I'm looking to start a web site similiar to - but different. How would I go about creating

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My first question is: I'm looking to start a web site similiar to - but different. How would I go about creating.

My next question is: Ok so first I just want to say that I have been in a relationship (thru for a year now and I love my boyfriend a lot. ok so I am still currently friends with most of my ex's which my current boyfriend has no problem with, however, my most recent ex tells me I'm beautiful and that he still has feelings for me.. now usually I'm a very blunt person and I would just tell him that he can NOT be telling me this but this time I decided that I would just drop him very obvious clues that I have no feelings left for my I tell my current boyfriend whats going on? I feel like I should because I dont want him to think something is going on that isnt but I am worried that he might just get angry.. I'm not sure..and should I just come right out and tell my ex boyfriend straight out?? he knows I dont have feelings for him anymore but isnt getting the hint...advice please......

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Your question was: I'm looking to start a web site similiar to - but different. How would I go about creating.

Be fair to both of them.  Tell your ex you can't hang out with him anymore because he still has feelings for you and it isn't fair to him to keep seeing him.  Don't tell your boyfriend, it'll just stir things up and as long as you have no intention of doing anything, then it really doesn't matter.  I would stop hanging out with the ex though - give him some space and distance to fully get over you..


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If you dont have feelings for your ex, but he has feelings for you...the two of you are no longer friends in the true sense of the word.  It would be a good idea to not socialize or phone this guy so he understands that you are not interested in him.  If you continue to socialize with him he will see it as a challenge to win you over.  I wouldnt tell your current bf unless he is pestering you in a way where he could do damage to your relationship...

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Why aren't you telling your ex straight out that you have no feelings for him and why is he in your life? By not saying anything you're leading him on.  Are you sure there isn't a part of you that wants the attention?.


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Hmm ya know I guess honestly I didnt think about that.. I mean I know I dont have any feelings for my ex and I know I need to tell him straight out it's just that we were such good friends before....

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