Im going to start boxing... Any advice on stuff from VitaminShoppe i can take to help build the musc?

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My first question is: Im going to start boxing... Any advice on stuff from VitaminShoppe I can take to help build the musc?.

My next question is: Hi,.

I am just woundering if there would be any sides of using one course of dbol of 30 mg for 6 weeks. and will I suffer from gyno?..

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Your question was: Im going to start boxing... Any advice on stuff from VitaminShoppe I can take to help build the musc?.

Dogfox thats nonsense, we're talking about 30mg of test per day!.

It's very hard to predict who or why certain individuals endy up with gyno, it's down to the individuals genetics but adimidex/aromisin are overkill in this case...

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I dont think you comprehend if you dont mind me saying so. bloat on Dbol os almost inevitable. So I advised to have an AI on hand...not to use it. have it just incase he needs it. Its a precautionary measure. Nolva is not - it can cause rebound my friend - it's a pct aid, not an on cycle addition..

So if your saying not to do that then that simply is nonsense. even if he did do adex thru-out @ 0.25 mgs EOD that isnt overkill (providing he is experiencing bloat and or sensitive nips).

Dianabol is highly estrogenic and androgenic, plus gives you a huge pump..

Gains are wet and fast, usually if not stacked with another compound IE: test then the gains are hard to keep post cycle..

I wasnt saying Dbol doesnt work, just that as a stand alone it can be greatly enhanced with an addition. Or just throwing it out for a dry compound with little to no aromatization that will yeild keepable results..

How this is nonsense is beyond me, I dont think you understood what I meant and/or jumped to a false conclusion..

Again to the thread starter:.

Add to the Dbol..

Swap it for something else..

Or get an Ai on hand for potential sides..

This is solid advice...not nonsense..

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Well I do not suffer from gyno when on gyno or on any steroid other than high dose of tren, I would always advise someone to have some drug on hand if this is the first cycle then I do think an AI is a little overkill and Nolva will combat the gyno......

As for gains well I truly believe this is more down to diet than drug used if you eat sh1t then you will gain sh1t.......

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You cannot ask this mate...please read the board rules again..

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AI's are strong but obviously depending on dose it will have varying effects. Nolva does not cure bloat...AI's do, nolva will only prevent gyno..

An Ai is IMO needed to safely cycle this. A must have, not a must use. And again, I'm not suggesting test cycle doses, and only to use if strong estrogenic sides occur...

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This is very true but I think for a newbie bloat should be controlled with diet then gyno controlled with nolva as taking to much AI can be a problem....

I actually prefer to have aromasin on hand when I cycle but I do feel that to many use this to soon and at to higher dose.....

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No doubt aromasin is of greater capabilitys. Adex is easier with dosing tho. Especially for a new guy..

Nolva has the rebound, and toxicity. And AI low dose if sides appear is superior to nolva. Safety wise and man boob wise...

Comment #7

Well I personally don't like Adex anymore as it messes with your lipids so prefer aromasin......

Yes I would agree an AI is superior to a SERM but believe that many use to much AI which can reduce estrogen to much which can then lead to greater problems including restriction in gains......

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