Weight loss inconsistent with Medifast program

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Hi all. Started my 5 & 1 in September of last year and by November I had reached my goal weight. However, in February I started gaining again and when it was up 5 lbs, then I started adding several medifast meals during the day until the 5 lbs came off. However, I keep having to do this every other week to keep the same 5 lbs off. Wouldn't be such a big deal, but everytime I hit the 5 lbs, I can't button my pants..

Does anyone have any suggestions on how level this off? Thanks so much..

Wonder how I ended up with two tickers???..

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Have you done the full T&M plan and figured out what you can REALLY eat to maintain? Cause it doesn't sound like you did. Thinking you might want to do that, and then see where you are at...

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Yes, I did the T & M last of November through February and everything was fine. Maybe I just need to kick up the exercising...

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I have to exercise at least 5 days a week for 45 minutes, but I usually do 6 days, plus I learned my maintenance calories are between 1300-1400 for the best results for me. I am older though, and I imagine my metabloism is slower than someone younger. I also avoid most white foods, (flour, white potatoes, rice, noodles, sugar), for the most part, and only have them occasionally(maybe every other month, if that) and then very small amounts (1/3 cup). I still make sure to drink the water as when doing full MF, and I eat small meals 5-6 times a day. Hope this helps!..

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I have a similar routine. I can eat up to about 1800 calories. You also might want to try to get back down by adjusting foods rather than going back on 5/1 to see what your body really needs...

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I did the same thing.... was fine for quite a while in T&M but then started that roller coaster.

I have figured out two things:.

1) My calorie range in maintenance has to be very, very strict. Only a couple hundred calories over my daily limit and I will gain and fast!.

2) Exercise! Not a ton, but regularly... lifting weights is actually helping me stabilize more than aerobic exercise, but that's me..

Good luck and good question!..

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Ok, you did T&M through Feb and everything was fine, then you gained 5 lbs. So... maybe it's a matter of going back to what you were doing in Feb (when you were maintaining at the weight you wanted) and do an analysis of what is different NOW in your regular eating plan..

It doesn't take a lot to gain the weight back. To fix it? Maybe a combination of eating a little less, or maybe less caloric stuff, substitute a lower calorie item for a higher calorie one. Maybe adding a little extra exercise. And, I'd suggest tracking EVERYTHING either here or on another food tracker website until you get it really dialed in...

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I'm going to combine a little of all of them. schu1, I'll be 54 this year and that menopause thingie last year is where I packed on the weight. Think I'm still struggling with that.

I've been looking at different nutrition bars trying to find one similar to medifast. The Luna bar for women is almost right on with the numbers and it tastes really good. I was going to keep a stock of medifast bars in the cabinet, but they're a little too pricey. The Luna bars at Wal-Mart are .99 cents and they have about 6 flavors. That's my afternoon snack..

I always avoid white flours and starches. Have done that for years. When I keep sugars and starches way down, my cholesterol stays normal...........go figure..

Again, thanks for all the responses, everyone on this message board is Fantabulous!!!!!!!..

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Lovethenet,,I went through the "Big M" at 51,,,but the weight had started upward around 45, but it 'whooshed" with menopause. I think it can be tougher at our age, because metabolism slows as we age anyway, plus we are female,,,,,just isn't fair,,right??.

I have to seriously think out all my food options for the full day, and stick to it. I write everything down for each day. I am much more aware of food now than when losing the weight, but I have learned where I need to adjust to keep a half pound from turning into one and a half pound! I won't say it is easy, because it isn't many days, but it is doable. good Luck to ya'!..

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Schu1........ just wanted to tell you that you after picture is absolutey wonderful. Congrats on all your hard work and dedication on getting your weight off. You're a beautiful woman...

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