I want to delete on my computer. How?

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My first question is: I want to delete on my computer. How?.

My next question is: It seems over the past few years, I've noticed that many women will date using men who satisfy certain needs they have instead of waiting for that one special person who meets all their needs and compatability. Women love how I am so knowledgeable about the fine dining and music scene and really enjoy how I show them a good time. I get this all the time.."you are such a great date"..."you are such a fun date". But..NONE of them want to take it to the next level and become exclusive. I don't want to be someone's entertainment director anymore, I want to be someone's boyfriend. I'm not a wealthy guy but I make a more than decent living and I'm fit and attractive..what's the problem?..

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Your question was: I want to delete on my computer. How?.

Do you usually get a second or third date using or are you asking them to be exclusive right off the bat? Are you giving of "friend" signals or are you good at flirting and letting a woman know you are interested in her as more than just a friend?..

Comment #1

There has to be some disconnect somewhere...think hard...what do these women tell you on the way out?..

Comment #2

I get multiple datesall the time...this can go on for's like we become a couple but without the intimacy..i'm tired of it...

Comment #3

Do you mean no physical intimacy?  Have you tried initiating physical intimacy fairly early on in the dating?  I mean kissing - not full out sex..


Comment #4

Your post is a bit vague. Describe what seems to be happening from date using 1 to the last date. Its hard to say without some specifics..

That said, the common denominator in your relationships is you. If things are not developing in a manner you'd like, look at what in YOU is preventing that from happening. people only reflect back to us what we show them - if you come across as a little detached and not intimate (emotionally) that is where the relationship (thru will stall because those you date using will not respond to you in another manner.

If you want to build a lasting, emotionally intimate relationship (thru with someone, then you have to BE that person first. If you are holding back to 'see' what they do first, you've set yourself up to fail.

The greatest catch in the world can remain single and unattached if they are sending vibes that preclude building initimacy, trust and love..


Comment #5

You have a point but it sounds like you thnik that's all women are looking for from you - using your "expertise" to hide your insecurities in other areas. take a chance and be real, be vulnerable, make it more of a partnership and the result might be different.


Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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