How to deal with plateaus with Medifast?

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I am in need of some motivational words of wisdom about stalls and plateaus and how you dealt with it. Could you tell me if you had any stalls and major slowdowns and how long it lasted and how many months into the program did it happen? Is there a general consensus as to having a month with only a 3-4 lb loss? Does it pick up again or is this the way it is going to be for me. I am a turtle loser as it is and I am so desperate for some honesty on the subject. Losing only 3-4 lbs a month is really bringing me down and I need some HELP!.

Thanks and please feel free to chime in here...

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When I did this big time three years ago, I hit a couple of major slowdowns and one plateau. I had a month where I lost only about 6 pounds (and I had A LOT to lose!), but it was when I started exercising (not much, but some exercise) I did notice that I was losing "inches" then - muscle is more dense than fat, so when you start building muscle through exercise, your weight might not change at first. Eventually you start losing again because the fat cels that are burning up also release water. When I hit a plateau of more than a week, I went on 6 shakes and water for a couple of days - that got everything moving again - but if you just stick to plan and wait it out, it will pass. Just the body adjusting to new needs. After all, you've lost 40 pounds, and your body requires fewer calories now than it did 4 months ago!.

Hang in there!..

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First, big congrats on your losses so far!!! In fact, your first four months look great, about the same as mine.

Okay... now... glad you asked, I do have a LOT to say on this...


You can see from my siggy that I've had several 4 pound months right now I'm going through a couple more.

But I lost my 50 pounds and made it to my goal range, where I've mostly stayed (with a few blips) for 19 months. Do I look back and regret that it took me a little longer than someone else? Heck no!! Do I wish I'd just given up back then of course not!.

This doesn't mean I don't relate to feeling frustrated. Right now I'm back on 5&1 trying to lose 15-20 more pounds and I know it's going to take many, many months because I lose soooo darn slowly. When I feel that impatience creeping in, I try to imagine next summer and fall and how good I'll feel and look and how happy I'll be that I chose to stick with it..

In the past I've lost with Weight Watchers, but it took me 8 months to lose 25 pounds, so to me Medifast is still very fast weight loss. I always say on these boards The time is going to pass no matter what, and six months from now we can be heavier, the same or thinner. The choice is ours.


I've had several plateaus of two weeks or more and my "special" misery is that I don't just stay the same I GAIN during my plateaus ! That's because I can retain water and bloat up at the drop of a hat....

So during plateaus, I've:.

" drunk tons of water.

" taken measurements.

" rewarded myself with a little shopping for staying on plan.

" tried to use the time as "practice for maintenance." After all, our main goal is to KEEP this weight off, and in that area we need all the practice we can get!.

I also firmly believe the body needs the time to adjust. All kinds of dramatic things are going on inside us when we lose weight, so I figure I'm not going to second guess what my body's up to while I'm putting it through all this stress ..

And the final positive spin I put on being a slow loser is that my skin will thank me for losing this way!.

You did the right thing by posting here. Being on these boards is the other things that really helps. I hope you keep your (thinner) chin up, hang in there and stick it out you won't regret it!!!..

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Thanks Anne and Gatita for your replies. I think I may drink shakes for a day and see if that can get things moving along..........I drink 10 glasses of water a day and just can't do any more at this point. Regarding weight watchers..........I lost a grand total of 9 lbs in 16 weeks. I got my 16 week pin........that program simply did not work for me. This is the best one yet, but still it gets discouraging sometimes when it slows to barely a crawl. But I am still plugging along..

If any one else has anything to my guest......

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I did Ww and it worked but then I got tired of counting and lost my MIL and gained alot back and so this time I am on Medifast of course and never looked back..

I am also a very slow turtle but some weeks the turtles head rises and wants to be counted. To me I must remember I did not go to bed and wake up fluffy and the same with removing it. Yes, I get discouraged and yes I have wanted to quit but no way will I. I have come to realize that even tho I am a turtle remover at least I am moving and the turtle did win the race as the story goes. It too shall pass..Stay faithful to it and the weight will come off..

Blessing to you and good luck..

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Have more water than usual and most importantly don't give up! Keep following the plan to a T. Even if the scale doesn't budge for another day, 2, a week.. these things happen to everyone and know that it WILL come off.

Good luck and congrats on all you've done so far!..

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Plateaus come and go. If I hit a plateau, I usually had greater weight loss the following week. Just stick with it. If you start adjusting because you hit plateaus, you will probably make some mistakes. Just keep doing what you have done to be successful thus far. Don't change that...

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