I\'m doing Medifast again a 2nd time

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Hello all..

I'm back on the boards and back on Medifast too. I've gone up nearly 12-15 lbs since reaching my goal. To be honest I think I went down a bit too far (thank you transition) but now that cushion is gone and although I'm still wearing most of the same size cloths I'm haunted by the trend. I'm given myself too much leeway and I'm craving the same trigger foods as years ago...sweets and crunchy stuff. In the afternoons I just keep walking from my desk to the kitchen and although I often talk myself out of there....I often find something "not too bad". Truth is I'm not hungry, it's just nervous and stress and bored eating..

So, today I'm back here and I'm committing to Medifast again 100%, because sort of doing it, to get some weight down, doesn't work for long. I guess I hadn't admitted to myself that I really need to do this...thinking I could go down a few pounds on my own or the weight was ok. But it's not ok when it's haunting me and bothering me every waking moments. I want control again and Medifast gives that to me..

See you here,.


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Debbie, I am proud of you for figuring it out at 12-15, that is much better than figuring it out at 50!.

You should try the pretzels and puffs. I prefer the cinnamon pretzels to the honey mustard. And the parmesan puffs are wonderful! (I bought the nacho ones but haven't tried them yet)..

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Hi Debbie.

I don't know you but I appreciated your post. I think it is great that you are back and "got it" at this point, not in 35 or more pounds. It just tells me there is no "arrived" on this journed. Goal weight is not magic. Its just another number that is subject to change if we don't pay attention...

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I have tried the prezels and puffs and the new meal replacement bars. All these things make the plan easier, don't you think? I used to have to make recipes to take Medifast with me. Now I always have a bar in my purse. I like the new snack-type meals!.

Day 2, so far so good. I've gotten this far before...I just have to get in the right mindset and realize that I need to see this through to actual goal...not just lose a few pounds and convince myself it's not necessary. I think coming back to the boards is a big part of my committment..

Umato3, it IS important to realize that Medifast will get you to your goal and give you the tools you need to stay on track, but it sure is easy to know what is best but still make the wrong choices. Sometimes we don't want to be restricted and deprived (that is frame of mind, not actual situation, don't you think?). Anyway, I hope staying aware, keep on the scale and then knowing when it's time to stop the upward trend can keep us all within range.....

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Debbie, I am in the same boat. This summer was so hard on me. I am definatly in old habits that made me gain my weight. I start back today. I am happy and scared. I want to be where I was, but .......Anyway I need Medifast to keep me in control.

Have you tried the premade shakes? I thought about ordering them, but I am scared of how they will taste. Well, good luck. I know you will work the system and get back to where you want to be!..

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Maria..I love the RTD shakes in chocolate ..I just find them too small..LOL!!!! I could easily drink 2!! I love the new crunchies!!!! Hate to bother with the mixing of the other products..occasionally I make some soup, but now rely on the crunchy pretzels, puffs, RTD, and bars....easier!.

Good luck!.


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Good for you for catching this now!!! I let myself go a bit farther and of course regret that, doh... I'm also loving the new easy, lazy foods, woohoo!.

I'm also going to see this through to GOAL, so let's do it here.....

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I'm staying the course and been sticking with MF. Of course it's only been 6 days and each day I say "I don't want to do this". I feel like a whiny brat...

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I never made it to goal - I got a bit too confident and pleased with myself 20# before goal. So I stopped, no transition at all and guess what?! Here I am again having gained almost half of what I had lost..

I learned some things however: I need to make it to goal. I need to do T&M. I need to stay here and learn from my peers. I need to log my food every day. I need to stay 100% OP!.

Welcome back and let's finish this thing already!!.


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Welcome back!.

I have to admit that I did the same thing. I got within 8 lbs of goal and just didn't follow through. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, but I am pretty sure that it involved pizza..

Now I'm here to finish what I started and to (finally) lose that weight. (Which we won't mention is baby weight. My baby is almost nine. ).

At least we know that with Medifast we can do it!..

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You have so beautifully written exactly what I've been going through and feeling over the past 3-4 months. It seems like losing the weight was the easy part, now it's maintaining that loss that's a struggle for me..

For a while I strayed away from these boards, at first because of over confidence, later because of feelings of guilt that here my "My Page" touted how great I had done, meanwhile the weight was very slowly starting to creep back on..

It finally hit home when I saw a post the other day from someone who achieved their goal weight around the time I had met my goal. That person has gained back in a short 6-7 months a good amount of the weight they had lost. What a wake up call. Now is my chance to lose a measly 6 pounds before things really balloon out of control. So, I'm back on the 5&1. I'm on day 3 and am feeling the best I've felt in months..

Maybe the 5&1 is my security blanket. While on it I don't have to stress about what to eat, when to eat, guilt over what I've eaten, etc. I need this time to regroup, refocus and regain control over my eating..

Thanks for listening,.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.