards. You all continue to amaze me. The support, advice, successes, it is truly astonishing to see such a large community of people offering each other so much. This place has grown by leaps and bounds (and shrunk at the same time ) since I first joined in April '06..

Today's Goal: Make an eating schedule for the week. Start reading Beck Solution again (it really makes me think). Get in my 5&1, all my water, measure my L&G and have 1 snack if I need it...

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Oh, Pam... I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. Recommitting is hard. But it does sound like your head is in the game now. You've got your plan, and I know you can do it! We're all here for you... Hang in there - Good Luck!!!..

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Pam - you and I have struggled for a long time, for different reasons, sometimes at the same time, sometimes at separate times. We have held each other's hand, we've held each other up. We know what to do, how to do it and that doing it will give us results. We found our way this far so let's find our way to the end. That screaming little girl doesn't know what is best for you. But YOU make out your plan, gather together your 5 white packets for the day and do this one meal at a time. You know that I am just a PM or phone call away...when that little girl starts screaming again...get hold of me...I'll give her a "what for" and knock the scream right out of her!.

Love & Hugs.


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You have already come so far. You CAN do this because you already have accomplished so much already. I know you have been through a lot this past year (just from what I have read on the boards) and I know that things can be exceptionally more difficult to stick with when you have so much more on your plate... but if you stick with Medifast in the long-run as hard as it might be to recommit and stay recommitted you will feel so much better emotionally and physically and I truly believe that it will make it that much easier to deal with any kind of stressor that comes into play in your life.

One thing that I think will help me personally is seriously taking things one day at a time, each day is a new day to "start over" and I don't mean actually starting over, but approaching each day as if it were the first... wanting to stick to plan to do well. At least for me, it's always easier in the beginning... so I figure I'll just look at each day as a new beginning.

I hope that it turns out that you aren't recommitting ever again because you don't have to. Because you have stuck this through and have reached each goal you've set along the way. I know you can do it...

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First of all, you can do this. I think you have a severe case of doubt due to your stops and starts over the past few weeks. You must stop doubting yourself. You will not have to recommit again, because you won't be off plan. Silence that screaming brat in your head that says you can restart tomorrow, just this one bit........ You can't, as you stated it is too damaging.

It counts in our head. Do you know what I mean?.

So that is it. Retake the energy and confidence you had in the beginning. That is what will take you to goal. Silence that voice that says, just this one bite won't hurt. Or just this one bite will rev up your metabolism. Or this is just a little thing with not much calories.

They are lies. Remember we used to call that voice Mary? Just tell Mary to shut up! You can do this, no matter what the last few months were like. You CAN and WILL do this..

We are here to support you to whatever goal you may have. In the end, we just want you to be healthy and happy.

Big hugs, and you know how to contact me at any time..


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Darlene - I had forgotten that we used to call that brat "Mary"! Sounds like there's an old thread or blog somewhere to resurrect, or begin anew...because I think Mary has been hang around a lot of us...and Mary needs to go find a new country to reside in!!!..

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I hear ya, I am having the same problem...I even convinced myself yesterday that the artificial sweetener they use in the cocoa and pudding is not good for me....I have to keep reminding myself that it has not hurt anyone so far as I know...

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I know how you feel. I feel off the plan two weeks ago and I'm having a real hard time getting back on. I don't know what to do to get me inspired again. Part of me wants to quit. I can tell that my attitude really stinks but if anyone has any advise please help us......

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Thanks guys, I have been telling Mary to mind her own business this morning. I have to quit using life as an excuse. And yes I maant that if I didn't stick to it this time then I wasn't recommiting again..

I made that schedule (thru Friday). I think I will do better following a strict schedule for now. I just can't trust my own 'hunger'. I have had 2 mf, 1/2 snack and am almost thru with 32 oz of water. I really think if I can make it thru the first two weeks I can do this. Finally..

Thanks again..................

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Pam, I so totally hear you. It is heartbreaking to me off/on over and over. You are not alone believe me. I came to the exact same conclusion over the weekend, either do this plan, or don't. Fish or cut bait. Get in the boat or get out.

What has helped me get focused this week is planning - planning my meals for the week, planning my eating times, planning my exercise, and writing it down. No thinking that way. I pack my meals for work, head out the door, and know I am prepared. Log everything in MyMedifast to check my calories and carbs and have that visual reinforcement that I'm doing the right thing..

It's hard at times but don't let the negative thinking weigh you down. It's kind of like being under a dark cloud, where you can't see clearly, but when you're back on track for a few days the sun breaks through. There is hope and you KNOW you can do this!!..

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Here is my blog from that time (september 2006)There were others also. Shut up Mary.

As I recall, SAnderson (sandy) was the original poster that came up with that name..


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Pam, when I started you were a great inspiration for me, and you still are, you are incredibly strong and I know that you can get back in the game. I agree with Smetz, we keep playing games with ourselves, we are on, we are off, a crazy roller coaster. We need to be focused, as RG says 'You are worth it'..


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Pam, what a blessing and a gift it is to see your post today. Thank you for saying the truth! I also have to say what a blessing and a comfort it is to see all these familiar faces and voices online still trudging forward and/or maintaining a year after I first saw all of you.

I started Medifast at the end of Jan 07, and I was doing greatlost 40 poundsuntil life hit me around April. Shortly afterward, I ended a relationship (bad ending), my ill father started failing, and I finally had to take a medical leave from my job in October. A week later my dad died. All of this to say that I am also an emotional eater, and I managed to gain 60+ pounds in a few short monthsso short that I was in denial about why clothes weren't fitting, why I couldn't breathe, why I couldn't bend over to tie my shoes! I also just made a doctor appointment today, because I believe my blood pressure has gone sky high. I have gone back and forth trying to recommit for several months now, but I always derail myself. I understand so well the feeling of this is it, and I am never recommitting again.

I love that Mary has a name. I know her all too well, but never had anything to call her when I tell her to get back in the box! I've also discovered something else during the last months of grief, sadness, frustration, and anger: there's somebody in there who needs to be loved a lot too. It is the hardest thing ever for me to love myself and next hardest is to have compassion for myself. But when I think about what that little kid looked like back when she didn't get whatever it was she needed, it is easier to have compassion for her and treat her with kindness. So, I'm recommitting to Medifast today and committing to compassionate kindness toward me today too. :-).

I am ever so grateful to find all of you still here. If you're at goal, I'm so glad you are here participating in community. Together we can.


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Maybe put "mary" in a cage, keep her mentally locked up, out of sight, out of mind!.

Pam, I can't add anymore advice, as all those who posted before me have it covered! You did it once, and was the voice of reason for so many when I first started. that Pam is still in there, I send my best wishes and prayers that you can find her, and let her out again.! Hugs,,,,,Sharon..

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Bless your heart, Pam. YOU CAN DO THIS!.

Don't let that little bratty girl win. She gets more power each and every time you give in to her. As I read your post I immediately thought of the Super Nanny and how she handles all those little brats on her series. She sets rules and boundaries. She doesn't tolerate unacceptable behavior. She becomes the adult with the voice of reason.

Not perfect but alot easier to be around.

I hope you can find whatever strength you need to stay on the program. Learning to value ourselves as much as we value others in our lives can sometimes be overwhelming. It's not being's giving ourselvs and our families a wonderful gift. The gift of adding years to our lives and being healthy for ourselves and the others in our lives.

Here's hoping all of us can tap into our Super Nanny and go on to rejoicing as we each make goal and celebrate the victory together..

Please excuse my presumption at posting on the "veteran" thread. I'm not one yet but, I'm in training! I hope my thoughts will help you through your crisis..


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Girl, I think you've got it... you have a plan: writing down your menus, reading the Beck book..

It is so easy to get discouraged when we haven't been perfect.

We think we're either "on" or "off" a diet, but really to our bodies it is just a continuum, a flow of food that is sometimes healthy and sometimes not so much. Obviously you have mostly been feeding yourself the healthier way or you wouldn't have gotten as far as you have..

Now you are here reaching out, and you have decided to keep going. That's all that matters right now, at this moment, not how many times you've stumbled along the way!.

I had to make that decision too, after messing up around Christmas. To keep going.... and we're here, keeping going right alongside you..


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You are a great role model on these boards and just wanted you to know that I'm praying this is the TIME ... I read this on here a few weeks ago and posted it for me. Hope it helps you too..

IF you are committed to losing weight:.

Nothing stops your efforts. You stick with your diet NO MATTER WHAT.Emotions don't control your actions. You stay on track even when you don't feel like it.Your motivation isn't linked to the scale. You assume that if you stay motivated and work hard, you will see results.You don't depend on other people for your success. You know it's up to you!A bad day or a lot of challenges don't affect your efforts. You keep going in spite of it..

Commitment is my word of the week. Please check in regularly and tell Mary to keep her thoughts to herself ....


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Having walked a path similar to yours, I very much understand what you have been going through both with the accident and the emotional eating.

In my case, 13 years ago when the husband was in his accident I was about 158 lbs. The lowest I had ever been as an adult. I had just started back at school for my engineering degree, and boy was I stressed. It didn't help matters that I came down with severe bronchitis and was forced to quit smoking (long term good - short term extremely stressful and emotional). Needless to say, I replaced nicotine with food and was in the 170s in no time flat..

Essentially you too are getting slammed with a double whammy: the emotional issues of the accident and recovery and the emotional eating.

I wish I could offer an simple or easy solution, but there isn't one. You've gotten a lot of good thoughts, ideas, and advice here, but in the end you need to do the soul searching and figure out what needs to click in your head and heart to make it work..

There are lot's of tools out there, so maybe it's time to try a different approach: a friend to check in on you and make you accountable? A new exercise program? Planning is good, but I think you'll also find you need some help or tools to stick to the plan. Maybe more counseling? A local support group? I'm not saying these are the exact answers for you, but maybe things to consider. If you feel you need help then get it. Remember, it's not just about fitting in the shorts, it is about your health..

Take care...

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So many of us really know this place. I too gave myself the lecture. Either do this or don't. I gave myself the lecture two weeks ago and got support from others and it helped...Two weeks later I'm back in the same spot. I've even started to question how good Medifast is...listening to others who tell me it's bad for me. I'm getting frustrated that I'm not allowed to exercise as much..."what's wrong with eating strawberries?" I say to myself.AND then...I know the answer.

It is healthy. I KNOW what to do. I know how good I feel when I am doing it. AND WE CAN DO THIS! Staying OP makes everything easier and brighter. I'm sure you know this too so lets just do it!!!!!!! It's going to be a wonderful summer being at goal! Those strawberries can wait until then!..

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Pam, I don't know what to add to all the wonderful encouragement you've already received. Only that I too have struggled to overcome hurdles, emotional eating and upsets. I too have tried to recommit only to derail myself several times. I have heard my own personal version of "Mary" telling me I can start again TOMORROW and TOMORROW and TOMORROW and TOMORROW. Well I have finally decided that for me, tomorrow is here and I will no longer allow "Mary" to rule over my decisions. I pray that your tomorrow has arrived too, and that you will find the strength to put "Mary" in her box where she belongs..

You have come so far, Pam~I KNOW you can do this! Lean on us and we will be here to cheer you on.


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Thank you all. Really, thank you. All of the advice, support, it is wonderful and I will be thinking about it all.

So far today, I have had 4 mf, a snack, 96 oz of water and we just finished my L&G. Steak and salad, it was beyond good. I didn't do anything different but it was really wonderful. I think the meat was just better/fresher, maybe. I have also had 4 Diet Mountain Dews today. That is something else I need to work on but for now I am going to focus on the rest of my plan and as long as I drink my water I can have them.

I am tired today..........from fighting Mary! All I gave her was a tylenol!.

Thanks for being here...............................

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I sooooo know how you feel. I'd like to punch Mary in the face...

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I know that you will find the strength to do this. I have followed your path and you have not head an easy time of it. But you are my true inspiration. One of the reasons is that we are both Pam. I have struggled since my surgery in November but I made up my mind last week. Either I would work the program or give it up.

We can do this together. I want to lose another 35 and I know I can do it. So can you. Please hang in there so I can watch your success..


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Hi Pam. I really think that going day after day starting on and then going off desensitizes us to the seriousness of going off plan. We have done it so much that it gets easier and easier to do. My thought here is that it might help to focus on breaking that pattern. So you decide every morning if this is going to be an on-plan day or an off-plan day. If you decide it will be "on," then hold on to that promise all the way to the end of the day.

Let yourself keep the control to go off plan, but remind yourself that your focus is to break the on/off pattern right now so you need to at least make it to bedtime. Your control is still there. You can go off plan. Just not today anymore. It'll have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm not sure if this is making sense. I just think you have to regain the "OMG effect" of contemplating going off plan. When we try to start every day but then continually never make it all the way through the day without straying, it starts feeling too normal (and thus easy) to go off plan. Not to mention having built up a new behavioral habit. So that's why I'm thinking if you can just make a daily commitment. You decide before you have your first bite of food every morning whether you're going to make it an on-plan day or an off-plan day.

Hopefully, each morning you will feel strong enough to commit for the entire day. But if you don't, at least you won't be strengthening the on/off pattern, the on/off behavioral habit.

I've done something similar lately. I decided to give up all seasonings and anything containing sodium that isn't already contained in a white packet or contained in the natural foods I eat for my L&G. (With the exception of salad dressing.) No condiments except the dressing and at least for the time being, sweetener for my oatmeal and pudding. I refer to this as going bland. Anyway, I make my decision every Sunday after weigh-in whether I'm going to do another week of it. Last night I was already envisioning putting salt on my meat but I told myself "Sorry, it's too late, you've already made your decision for the week.

That's my little idea for you. I hope there is something here that you find helpful or reassuring. I am so much pulling for you. Good luck Pam!..

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Wow, Willow - awesome post. That makes total sense to me, as a person who has been on this plan for...oh, I guess about a year and have been stalled at these last 30-something pounds for the last 6 months! I, too, have restarted for the umpteenth time, and what you say really hit a chord with me. Thanks for your thoughts..

Pam - it's truly one day at a time, huh! We'll get there. We know we can do it - look at how far we've already come. Hang in there. Good for you for reaching out to people like us that admire and love you!.


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Pam, I really feel for you - you are working an uphill battle. As I read these posts, I'm wondering if a couple of suggestions might help at made yourself a schedule- do you have a watch that you could set the alarm on? Or set an alarm on your computer to remind you it's time to eat?.

And this Mary....that gave me a chuckle.... what about getting yourself a little doll and have Mary right there on your desk? You could then really tell her how you feel <grin>.

Or write Ms on the bottoms of your walking shoes, or the pedals of your stationary bike? (I don't know what you do for exercise so I'm throwing this out). Stomp the M every step you take to better health?.

Just some thoughts, hopefully you will find something helpful here...

Comment #25

I love the idea about the doll, and I really love your post WDW. Amazing perspective...

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WillowdogWood - I LOVE your idea! And it makes a lot of sense. It is the opposite of "I'll start my diet tomorrow"...only tomorrow never comes. But in this case it becomes "I'll go off-plan tomorrow"...and we work at tomorrow never coming! The key is to figure out why "I'll start my diet tomorrow" comes so easy to us...and apply that instead to "I'll go off-plan tomorrow"...

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Wow WillowdogWood - Great reply. I can't tell you how much this struck a cord with me. "I really think that going day after day starting on and then going off desensitizes us to the seriousness of going off plan." Back when I first started MF, I would never even think about going off plan. I did months and months of 5/1 without even considering putting anything in my mouth that was not on plan. That's where I need to get back to mentally.

Pam - I hear where you are. I've been thinking the same thing. I got back on Medifast Jan 1st planning on hitting it hard for 3 months to get the last 20 pounds off, then T&M and be finished forever. It's now March 10th and I'm sitting exactly where I was on Jan 1st. I am so mad that I didn't just stick with Medifast and be on the down hill slide at this point. So yesterday I had that same talk with myself that your having and recomitted for the last time.

Just get back to the 5/1 and then you can work on the diet soda.

Over in the blogs a lot of people are committing to blogging everyday for 30 days. A way to connect with our thoughts and help each other get inspired again like we were in the beginning. Come check it out. We can do this! We have both done it before...

Comment #28

Wood...great insights, as always!. know we love you and we understand. You've got the strength to get through anything and you will!.

It's all state of mind...if you get a chance, look up the song "Change Your Mind" by Sister Hazel.

If you've had enough of all your trying.

Just give up.

The state of mind you're in:.

If you want to be somebody else,.

If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself..

If you want to be somebody else.

Change your mind, change your mind...

Comment #29

You've done wonders for my motivation to stick with Medifast over the last 10 months, Pam. I'm sorry I don't have anything more to add. Trailing behind the wonderful advise of all the posters above is rough!.

You have one day under your belt (Congratulations!!) now, here's to the next 10 mins of today. Rinse, repeat!.

Hang in there! *hugs* We're all behind you!..

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I finished last night off and went to bed (later than I meant to but still....) I am up and had my bar and some caffiene. I have my schedule for today including the work I need to get done. I finished some really emotional work for the lawyers and still didn't give into that voice. Although it was seriously throwing a fit. I need to be accountable and this might just have done the trick. I am going to not eat off plan today. That decision is made for today (Thanks Wood).

What great advice you all have. I am sure it helped others as much as myself. Thanks again!!! I am going to go before I get sappy!!!!.

Oh and the 30 day of blogging sounds great, I will check it out this afternoon after I finish working!..

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Pam, Just a note.

When I was starting this program your posts and the ones you posted after "life hit you" were some of the ones that made me think I can do this. I figured if you did it with obsticals surely I could as well. Yes, the suggestions in this thread has been helpful to others, at least me. I read the advise here and it hits home. It hink I'll get a Mary doll and tell her to shut up and yes I do love her, but ONLY when she lets me do what is right for me, not her. Then I'll drag her behind me when I do my exersizes to prove my point and show her I mean business.

You are amazing. You can do this...

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After reading your post - and the advice - then the follow ups:.... I had to pull myself together so that I could write too!!!.

I have watched your progress (as a lurker) prior to your and Shelton's accident and your return ... You are so strong and have been an inspiration to so many!!.

There are no magic answers and the advice you have already received is fantastic so I really don't have much to add. I just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!..

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[color="Red"]Hi Pam! It appears that we are all in the fight with that nosy brat Mary. She really gets around doesn't she? You have been thru this all before, you know that advanced planning is the key. That way there are no surprises, no chances to have a slip or a slide down that treacherous slope of " it's not much, just a little taste"......we all know how had it can be to climb back up from that precipice.

Go ahead and be angry if you need that energy to get past Mary and the negative vibes. Use whatever it takes.

Sometimes I use loud music and dance to get past a "I don't want to do this any more" moment, or "I can't do this anymore" myself into the carpet......DH doesn't understand this concept..

Keep your head up. You are worth working thru this.[COLOR=Red"]..

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Hi Pam. I'm here too. You know you're not in this alone, we're all here to support you. You were always there for me. Thank you so much for that, it meant a great deal to me. Let's all get together and take turns kicking Mary in the heiney...

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Hi Pam. Just checking in to see how things are going and to wish you good luck for today...

Comment #36

Absolutely! There is such good advice here. Thank you all..just what I needed today. Thanks to Pam too. Best wishes to you...

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Hi Pam,.

I've been on the program for only 2+ weeks, but I have fought with Mary for most of my life. I used to laugh when people would ask "are you an emotional eater?" Yes. I eat for every emotion I feel, LOL!!.

Seriously, I know I have the cockeyed enthusiasm of a newbie, but just try to get through today. Then tomorrow. And, when things get bad, give Mary a time-out and get in touch with us..

Best wishes,.


Comment #38

Good morning Pam. You can soooooo do this today!..

Comment #39

Thanks all! I came to a conclusion yesterday (with lots of help), I am too tough on myself. I have lost (and basically maintained) a 70 lb weight loss. That is what I need to focus on................

For now I am tryin' (my new motto). I have made it thru a week of being 98% on plan (a little extra protien and too many sodas). And that is what I am gong to focus on. My successes, not the rest...........

So today I am on plan............

Comment #40

Good for you, Pam! I'm so proud of you! (((hugs)))..

Comment #41

Good for you Pam.

One day at a time, one minute at a time if necessary..

You have really come so far in your journey, many here take inspiration from your posts....yes, even this thread...(Yes There is another person struggling just like me)..

Best advice I can give is to forgive yourself your mistakes, love yourself because you deserve to be loved, and remember every day is a new beginning..

Hugs and good vibes coming your way.


Comment #42

Hi Pam, I came back to check on you and I'm glad that you are going to focus on how well you've done over all. Because maintaining that 70 pound loss is a big deal! Wendy..

Comment #43

I totally, agree, girl. I think it is very impressive to keep that amount of weight off - more than my kindergartner! - and even more commendable that you are back to finish the journey. Missed you around, girlie - we'll get to goal together!..

Comment #44

Hi Pam.

Nice to see you back. I am the latest lurker.

I have had several false starts and just made a solid week. I am glad to be back on track..


Comment #45

Vincent... er, BEA! It's sooo good to see you here!.

Pam, right on! I am so glad you are seeing it that way... I have to remind myself of the same all the freakin' time......

Comment #46

Hi Pam,.

You have always been so helpful to me, I hope I can help you!.

1. Yes, make a schedule. I have one at work posted on my wall: 7:30am, 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, 8pm.

2. Pick _one_ activity to do when you want to eat. Make it something you can always do. (So no going outside for a walk& could rain.) Its easier if it's once activity, that way you dont have to think about it. Example: 100 jumping jacks. Youll wear yourself out and some (all?) of the urge to eat will pass. A hot bath&..just pick one thing.

3. Buy yourself a couple of peieces of clothes that fit now. You deserve to be wearing something attractive and that you feel good in _right now_. Wearing clothes that are too tight or ugly is like punishing yourself, which you do not deserve!.

4. Join a group! I have not read the March Recommiteers thread, but maybe them? I know you may not be a joiner but Ive come find I think it's really important.

5. Set a goal of staying perfectly OP for 7 days. No more, no less. Sometimes the first small goal can help. (At the end of the 7 days youll be less apt to want to give you your 7 days!).

You are so loved, and have helped so many! I _know_ you can do this. As DB said remove all the doubt from your mind. You have done Medifast before so you have _proven_ you can do it till goal!..

Comment #47


Good for you that you have been 98% OP! Way to go..

I agree with the others - when I first started you were such an inspiration to me - and you still are.

Thanks for sharing your latest challenge. We are all here for you - there is strength in going about this together! Keep up the great work...

Comment #48

It is unbelievable to me how good I feel as I enter week two. I think only weighing once a week and just being thank ful to be back on is so wonderful I am not focusing on the pounds..

I have been a part of mary diplama's Take shape for life group and she sends out emails every day. I find them so motivating when I am on and off plan. They keep me connected so if anyone wants an extra kick here is her email address.

I think what is impressive is that as many of us go on and off our program she has just been steady on. She has lost 279 lbs and is closing in on 300 lbs. It has impressed me belong belief what courage, strength and steadfastness she has had. I just feel so blessed to have had her in my life for over a year..

Okay, off to work. I will be glad when easter is over. It marks the end of the food season to me which begins in October..

Thanks for the welcom Pam and Gattia. I am very impressed with the fact that you lost your weight and have stayed..

Have a great day.


Comment #49

Wow pam, you have some really great advice and support here.... I remember you from wayyyy back when I started.... you have done a great job..... it is a tough road, but like I said in another post, one soo worth the travel down.... I try to remember this while I am working on the last 30 lbs......

If I never lose another lb... I am better off at the weight I am today than the weight I was when I started MF.......

That way, if I have one bad day, I know it won't go any further. I too am an emotional eater and I take my moods, heck, everyone in my family, their moods too, I take them all and some days it is a battle not to eat them away... but it is sooo worth it... it does get so hard some days, I have to lock myself up in a room and avoid the food and just face my emotions and let go of those I have no control over.... you can do this..... hang in there...

Remember, it's a victory to just stay right where you are until you are really ready to move ahead.......


Comment #50

Truthfully??? No! I am miserable with an infection and have been to the doctor and just made my 3rd trip to the pharmacy since Friday! And for some reason I want to eat when I am miserable. But I am on plan today and that is all I promised myself. Thanks to Cowgirl I didn't order a pizza...........nor did I have any ice cream of any kind (go ahead giggle CG!).

I think I am just overly dramatic these days. I am going to keep tryng until I run out of Medifast (that could be months with the amount I have) and either I wll lose the weight or continue to maintain here. But I am not quitting and I am going to sincerely attempt to lose this weight but I have to quit flogging myself (see drama, drama!).

And I promise I will not order pizza or go out for breakfast at 11 pm tonight! See my brain is really trying to sabotage me............but I am fighting................

Comment #51

Keep fighting, Pam!! I know you can do it!.

I've been struggling with issues in T & M too... We'll fight this fight together!!..

Comment #52

Me giggle? No way...last time I did you called me names! Glad to hear you made it thru the day.{{{Hugs}}}..

Comment #53

You ladies have some great conversation going on here and it's so what I needed to hear. Lately I've been going on and off plan lately...felt like quitting many times AND just really needed to hear everything that was said here. Thanks for being able to be open and honest with us Pam...its helped me more than I can express and I am sure it's helping others who choose not to post BUT still get a lot from this thread nonetheless. Hang in there and lets finish this journey together..

Comment #54

Sorry you are ill Pam, hope you feel better soon. You are doing great fighting to stay on plan, you can do it!!!!! You are determined and that determination will see you through..

Thanks Bea for the kind words, I really appreciate that. I literally had to choose death or life and I chose life by starting Medifast and losing weight. Thank you for always being there, you and everything on these boards inspire me to continue on this journey and lifestyle change..

I applaud everyone's successes, you are all amazing and continue to inspire me every day. Mary..

Comment #55

Ahhhhh! Pam and Bea.......

Two names that inspired me a nd got me going last January. This is refreshing. I'm having trouble navigating my way around this many groups, threads, etc. I would rather just post. I know nobody intends it that way, but it feels a little cliquey and rules..

ANyway....ladies...I'm back too. You can both do this. Its just food. For some reason that just sticks in my head....everytime I feel like I want to eat something...I remind myself that it's just food and it isn't going out of style! It will be there when I can have a better relationship withi it. That and the fact that I am going on a trip to China and I have this recurring bad dream that somebody asks me if I am pregnant ( I'm not) Phewww! That'll scare the cookies out of your hand!.

I also remember....and I can't remember who said it...but it was here and made me laugh....

Thoughts about when you "cheat" "If you fell half way down the stairs...would you pick yourself up and throw yourself down the rest of them?" Love that!.

We can do this even if it is 98% it's better than 98% off plan!..

Comment #56

It is interesting when I was here before other accused use of being clicky. I think it is interesting that so many come and go but it stays the same.

I am on week two and so plreased to have hit 205. I have been pushing the envelop with extra meal, protein, substituting PB for a meal etc. So I am going to try to commit myself today to being on plan..

I am so solidly in ketosis that my mouth feels super dry but I am thankful that I have pulled it together for this length and Sunday will start week three..

We are going away to do our grocery shpping so I am focused on sticking to plan the next two days. It owuld be a major hurdle to say no to all the food surrounding me..

Luvinme first you have done so well, congratulations. Hang in there..

I agree with you it is so nice to see some people I know and connected with because I don't have the time to spend building new connections..


Comment #57 close to goal wow!. that familiar ketosis feeling....I know it's different for everyone...for me, it's that sweet taste in the mouth...who knew water tasted so sweet? Funny...when I fell off the medifast wagon last year, I remember water tastes so plain now.

I really like the support int his thread. Bea you bring up an interesting idea for me....not having time to spend building new connections. Forget the clique idea...thats the wrong word..but this "newer" group of Medifast have formed their connections and I don't know them....OK, that makes me feel better..

ANyway, I don't worry too much about it. I've decided that the "vibe" of the boards is a little different than last year, which is inevitable with different people, etc. I think I will be much more independent from the boards. LAst year, I was on all of the time...this year, I think I will just check in when I have time and use all of the time I spent on the boards to get out and excercise..

Comment #58

This is the thing... YOU CAN"T GIVE UP. Because giving up allows us to fail in all areas of life and that is not acceptable. Remember, you did it once, you can do it again. I know because I have lost 85 lbs on Medifast and have keep all of it off except ten pounds which has crept back. I have decided to loose that and another 10. It's bloody mindedness that enabled us to loose the weight in the first place and it will take the same guts to do it again...

Comment #59

Didn't have time to read everyone's comments - but Pam! So glad to see you and many others on here that I remember. I'm back too and hoping to do this bloody thing finally in 2008!..

Comment #60

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.