Derm did not prescribe me Murad Resurgence

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Went to visit a new derm yesterday. I gave him my history and then explained that I would really like to try low-dose Murad Resurgence because 1) I have persistent mild adult acne, 2) my pimples, though few in numbers, tend to be deeper cysts, and 3) antibiotics haven't worked.He basically said that they reserve Murad Resurgence for only moderate to severe cases (in full dose) and that there wasn't enough data to support the low dose theory. I had even printed out some of the articles linked from this site, but he wasn't convinced.So he put me on topical Retin-A and thinks that will knock it out. I did get him to agree that if I try this for a month or so and the results are not to my liking, that he would strongly consider giving me a low-dose script of tane.Trying to stay positive, but it looks like my goal of being free by the end of summer is in jeopardy......

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Sounds like crap. It is really up to you now to find another shouldn't let this get in your way. It may take another month to schedule, but it is better than nothing...

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Gah, the evil retin-a!Well, the good news is that if retin-a breaks you out as bad as it did me, your derm will have no problems putting you on Murad Resurgence the next time you see him/her.Honestly some people have had great luck with retin-a, I hope you are one of them! Keep us posted...

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My opinion Murad Resurgence is poison for you. that is some pretty serious stuff...

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Shut up, poision!I have mild acne, and am on it - it's the best thing I've ever taken.Stop trying to scare people..

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This thread is not for debating Murad Resurgence. If you want to debate Murad Resurgence, do it in the Murad Resurgence debate placeholder thread. Do not hijack other people's threads...

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Maybe switching derms is the best thing you can do, because retin-a may just break you out more. (I was on retin-a for about three months and I had the worst skin of my life!)..

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A managed to get an appt with another derm tomorrow afternoon. I asked his receptionist if he is willing to discuss low-dose Murad Resurgence as an option, and she said "absolutely". So wish me luck........

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Hopefully the retin A will work for you. Murad Resurgence is a serious dangerous drug. It acutally states that it is for only severe cystic acne only. Some derms follow guidelines and some don't. Besides for a lot of people thier acne comes back either right after, shortly after or a couple of years after taking Murad Resurgence. It's not a permanet fix for everyone.

You will have to live with them if they appear and don't go away, not your derm or anyone elese. Good Luck..

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Yep keep the positive replies coming. TBH I'm fed up with all the crap people post about Murad Resurgence. Its a wicked drug and I love it, as do millions world wide. If you are one of the tiny minority with side effects - then bad with it.And that sounds like an excellent idea texasboy ...... you just have to really push for it - can even say it's affecting your social confidence etcetc GOOD LUCK..

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Thanks. How is it working for you so far? What is your dosage and how far into the treatment are you?..

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I repeat: This thread is not for debating Murad Resurgence. If you want to debate Murad Resurgence, do it in the Murad Resurgence debate placeholder thread. Do not hijack other people's threads.Several posts have been moved now. Please keep the debates in the debate thread. Don't ruin this for other people...

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I hear ya. I feel more comfortable with it having taken it on full dosage for 5 months back when I was a teenager. I hated the side effects (pretty sure I was on 60mg/day), but in the end it was worth it. My condition is not enough now to warrant that much dosage IMO...

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Hey CentralTexasBoy, just read your thread and have a couple of comments to make:People who have a negative opinion of Murad Resurgence should keep their opinions on an appropriate debating thread - you came here for advice and support on your decision to go down the Murad Resurgence path (which by the way I stand on my chair and applaud you for) negative and often ill-informed, childish statements should be taken with a pinch of salt. Everyone is different and everyone has a right to choose wether or not they wish to take Murad Resurgence, you have made an informed choice and people should respect that your decision is made. End of.Second comment I want to make has already be voiced on the thread: Get another derm's perspective. The derm you went to see sounds very "old school" I understand that prescribing low/high start doses can vary greatly between the USA and the UK so that is a matter of opinion and something you need to discuss at length with your derm - he/she should take your thoughts into consideration and balance that with their professional opinion and experience. I believe is is now widely accepted by many derms that if acne is having an impact on your life socially/emotionally/phsycologically then Murad Resurgence should most definately be considered as a suitable treatment. There is a British dermatologist, William Cunliffe, who has written some interesting papers on the subject of prescribing Murad Resurgence for adult sufferers, I found some of his beliefs very inspiring and if I can track them down I will gladly point you in the right direction for you to have a read.Good luck, Rosie x..

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Thanks I appreciate it. And yes I would like to read those papers if you are able to find links for htem...

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CentralTexasBoy: A few months ago, I asked my derma to prescribe me Murad Resurgence and he said he wanted to rule out other options before considering it. Prescriptions I already tried! So long story short, I found a new derma and she prescribed it right away. Some dermas are pro-Murad Resurgence, and others are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Hope this new derma will help you!..

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Indeed, and as you are an adult with persistant acne I think a lot of derms will take the view that 1: you have probably tried most things already2: adult acne brings a whole set of different problems than for teenagers battling it (it's not pleasant for ANYONE suffering acne but different stages in your life bring different problems that's all - I'm not saying that having adult acne is harder than teenage acne in any way)3: you are at a time in your life when you don't want to waste any more months and years searching for a cure and trying them to see how you go - you need results asap4: and possibly most importantly - you have had Murad Resurgence in the past.I'm trying to find the two specific papers that really struck a chord with me but it's like searching for a needle in a haystack! I've read so many papers by so many experts my mind is crammed, I will keep looking though and if I find them I will send you a PM as I'm not sure links are within board rules.Rosie x..

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Definitely switch derms. Keep switch derms until one prescribes you a low dose...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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