I'm 16 can i go to the VitaminShoppe store and buy creatine or do you have to be 18 or something to ?

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My first question is: I'm 16 can I go to the VitaminShoppe store and buy creatine or do you have to be 18 or something to ?

My next question is: Next cycle as Follows:.

(got bad alopecia from previous cycle).

Tbol 60mg daily.

Test e 500mg weekly split (10 or 12 weeks).

Adex .25mg daily.

Fincar .25mg daily.

B5 1000-2000mg daily.

Saw plemetto 1000mg daily.

Nizoral daily shampoo.

Milk thisle 1000mg daily.

How does that sound guys, also what dosage would you say of nolva & clomid for this cycle?.

Thnks for the help..

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Your question was: I'm 16 can I go to the VitaminShoppe store and buy creatine or do you have to be 18 or something to ?

I don't Cal, both give me sore nips and make me feel crap so I don't use either. Both are a form of oestrogen there's a lot to suggest not using them, why take oestrogen to combat a rise in natural oestrogen caused by armoatisation... If I want to scrub oestrogen I use Arimadex, I don't subsrcibe to you must take this and that, just because that's what a lot of people say to do.

I tend to stick as far as possible to stuff that doesn't tend to aromatise to much then Normally I run HCG durring the cycle once a month just to keep me ticking over then boost 2 weeks after cycle for three weeks, following that I'm ok I make sure my diet stays clean and take vit B all the timeor if I'm only having a short down cycle say 4 weeks, I don't bother at all just let my receptors free up.....

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Intresting that pikey, it might work for you but may not for others... as everyone reacts differently to the chemical make-up of compounds.. I'm not willing to risk it just yet lol.

Dont worry about hi-jacking the thread it's kl haha.

Anyone else have any thoughts?..

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I take it hair loss is a big deal to you ? like pikey, I say just shave your head and get on with it. it's gunna fall out anyway by the sounds of it all the drugs in the world won't stop that. by alopecia you mean head hair loss right ? I thought alopecia was different to male pattern baldness in as much as it effects all body hair. personally i'd welcome it. I keep veet in business these days now that i'm becoming a primate. on a side note, do you take B5 to combat acne ?

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B5- to combat acne and also to help with the hair,.

Alopeica is not mbp related, some people get alopecia from using ASS were there hormone levels are all over the place. I got it 4 months after my cycle and after 6 months it has just grown back, had about a fist size bald patch on back of my head, trust me total alopeica you wouldnt welcome lol, losing all bodyhair including eye brows.. only good prt would be no bolloc hair hehe..

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Lol I would mate I hate shaving and I normally shave my eyebrows too.....

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