If taking vitamin VitaminShoppe Women's NourishHair, will you grow more hair in unwanted areas than ?

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My first question is: If taking vitamin VitaminShoppe Women's NourishHair, will you grow more hair in unwanted areas than ?

My next question is: Hey guys, I'm a 20 year old male, weight 103kg, around 5'8. Not in best of shape, got a decent diet now though and attending gym 5 times a week on most weeks doing cario and abit of weights... it's slowly coming down and I can see my chest going down to my stomach gradually going flatter, but I want some more faster results as before......

Ive been on clen and t3 about 2 years ago, dropped around 3 stone in 8 weeks I think it was, had serious health problems after caused by stress from work and of course the thyroid being all over place and ended up in hosp... went on t3 and clen last year, dropped abit of weight again and was happy, but have gained it all back....

I went on clen about 5 months ago and it had no effects on me what so ever, I even uppd the dosage to 7 tabs per day at one point for 4 days and still no loss....

From the first time round on clen and t3 I ended up doing perm damage to my thyroid and as result I now take 150mgs of levothyroxine (t4) of which I'm prescribed at via my gp....

Never the less my thyroids pretty much nackerd now anyhow so it doesnt really bother me about going back on them, which is what I'm wanting to do....

I want to go back on a t3 anc clen cycle, but I'm wondering, should I stop taking my levothyroxine and replace it with t3 and clen, or just introduce clen to my course that I am on now?.

Im not sure what the "t4" is doing other than topping up my thyroid hormone, and how it is effected if I stop taking it and/or replace it with t3....

Any advice is much appreciated!.

Thanks guys.


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Your question was: If taking vitamin VitaminShoppe Women's NourishHair, will you grow more hair in unwanted areas than ?

Your question was: Hey, little help if you could? Clen & T3.

Professional help. seek it..

You haven't learned your lesson from your previous experience yet ?

Comment #1

Well figured since it's buggerd anyhow cant do much more damage lol. I'm really tempted to go on steroids aswell I want to get a nice muscly body, but not overly toned. but need to shed some weight first or i'll just gain more weight with the steroids...

Comment #2

Mate each time you have used drugs to lose weight you have put all the weight back on. to the point where the drugs you have used have negatively and permanantly had an effect on your body!.

If what your doc is prescribing you is not giving you the results you think it should - go see him not a load of strangers on the internet!..

Comment #3

Only put weight back on since stopped going to gym, but I'm back in the gym now, and my weight has been stable, which is what the levothyroxine is suppost to do so I'm told..

I think the 1st time round I ended up mixing my t3 and clen up somehow and ended up taking wrong dosages of each and thats how my thyroid became how it is now, allthough my dad and my gran have also the same problem and theyve not been on t3 and clen. I have been reading on some websites related to hypothyroidism and in america it says they use cytomel along with levothyroxine which is what the gps prescribe. my local docotors arnt really bothered which is wrong, all theyre bothered about is the numbers on the screen if they look ok, not actually how I feel...

Comment #4

Another thing, last time I went on them I didnt run the clen with t3, maybe this is why didnt lose anything?..

Comment #5

I am not an expert on training regimes but please keep in mind the following:.

1. "Too much too soon" is wrong! If you want to see results that will stay then take it easy and one step at a time. It has been proven that people who loose weight too fast they always get it back because they do not give their body time to adjust. The slower you loose the better..

2. T3 and T4 are cells which control your thyroid (the largest of the endocrine glads). This glad plays a very important part in your system. Actually is one of the most important glands in your system. If you want to lose weight but maintaining good health then do not mess with this glad and do no take any supplements that can affect it. Best thing to do is to seek some professional advice on the subject!!!..

Comment #6

Why don't you try training for more than 5 minutes, get your diet together and stop looking for the easy way out - surely your experiences in the past have taught you that?..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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