How to prevent cheating on Medifast?

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I'm struggling. Start weight:210, current:160,Goal:130. I have many cheating days. Obsessed with peanut butter and nuts. I get a panic about food that I never had before I started MF. Anyway, I want to know WHAT makes the difference between those of us who just do it AND those of us who struggle AND what is it that those who are successful (reach goal and maintain) have that so many do not? I know clearly that 100% on plan works...but I need to hear How people do that every day????? I feel like something is so wrong with me!.

Thank you!..

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I for one , and there are many here, was 100% on plan, every day while I was losing weight. I have maintained my weight loss now for over a year, one year and 4 months to be exact. 100% works the best for this plan..

You mention nuts and p-nut butter,,my weaknesses also! Get them out of the house, or if they have to be there for others in your family, specify a cabinet for them, that you do not even open the door to! As you become stronger and start losing more and more, you will get to the point where they won't even tempt you. Hang in there, you are sooooo worth it!!..

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HI Heather, Hope all is well with you..

I wish I had a textbook answer to your questions, but I don't. I have no idea why the 2nd time I recommited to Medifast I lost, when I could have done it the first time. I have to give some of the credit to my DH for ticking me off. Sad to say, his negative support and comments kept me going. He thinks he is right all the time and I just can't have that. So I made it to goal.

Then I had support from Co-workers who let me eat and didn't try to force Off-plan food on me. My children are and will always be my greatest support. They reminded me that I needed to stay on plan. They are also happy I'm in T&M and able to eat more "normal" food..

You lost more then I have and it just seems you hit a low point in your "Health Adjustment", but I believe you can finish this up. Stay strong, flex your no muscle and get those bad foods out of sight and out of mind. Those bad foods will still be there when you get done, trust me, I won't eat any of them. Hang in there!!..

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I am with Schu yet again (is that a sign of the apocalypse?).

If nuts and nut butter are a trigger for you, get them OUT OF THE HOUSE! Those of us who are 100% have cravings and "panics" just like everyone else - we just attack them rather than giving in to them. Figure out when and why you crave off plan foods (for me it is boredom or loneliness, being alone in the house) and then fix that situation. For me it is getting any foods out of the house that will call to me, and keeping myself too busy to have time to prowl the house looking for something to eat..

Oh, and based on your stats, you are in a dangerous time - close enough to goal where you are starting to feel really good about yourself and may be starting to "relax", but far enough that if you quit now you would be very unhappy that you did not hit that goal. Lots of us went through it - and you have to be EXTRA vigilant now. The key for me was to start logging every bite again - when you see it on paper or the computer screen it forces you to deal emotionally with your cravings.

Good luck, and congrats for recognizing this before it got completely out of control...

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Oh My Vie,,ya' think???? See , we may be more alike than either of us is willing to admit!!!lol..

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I agree with both Vie AND Schu1Staying 100% on plan is the fastest and easiest way to reach your weight loss goal. I say "easiest" because once the decision is made to stay on plan, there really isn't agonizing over whether or not to eat that brownie, slice of pizza, or ( ) fill in the blank. I have viewed this time as a season in my life set aside to lose weight and get healthy, and I want this season to be as SHORT as possible! I miss fruit and look forward to adding that back into my diet when I'm in Transition, and I don't want to delay that by even a day. For me, I feel like I already wasted over 20 years being obese and struggling with yo-yo dieting, and I frankly don't want to waste one more day. I feel great and have a lot more energy and I don't want to lose that feeling by kicking myself out of ketosis. Also, I do have a cheap streak and don't want to spend $30 or more to get myself back into ketosis because of eating off plan (a minimum of 3 days to get back into ketosis X 5 Medifast meals a day X $2 per meal = $30).

I'm about 24 pounds away from my goal and I am sensing the danger of complacency in myself. I look good (wearing size 8 slacks and size 6 blazers and dresses) and I feel great, but I'm still 4 pounds away from having a healthy BMI, so it is definitely NOT time to stop! At times I get tired of 5/1, but I love how it has worked to melt the pounds off of me, so I pull up my big girl panties (which are much smaller than they used to be!) and open my next white packet.

Hang in there! You've identified a couple of your food triggers, so get them out of the house! They aren't worth keeping you from reaching your goal!..

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First off, congrats on such a wonderful loss..

I think joining a team helps me stay on/stick to the plan. I DO NOT want to tell my team mates that I have strayed. Vie is right, we all get tempted, that is normal, it's just HOW we deal with it that makes the difference..

Last night I was tempted with an extra bag of soy chips. Since I really don't want to get them out of the house, I went for a soak in the hot tub (difficult to eat chips in there...), then after I enjoyed my book before vegging out in front of Idol. I think it's important to just DO SOMETHING ELSE when temptation calls. That way you can resist..

Best of luck in your continued weight loss journey. Those last 30 lbs will come off!..

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Heather, I am SOOO with you on this one, and I have found that you have to just stick to it, rememebr all the reasons WHY and keep going. I have NOT been the perfect MFer, and although I could kick myself for not being done by now, I've learned SO much along the way, now it's time to GIT ER DONE, choo no??? So, I hear ya, sistah, and it's time to STOP obsessing, and just do it, stop overthinking it, just do it. You with me?..

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I for one struggled with nuts and peanut butter. When not on Medifast I could have cared less about either one. I am an example of someone who struggled with those and still was able to muscle my way to my (amended) goal. I have several blogs that I wrote about that very subject. The most recent is called "The except for diet" which you can click on from MyPage. I understand completely.

However, in the end I still made it. And have maintained OK. I still have to go back to the 5&1 occationally for help when the weight creeps, but I see that as my tool to stay at my goal. I don't see it as a weakness...

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Heather, Congrats on your success so far! You've done GREAT! And you've gotten some great advice, so I'm not going to repeat it (just pretend I also wrote what everyone above me wrote)!.

I have a couple other things for you to consider... I apologize that I don't know you already (I've been on maintenance for 18 months, so I don't come here everyday)... Is your goal weight of 130 realistic for your height, frame, age, etc.? Only you and your doctor can judge that...

Do you journal on a daily basis? If not, I recommend trying it daily for 2 whole weeks. No exceptions. Write down your thoughts and feelings. What was the driving force in your cravings - were you stressed, bored, TOM, angry, etc.? Figuring out the root cause of your cravings/cheats (your word ) is a huge step for long term maintenance. You can use the blogs, these boards or a notebook at home. If you use the blogs and commit to two weeks, people will encourage you...

Good luck! You've made great progress... now it time to take it down the home stretch!..

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PS. My food enemies are beef sticks (who'd have thunk it) and sugar free gum! I can't limit myself on either of them.....

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Thank you to everyone who responded to my ?'s with empathy, the truth and reminders of how to do it. I've come away with some renewed energy like when I first started. I do feel like I'm at a cross roads and do want to make the right decision to finish this program. While I'm happy with what I have lost I need to stop beating myself up that I could have been done by now if I and done it the right way. There is no sense in that. I did what I did and now I must move on.

I think I need to spend time exploring why I haven't been ready to give up the rest of my fat. It's been such a part of me for so long....but I will do it! This summer I will be posting about reaching goal! I better start enjoying the journey again. It makes it easier and being OP makes me really really happy.......

Thank you tons!..

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I agree with "Justpraisin" I added up all the money I have invested in MF, supplements, gym membership and work out clothes. Then divide it by the number of pounds lost. That has motivated be more faithfull to the Medifast plan and myself..

You can do this! Just hang in there!..

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I can't wait til I see that post where you're jumping up and down screaming I'M AT GOAL!!!! Stick it out. It will happen before you know it!..

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Do you journal on a daily basis? If not, I recommend trying it daily for 2 whole weeks. No exceptions. Write down your thoughts and feelings. What was the driving force in your cravings - were you stressed, bored, TOM, angry, etc.? Figuring out the root cause of your cravings/cheats (your word ) is a huge step for long term maintenance. You can use the blogs, these boards or a notebook at home. If you use the blogs and commit to two weeks, people will encourage you...

I agree with you BeckiM...journaling is the way to go...seeing my thoughts, hopes and fears in writing helps to pin point the distress which leads me to over eating!.

My big triggers are cheeses and hot dogs! Of all the foods in the world a frekin'hot dog temps me big time! Your doing great and the rest of the weight will come off if you let it. 5-1 is the way to go..

Best wishes,.


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Nuts are protein (& fat too)! There could be a reason you are craving them. I mean a physical reason. I would check with Nutrisystem - maybe you need to add a shake or something to curb the cravings.

You have done so well - Congrats! You can do it!..

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I agree with everyone who said that not having the temptation in the house is the best defense. However, that isn't always possible, especially when you don't live alone. Personally my worst habit is mindless eating. My advice, for what it's worth, is to always talk to yourself before you put anything in your mouth. Stop, think, and ask yourself why you're eating it. When those cravings hit and I find myself reaching for something to relieve them, I tell myself, "I can have this if I want it, but I choose not to eat it because it's going to keep me from my goal." Do this and I guarantee you the feeling of being in control will be far better than any satisfied food craving...

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I just briefly read over the thread and so if somone else already suggested this, sorry for the repeat, but have you tried PB2? Everyone here on the board raves about it. If you love peanut butter it will give you that satisfaction without all the fat. I haven't personally tried it (because I don't miss peanut butter or nuts) but everyone sure seems to love it. From what I know, it has to be ordered online and the minimum is two jars. Ebay has it as well (I guess some people sell their 2nd jar)..

Good luck! Hang in there! We're all in this together and you have some great advice here especially keeping triggers out of the house. I am lucky because my only son is away at college and so it is just me, myself and I, which makes this program so much easier!!.

Let us know how you are doing!.


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Thanks. I have been curious about the PB2 but thought it might make me completely crazed. Maybe I'll try though. I have actually been doing sooo much better. I'm at least 98% on plan. In the last three weeks I had one bad 24 hour period where I consumed bars, too many bars! Overall I've been in a better mind set to lose the last 20 pounds.

I finally and really know that I can do this. That I too am entitled to be of normal weight. And I am focused on all I have done. I'm almost there! I got over my fears and stepped on the scale yesterday. 156.

Be proud of that. I'm constantly working on staying positive..

Happy Mother's Day....I am the mother of two but lost my mother three years ago so it's a mixed feeling day...

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