I need a new name for my profile on to attract women what would be a great name to do so?

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My first question is: I need a new name for my profile on to attract women what would be a great name to do so?.

My next question is: I have a weird situation going on and hope to get some feedback from you guys. I met a guy who works in my building over a month ago.  Things started slowly progressing from casual chit-chat to downright flirting.  He says and does all the right things (tells me he thinks I am beautiful, is interested in what I am doing on the weekends, always holds the door open for me, etc.)  I have let him take the lead on the flirting and given him all of the requisite signs that it is now ok to either ask me out or get my number.  (I am one of those girls who refuses to ask a guy out...if he is interested in me, he needs to take that step to ask me out.).

At first I thought that maybe he had a girlfriend and he was just partaking in some work-time flirtation, but after talking to him more, I am convinced this is not the case.  I know he likes me based on what he says and how he acts all nervous around me, but I am wondering what more I can do to let him know it's ok to ask me out?  From what I know so far, I like him and we have great conversations and I am sure he feels the same.  There is definitely an attraction there but he just hasn't crossed that bridge yet. .

If it matters, we are both in our 30s, never married, no kids, and do not work for the same company..

Any opinions?.

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Your question was: I need a new name for my profile on to attract women what would be a great name to do so?.

Sttep up and ask him out for coffee during a break at work..Hey you wanna go for coffee.  I ask guys out all the works ya know. Now a days I think guys are affraid to do anything when it comes to women. Now thats not to say you should take the lead in askingout all the time but maybe the coffee thing will lead him to Dinner???..

Comment #1

Ask him to grab lunch or coffee it's easy and casual and I think it would be a good ice breaker to get the ball rolling. .

I feel for You Im in a similiar situation I had to take a little initiative to get things going but that is ok at least now You will know where You stand. .

Guys are shy to at any age lol He probably is just as nervous as You are..

Good luck!..

Comment #2

I know you don't want to ask him out but how about asking for an opinion about something in your apt - guys love to be helpful..


Comment #3

Well, after 2 months of hardcore flirting...he finally asked me out!  We are going out this weekend.  I know a lot of you said that I should ask him out but I am so against a woman making the first move.  I feel much better (as most women would) with him being the one to ask me out first.  It may be old fashioned or whatever but, I really believe that it is the man's place to ask the woman least the first date, after that, if all went well, perhaps the woman can initiate some of the dates.  I also am a firm believer in not calling a man in the beginning of a relationship. .

Hopefully all goes well.  Thanks for your suggestions..


Comment #4

 coffee is a low risk venture, you're showing interest but being very casual.  Go for it.


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