If her picture?

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My first question is: If her picture?.

My next question is: Hi everyone...I'm not exactly going to say my age, but I'm still a teenager...I've been taking piano lessons for three years now and I met this guy last year and ever since I met him, I liked him...Recently (Since Augest 12th 2008) I got his e-mail address and his youtube account name so I've been talking to him online. He's going to be going to a music school and quitting piano lessons, there for, I'll never see him again! And recently like a few days ago recently, he's confessed to me telling me that he likes me! My older sister hooked me and him up for a date using this upcoming Saturday night at the movies! The only problem is, I'm not sure if I should try getting close to him since this might be my last chance ever? Like...She said she'll be taking us there and she said she'll sit anyways in the theater room we want her to and we can sit alone together (me and him) But..I'm not sure like..During the movie, should I try to get closer to him or anything? Or just pretend he's like a normal friend whom I'm watching a movie with...? I've been wanting to kiss him for sooo long! But I don't know if I should do anything or not! I just need older woman's advice! I already know, great breath,floss,look best as possible,act yourself and don't be pushy. Ofcourse theres more, in a movie theater, don't keep whispering inside his ear saying stuff about the movie lol. But yeah, I just want to know, since I'll most probably never see him again, should I atleast try to make a slight move..? Or let it pass and regret it..? Please get back to me on this!..

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Your question was: If her picture?.

 I know for me and my dating (online dating with experiences, going to a movie on a first or second date using is NOT a good idea. Here's why I think this. 1. it's IMPOSSIBLE to get to know someone while watching anything. 2. see reason one.

See reason one. 4. It's much too traditional and BORING..

 It's cool your sister is helping out, so I STRONGLY suggest NOT going to a movie, ESPECIALLY if you want to sit and get to know this guy. You'll waste 2 hrs. going to a movie, and you won't learn anything about him. Let alone be able to sneak a kiss in. ; ).

 There are TONS of things you could do instead. You could go to the zoo, go get ice cream, go to a book store, go to a park and chill, go to the humane society and play with the animals that are about to be put down, fly a kite, feed the ducks at the park, etc..

 So there are TONS of things that you can do that are cheap AND fun, that allows you to 'get to know' someone..

 You have LOTS of time to figure this out, and I know you're all excited, just make sure at least YOU have a plan, as far as where to go. If he's like most 'young' guys, he won't know where to go after you inform him that you don't want to go to a movie. So now YOU have a plan and everything will work out. Just PLAN AHEAD..



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Well..The thing is, in the middle of the week he has school and doesn't get off till 5:30pm. Then he has 3 hours of home work he said. And I can't do anything on Fridays or Saturdays. My older sister, (Who offered to take us anywheres) Has work at 6pm from Monday till thursday! And on Sunday, she has work at 4pm..And she doesn't get off of her job untill like...3am D;.

I got to talk to him though for like 3 hours all alone together, but that was when I first started to get to know him and ever since then, I've only talked to him online...My mother, doesn't know about this date, his mom though, knows that he's going with me to the movies. But she thinks it's just a normal friend thing, which I guess it could be put as. But he knows it's pretty much a date using lol. My older sister only agreed to this because she knows he likes me and my mother would never say yes to me dating (online dating with anyone unless I'm like 20 years old and planning on marrying them the next day! But thats insane because how can you get to know someone and fall inlove with them in a month or two? sisters agreed to this Saturday night...So pretty much it's the movies or nothing =\.

Thanks though for your help ^.^..

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 So since it's IMPOSSIBLE to meet up with him any other way, what is it that you're wanting to know?.


Comment #3

I'm wanting to know..If it'd be okay to try to kiss him at all? I've seen people kissing at movie theaters before...So I know people have done it. But I'm just curious if it'd be okay..?..

Comment #4

 The REAL reality is that it doesn't matter what "WE" think. "WE" have nothing to do with what "YOU" do. Decisions like this is what life is about. So don't DO things for 'other' people. Do them b/c YOU like to. Approval seeking, or wanting your parents to 'accept' you will NEVER help you develop into a MATURE woman.

It's NONE of your moms business what you do. She may think it's her business, but you are NOT her property to control.

 So let me ask you, "Do YOU think it'd be OK?".


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Thanks lol. I sort of think it's okay..I don't see it being bad at all...But as a thing to do on a first date using is like...I'm just afraid to be rejected though..Even though I already know he likes me since he's confessed. Thanks for your help =3! I'll let you know how it went =3 Thanks again =3!!!..

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Would like to know exactly how old you are but I remember my first kiss at 15. It was special and sweet. You can lean in, brush his arm,  lick your lips flirt and let nature take it's course!.


Comment #7

Lol, my age I'd like to not say lol xD.

Saturday night passed! AND OMG! We didn't end up going to the MOVEIS!!! Because his mother said she wanted him home by 10pm and no later! And none of the movies were ending before 10pm! So me and my sister thought we'd go stop by at his house and see if he'd like to go to the ESPN Zone with us for a bit! And we didn't get there untill 10:15! So his mother was like, "Okay...bring him back at midnight! Thank you!"!!! And and....!!!! AND! We had soo much fun at the ESPN Zone! I held his hand once..Because I saw my sister come upstairs and I wanted to surprise her and I told him to follow me but I didn't think he heard me so I grabbed his hand and pulled him along he said when I did that he was really happy lol. And later on, he sent me a message on the computer saying that he wanted to kiss me the entire night! Which is sooo cool! But neither of us kissed each other, because my sister was sort of hanging around ish lol. I wanted to walk around the harbor and so we did for a bit too. It was soo much fun! And he and I and my sister all want to do it again! Which is great! Really great! Who knows..Maybe in a week or two we can do it again! But I had a blast!.

I read somewheres that females lips are supposed to be lightly moised when kissing, so is that why you lick your lips before kissing a boy? Also, were you scared when you first kissed someone at 15?..

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