Ice cream bars for breakfast during Nutrisystem?

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Has anyone seen the ice cream bars from philly swirl that are only 16 calories!! I just bought two boxes! I couldn't believe it! Haven't actually tried them yet....but I'm still in shock! 16 CALORIES....REALLY!!! They are called sweet sixteen. Can't wait to eat one....huh..can you eat ice cream for breakfast???..

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Your question was: Ice cream bars for breakfast during Nutrisystem?.

I disagree. I think they were tasteless - like frozen water. Not even worth the 16 calories! I never even finished my box..

I think the 20 calorie no-sugar added creamsicle pops (by Creamsicle or Kroger has a generic brand for cheaper) are much tastier!..

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Agree with NSEater. They aren't ice-cream bars. I think they're designed to be like popsicles, but they are really more like flavored water frozen on a stick. I got really excited last summer when I found them, but felt like I was sucking on an ice-cube that had a few drops of flavoring in it...

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To each their own. I like the philly swirls a lot especially on a hot day. I've never seen the creamsicle pops or kroger ones or might have tried them too..


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It isn't just Nutrisystem entrees our tasted differ on. I LOVED the Sweet 16s...sadly I can no longer find them in my area. I thought they were really tasty and very creamy..

I think the creamsicles have very little flavor and the "cream" part has a funny after-taste.

Now I go with the no sugar added popsicles...but I miss the Philly Swirls!..

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Well...I just ate the berry swirl one and I liked it! Perfect for my ice cream fix. Yeah, they don't have tons of flavor, but I'm not complaining cause there's only 16 calories. I'm sure the kids and I won't have a hard time finishing the box..

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Yup they are one of my favorite free foods. Hard to find though. Here, I can only get them at Sam's and Winco...

Comment #6

Do you have "Winco" in your area? I just found them there this week...

Comment #7

I've been getting them At Sam's Club but the last few times I was there they did not have them...

Comment #8

No, and like sz10agin, I can no longer get them at Sam's. The one in my area no longer carries them...

Comment #9

I got mine at winco also. Maybe if you go on philly swirls website they can tell you where to find them locally....just a thought.


Comment #10

Have you asked them why? Perhaps if you make a fuss......

Comment #11

Tried place even remotely close.

You know me Michelle, I'm not one to make a fuss...

Comment #12

At least not in public!.

Seriously....I've had a talk with a couple of grocery managers at my favorite stores. I tell them I am into healthy eating and that they don't carry a couple of really great healthy choices that are out there now. They listen....sometimes they act on it. It makes me feel better anyway! At least you might get an explanation as to why they don't carry them anymore. Probably they weren't selling but maybe something else?..

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I do that at my local grocer and Farm Market, Michelle. I can't usually find anyone at Sam's to even say hi to. I'm really ok with just the popsicle...probably better. I was always thinking....hmmmmm, 2 of these would only be 32 calories.......

Comment #14

We live in GA and they sell them at publix here. they are the best!!! yummy. they also have them at some of the walmart supercenters but not all of them.....

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