I recently signed up with, I was tired of chance meetings...?

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My first question is: I recently signed up with, I was tired of chance meetings...?.

My next question is: Goodmorning.

Okay I love my mom dont get me wrong. but ive been seeing that things she says and does is what I am now doing and saying when it comes to things in relationships. well with this one guy. how in the world can I change that. there is good points about my mom of course but I know few bad points and I dont want to be like that. I realized yesterday that the things I say to this guy in anger n even just arguing n what not like ive heard my mom sayit to my step dad before.


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Your question was: I recently signed up with, I was tired of chance meetings...?.

 After reading you post, I'm left wondering if you wanted to ask something, or if you were just venting.


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Hi there.


Yeah I dont know how to not do it since now it's rubbing off on me to be like that at times. sometimes I think it might b okay but sometimes I feel it's not. I'm not sure I guess hwo to seperate the two. I know my mom has more exsperience then I do with relationships and sometimes yes she is right but sometimes she isnt and I just make it worse for myself. sometimes the advice she gives me is true n great but sometimes it's not and just ruin things. I'm not sure what todo ah.

Any help , advice n etc is fine..


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 So since you realize that your mom, at times, doesn't give the best advice, personally, I'd STOP listening to her. One of the ironies in life is that the people closest to you, GIVE THE WORST ADVICE. Why do they give bad advice? It's b/c they don't know how to do the thing that you're asking them about..

 The sad fact is that MOST people do not know how to maintain great r-ships. This is a direct result of LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Most people don't know HOW to establish and maintain r-ships? How many people do you know that are is GREAT r-ships? Probably not many by the sound of it. I was the same way, except for me, I've since LEARNED how to have great r-ships. It's something that is LEARNED and very TEACHABLE..

 The ABSOLUTE BEST people to learn from, are the people that have what you want. If there is someone that you know that acts, IS, lives by standards that you LOVE and ADMIRE, ASK THEM FOR ADVICE. NEVER and I mean NEVER ask people that don't have what you want. Unless... you want to learn WHAT NOT TO DO..



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Hellowell thats the thing, sometimes she does give good advice because she has been around longer then I so she knows hehe. but sometimes she doesnt though so it's hard to break the two. I also now that I seen her comments some of them have rubbed off on me I'm not sure now either with that either.but with what you said about the advice from others who have what I want. thats an awesome thing and I believe it too. the thing is yeah everyone around me does not have any good relationships , even friends arent that good either. so because of that I think and do the things I do n think I guess...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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