I'm an existing Personals user; how do I secure the free offer?

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My first question is: I'm an existing Personals user; how do I secure the free offer?.

My next question is: Update to my post the other day "NEED ADVICE, CONFUSED".

So he called after 5 days.  I took your advice, I waited it out.  He texted me "did you forget about me?"  I answered a short time after "of course not, How are you?"  That same night we texted a couple more times, nothing of substance, just casual joking.  The next day I got two tixx to a show, so I thought I would be out of my box and take a leap and invite him (very short notice it was for the day after).  I text him the response until the next day (the day of the show).  He responds 4 hours before the show "So Sorry I can't go baby!"  I txt back "Its ok...ttyl".  That was that he never responded. .

So today I was online playing around on the dating (online dating with site I met him.  And I find out he emailed my sister who is also on the site.  He has no idea she is my sister.  He told her he thinks she is sexy.  Why am I sad about this.  He is free to email other women that is what dating (online dating with is all about.

It will be almost two weeks now since our (very passionate) date, he hasn't called or contacted me that much since then.  Never asked me out again, and rejected my invite to the show.  I feel like I should give it up.  I don't know why I am feeling soooooo bad about this guy.  Is he interested in me or not???  I dont get it??? .

Trust me it isnt the first time I have been rejected.  I have a very bad track record when it comes to men.  They like me, we hit it off great and then BAM nothing.  I am beginning to think I just have really bad luck..

Oh and to make it worse I got stood up by my ex bf tonight..

I just feel so down in the dumps right now.  How do I get out of this???? ..

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Your question was: I'm an existing Personals user; how do I secure the free offer?.

I don't know why you feel so bad about a guy you only had one date using with either.  It sounds like you got ahead of yourself...perhaps from talking so much before meeting (which IMO is a bad idea)..

I think anytime we feel confusion about whether a guy's interested or why isn't he means it's not a good situation for you and you should just move on..

I know it's a cliche but have you read "He's Just Not That Into You"?  I found it to be pretty common sense but sometimes we need to see that common sense printed on a page (and by a guy) before it really sinks in..

Moving on from someone who's not that into you just frees you to meet someone who is.  You just haven't meet someone who's right for you yet, don't let it get you down.  And if your ex is the type to stand you up, then you don't need to be talking to him any more, that's for sure!.


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Move on. do not respond to him anymore.  he will get the hint.  if he does,t tell him to stop contacting you. ..

Comment #2

He obviously wants to not be in a relationship (thru right now with anyone. He wants to flirt around..

From what I can is a numbers game to some extent. The more youdate the more people you have to filter through to find someone decent to date..

Is it possible that you are not detecting red flags when you first get to know these guys?  For instance, I wouldnt take a guy seriously who didnt take the extra minutes to actually call on the phone after a date using and have a normal conversation with me - hi, how are you? let's set a date using and time to meet again...etc.

This guy just texts you some lame come-on type sentence.."did you forget about me?" and that is not a guy who takes you seriously.  He should be clamoring for more conversation with you..not texting a meager sentence.  In that situation..i wouldnt have invited him to anything...I'd let him go or relegate him to the "casual sex only" category...

Comment #3

He did call after our first date, and did ask me out again.  Problem was I think we talked too much on the phone the first couple of weeks, 3 hours each time.  I THINK I SCARED HIM AWAY!!!..

Comment #4

Well, I dont think it is because you talked to him - that's what couples DO when they first get to know each other. And usually the conversations are fun .. hehe.  It could be that based on what the two of you discussed...he determined that the two of you were not a good fit.  If he is not pursuing you..then let him go...

Comment #5

This guy is soooo not into you! It is crystal clear, my God, he was trying to hit on your sister, what further humiliation would you like? Do you have no self respect?? Of course, you liked him, of course you are sad, of course I relate to this, BUT it sounds like you really want a boyfriend someone geniunely interested. THIS GUY ISNT. So, never EVER contact him again, he doesnt want you to, get back on the online dating (online dating with site, get BUSY, replace him!! You will find another, next time, take it slowly and be more astute (as hard as it is), NEXT guy will be better, good luck!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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