I use TwinLab %100 Whey protein (50g per 2serv). is it good enough, because i can not afford Vitamin?

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My first question is: I use TwinLab %100 Whey protein (50g per 2serv). is it good enough, because I can not afford Vitamin?.

My next question is: My 1st cycle was test en at 500mg per week for 12 weeks. this was 18months ago. Now I'm looking into a new cycle. this time I want a shorter cycle - say 8 or 9 weeks, but I wana use a new steroid on it's own. I know that deca alone isnt recommended, but I have met quite a few guys who have used it with v good results. I would be using the fast acting deca.

The reason I dont want to stack test with the deca is 1. I dont need that much gear to grow 2. I want to compare the deca cycle with my previos test cycle with a view to using them together in a later cycle and 3. I'm concerned that using test and deca doesnt allow the use of finasteride to stop MPB (Iv heard taking test and deca with finasteride accelerates the hairloss process).

What do you guys think of a deca only cycle?? and, is there a better single steroid that you can recomend instead of deca. I was thinking maybe equipoise, but I dont want another long cycle, id prefer an 8 or 9weeker this time...

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Cheers neil. that post sums it up well really. I think il give it ago. is the deca NPP just the same as normal deca but just a faster acting ester. I can get hold of normal deca much cheaper. if I went for normal deca - how long will I need to run it to achieve max results. would 10weeks be sufficient?.

I know MPB wont be a problem with the deca, due to no dht conversion - that was 1 of my main reasons for opting for a low androgen like deca (with a deca cycle there will be no need to get finasteride and thus il be saving myself 70). I was just referring to the use of test deca and finasteride together - iv read that instead of the finasteride reducing the hairloss, it actually accelerates it.

Like you say neil. it's better to experiment with things yourself through trial and error. tbh, iv tried test (it worked well) but this time I just fancy trying something different and learning about another compound...

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NPP is a faster acting Nandrolone, personally I'd opt for the Decanoate ester..

10 weeks is fine for duration. My first cycle was 100mg Deca a week for 4 weeks and I gained about 6 lbs..

However, as you previously ran the test at 500mg a week, i'd run the deca at the same dose to give a more meaningfull comparison of the two different drugs..

Good luck and keep us informed!..

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100mg per week for 4weeks and 6lbs gained! just goes to show that more isnt always better with gear. bit of a random cycle though - iv never heard of one like it. Were you as well informed back then as you are now?.

Also Neil, can the deca NPP be used as a kickstart and taper off in a similarway as test prop can?? so say 400mg deca NPP for the 1st 2weeks, then switch to normal deca for week 3-7 then switch back to the deca NPP for the two remaining weeks? or would it be best to keep it simple and use one kind of deca throughout. if so il opt for the normal deca as it's cheaper and easier to get hold of. cheers..

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In a word, NO. ( I wasn't as well informed).

However the cycle was put togather with a small amount of theory behind it. As at the time you could get Nor-250 prohormones (which ran for four weeks) and I calculated the maths to find out what dose of gear would be the equivalent as I wanted to experiment to see if the gains from gear would be the same (a bit like your doing with test & deca). They were but the 4 shots of deca was half the price..

The NPP could be used to kick start and taper the cycle but it wouldn't really provide too great a benefit as NPP is typically active for about 5 days with it hitting peak blood levels at day 3. Normal Deca is active for 14 days (roughly) with peak blood levels hitting at day 6 so as you can see the blood levels would only be slightly higher for a couple of days using the NPP. I'd just use the straight deca myself...

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Ok thanks Neil. iv been reading up a bit more and I'm thinking of maybe using equipoise instead of the deca, but iv got a month or so to think about it coz iv got a shoulder injury at the mo which needs resting. The EQ seems a more attractive option because it's less supressive and I feel I may hang onto more of my gains post cycle. but then on the other hand I feel using EQ without adding at least some test would be a waste, because of the appetite boosting qualities of the EQ. Do you have any views on EQ alone vs Deca alone?..

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EQ is a longer acting drug (4 weeks) so the suppression after a cycle will be pretty much the same whichever you use. EQ is less androgenic than Deca so more inclined to lean tissue gains, with fractionally less water retantion, but most people will use the two interchangeably..

You could always do the Deca only cycle this tme and when everythings 'back to normal' do the EQ only stack, then you can compare test to Deca and to EQ. As long as your keeping records of how you react to each, then it's just more experimenting!.

And thats all good!..

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Yeah, I'm sure both will do the desired job! iv got time to mull it over so il just see what happens. il keep you informed of my decision anyway. cheers m8..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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