What scale do you use during the Medifast diet?

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Hiya everyone!.

I'm not a veteran but I hope to one day be one! Anyways, I'm officially on day 3 of this program! Doing great so far, cravings are manageable and no bad side effect. WHEN I officially reach my first week, I plan to reward myself with a new scale. A weird reward but I figured it's better than a session with a pint of Ben & Jerry's half baked I would have picked in the past. Also, my scale is going to be my new best friend so it needs to be consistentunlike my banged up old one!.

I've been researching but I can't make up my mind! I need one under 50 bucks since I'm a starving college student and I'm saving for my next months Medifast supply! I'm eying a Tarantia and Omron -400 scale at But I'd really like an opinion from my fellow Medifasters!! What scale do YOU use?..

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I love my Tanita HD351 scale, but it was $80 when I purchased it in January...

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I like your thread..and I am no means a veteran, but I've been on Medifast since March 8th and have lost 40lbs.

The part about your scale being your best so true, you know how when you first meet, you and your BF enjoy spending every moment together?? And then you can get on each others nerves and need space?? And even sometimes you disagree and maybe even dislike each other....? Well that is the way it is with your scale, you hit it right on the head.

I loved my scale at first, the lbs were dropping off each that I am in my 26th week and 4th week in a row with no weight loss, I want to kill my BF scale..LOL.

I just got a kick out of the thread and I wish you all the best on MF, it is a great plan and works!! Even though me and my scale are not getting along well, my tape measure has become a closer friend...NSV for me equal inches lost and I am not complaining.

I purchased a digital scale from Wal-Mart for 40.00. It was working great a few months ago, but I think it broke. LOL Just kidding. I think just about any digital scale works fine a slong as you use the same one for each weigh-in, because I believe different scales behave differently.

Great success to you, Jo..

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I hate my homedic body fat scale (who wants a BF that doesn't lie to you at least every once in awhile LOL it was 30 at Walmart..

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I have no idea what kind of scale I have, lol. It is a white digital one that I purchased at Walmart for $25. It measures your weight to .2 pounds, it was inexpensive and has been very consistent. I dunno if that helps at all...

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You ladies crack me up! I've been eyeing my old scale right now and it seems to be staring at me accusingly. Poor thing must know I was thinking of replacing it. There isn't anything really wrong with it. I just got lured by the fancy looking ones! The one I have is a digital scale I got from walmart.

Sigh. I guess I might just stick with it. Maybe a nice blender would be better? LoL..

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Taylor Body Fat Scale. $30 at Walmart. I just had to replace my Tanita and was extrememly pleased to find that it weighed exactly the same. It tracks your body fat and your hydration levels...

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I asked the same question in my blog today. Nice to see someone else has inquired about scales. Thanks for the info guys..

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My Tanita is awesome...measures accurately...and if I were to step on it several times in a row then I would get the same weight everytime. It also measures true to my doctor's scale (also Tanita but professional series) which is calibrated often since she specializes in bariatrics...

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I have a Tanita scale as well. It wasn't cheap (probably about $100), but it is also very consistent. I'm not confident in the body composition measurements (I will be looking for trends rather than accuracy), as those seem to vary quite a bit, but the weight measure seems spot on...

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Where did you buy your Tanita's? I've seen them at diet centers and gyms, but haven't noticed them for regular retail..... Mine's a bit inconsistent and I would like to replace it with a higher quality one...

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I shopped for an accurate scale for a looong time. I went through 2 before I purchased a WW, memory capable (which I dont use) with weight stabilizers. This feature allows you to stand ANYWHERE on the scale and get the same number. It also takes into effect the "off balance" of sertain flooring. It measures in .2 increments and I have been very pleased with the results. I paid about $45 for it and it was worth every penny...

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I have the same one Caryn has and I love it!..

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I got a I Gyn digital scale from The Academy. It tells your fat, muscle mass, and water %. It even tells you how many calories to take in daily. It cost about 30 dollars, and it really helps to have around...

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Make sure you look to see what increments is measures in - - some are to the 1/2 pound, others are to .2 lbs. Depends on how accurate you want it to be. I think Walmart has a great selection for under $40. If you don't want the fat% feature, don't bother paying extra for it..

Plus - - it's a very good reward!!..

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I've had my scale for a couple of years. I have Tanita brand and it's lowest model. It was $40 and I had a $4 coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond. I think they still mail those coupons out...

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When I researched scales online, Tanita defintiely came out on top. I bought my sister one on sale at our local sporting goods store. Forget the name, but it's a big chain...

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OK, maybe you guys can help. I'm freaked out a little right now. I no longer have any idea what my weight is. If I slide the scales to one spot, I weigh one weight, if I move them to another, I weigh 17# more!!! Consistantly! I was so happy at a 40 lb loss, but then this. My scales measure .2 lbs, cost about $50, about a year old & have a new (2 months ago) battery. Hubby weighs the same no matter where he places them.

I know it's just a number but...... when I see 207 versus 190.4 - that's huge! Besides, how is that even possible?..

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The best one you can find on craigslist! try for a balance beam one, they are the most accurate...

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I have 2 scales. They differ by .6 lbs. If yours varies that much, I would think there is something wrong with it and should be replaced...

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