I weigh 138lbs I want to gain weight. What products or good for a first timer working out? Going to ?

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My first question is: I weigh 138lbs I want to gain weight. What products or good for a first timer working out? Going to ?

My next question is: After reading almost this entire board lol. Asking loads of questions, I finally decided to go with a 10wk Test-e cycle, I'm looking at 500mg (2ml) a week. I have Nolva n Clomid on hand ready for my PCT..

The plan is:.

10wks (may increase it to 12wk) Test-E x 2cc per week.

1 week after last injection I will start my PCT:.

Clomid: Day one, 300mg.

Day 2-10, 100mg.

Day 11-21, 50mg.

Nolvadex: Day 1-14, 40mg.

Day 15-30, 20mg.

I drink over 3litres of water a day normally so no change there..

I have read on how to inject, but just incase I have my brother with me who has injected for years. So he can advice me too.

What I'm after from this cycle, is to gain muscle, hopefully drop a little fat. I was going to run decca too. but went for the simple approach to narrow any potential problems..

My diet has been increase to 2gm per lb of body weight but ive left my carbs the same. Carry a bit of fat atm and hope to burn some. Im eating every 3 hours as ive done for along time. U guys helped me with the diet.

I weigh 95kg (210lb) and I'm 6ft tall.

Ive been working out since I was 23 (weighed 75kg) and I'm now 27..

Basically I'm ready to go, just the daunting task of actually sticking myself for the 1st time is in my way.

Any advice would be appreciated, e.g. I'm thinking of including tribulus as part of my PCT...

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Thnx for the advice fellas.

Im using clomid + nolva as ive read on this board and a few others, it works better than just using 1. So thought id go with the mass's as ive never done it b4. Im basically trying to keep it as safe as possible. As with you guys, I'm taking the use of AAS very seriously..

So hows best to increase my carbs? Generally I eat a banana are whack some oats in a shake?.

RuggerBugger: wont tribulus effect the enanthate like ive read nolva and clomid are suppose to do, if taken whilst on the cycle?.

Also I use 40gm of dextrose in my PWO shake is this ok, as I'm not how I get hold of "waxy maize"...

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Oats are a great way to get complex carbs in at any time of the day. If you don't mind it in your PWO shake, go for it. I use waxy maize starch because it is also a complex carb (low impact on insulin), but unlike most complex carbs it is absorbed extremely rapidly so it gets a lot of carbs into my system without giving me a huge insulin spike by itslef. An increase in insulin post workout is a good thing as insulin is good for driving nutrients into muscle. But... too much insulin and sugar in your blood makes your body want to send a bunch of sugar to your fat cells.

A bit of fast acting carbs (like dextrose, or fructose from fruit)PWO will get your insulin levels up while complex carbs will provide a long lasting supply of carbs to refuel your muscle cells without making your body want to grow your fat cells. 40 grams dextrose would be enough simple carbs but I think it'd be a good idea to get 40 grams of complex carbs in PWO too..

I'm not quite sure what you mean by the test affecting the test-E. If you provide some more info I'll try and help. Tribulus works in a different way to SERMs like Clomid and Nolva. Tribulus stimulates your brain to release more LH (luetinizing hormone) which in turn will cause your balls to grow back and for more natural test to be released..


Comment #2

Well ive had 3 injections now, bro did the 1st and ive done the other 2 myself. Nowt to it really, just the guts to put enough pressure on to get the needle through the skin lol.

My next injection is on saturday. just wondering when I'm likely to notice the effects? ive read it's usually about 4 weeks in?..

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Ur weight will start creeping up from the end of week 2. as long as your eating a shit load of carbs and protein. maybe it's different with some ppl but that how it went for me on the same cycle your on. si..

Comment #4

Yup started to notice the weight increase and my strength is alot better..

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It will really work after 4th week. I would add some prop at 11 and 12 th week of your cycle and statr pct few days after last prop shot. Btw get hcg for your pct and dont take clomid becuse your cycle is really light. And why you dont kick start your cycle with dbols or prop ( I thin if you will do it you will do it with dbols becuse lot of newbies afraid of injections ) good luck with your cycle..

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The reason I chose this cycle was due to reading a vast amount of info on the subject, I found that the majority recommend a single cycle (no stacking) as then I can find out how my body reacts. I dont like the sound of dbol, as it's too harsh on your liver. Im very patient and have been looking at steroids for well over a year. Im in no rush to get bigger, as I dont want to injure myself.

Im not using HCG this time as I dont understand it enough. I'm hoping to learn from this and may use HCG and stack my next cycle..

Wot would be the advantage of using prop at the end of my cycle?..

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