I miss pizza and Chinese food while on Medifast

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Hey vetrans...i have a question. I'm mid 3rd week...i'm losing weight...down 13.5 pounds. But this week, I've noticed that I'm wondering wth i'm doing on medifast. I miss real food. I enjoy the medifast program and want to stick with it. It's working wonders.

I'm not really hungry, I just sometimes miss pizza and chinese (2 culprits of why I need medifast). Is this normal?..

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Is this a trick question?.

Sorry to be blunt but I think you know why you're on the program. However if the pizza and chinese have a stronger pull then you're be one of those that tried and quit. On the other hand if that 13.5 lb loss appeals to you and you want it to be 20 and then 30 and then 50...well you'll ignore the pizza and chinese cravings..

I think we all miss something, but we know it's that something that got us here in the first place. It's a mental thing, like you said. You have to get control..

Continued good luck to you!.


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One of the things Medifast is supposed to teach is that food is only energy for our bodies. It is not to ease boredom, comfort pain or fear or to be eaten only for pleasure except once in a blue moon on a special occasion. We should only eat when physically hungry and that's it..

If you are recognizing that you want to eat for reasons other than to just nourish your body then that is the first step! Now take the next step and find a real solution to what is ailing you instead of the food. It takes time and effort but it's worth it, it's your life!.

You're doing great, keep going!..

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I think this is normal. We all miss certain foods. Don't even get me started! And some fo those foods will somedya be okay in moderation on maintenance, some I have ot admit I will never be able to have again......My theory I just got to wait until maintenance and figure out what I can and can't have!..

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Oh the joys of REAL food! Yeah...that is what got me here in the first place. I know how you will get passed it if you are willing to! Some people aren't ready...but kinda like KarenB have to decide. BUT, if the question is do I think about eating a nice big piece of CAKE...well yeah...but I quickly think about the control I have and turn away from it. It gets so much easier for me each much that I really don't think about it much anymore...and even in the face of the biggest temptations...I am able to overcome!!..

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I think it's totally normal. Unfortunately our habits and cravings don't change overnight and you've only been on the program for 2.5 weeks. I think it's a bit of mind over matter, at least at first. You just have to remind yourself of all the reasons why you want to lose weight and decide what's more important to you - reaching your goal or a few moments pleasure in eating whatever you're craving followed by guilt and remorse afterward for giving in. (Can you tell this is experience talking?) Not to mention regaining some of the weight you've already lost. Pizza and chinese food aren't going anywhere.

I tell myself all the time that whatever it is I'm craving will still be there down the road. Hopefully by then I won't even be interested anymore..

Losing weight is very hard. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many of us struggling. Can you make yourself a L&G that could duplicate some of the flavors of the foods you're craving? That might be an option. You have to eat a L&G anyway so it might as well have a taste you enjoy. You could make yourself some stir fry or an Italian dish! The cravings will get to where they aren't as bad. You can do it!..

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Wow - I had Chinese two nights ago and Italian tonight. You can get a little of what you are craving if you just figure out how to work it into your Lean and Green. I made a vegetable and shrimp stir fry the other night and used plenty of soy sauce on it. A little too much sodium, but I drank extra water. Tonight I tried a recipe out of Cooking Light Magazine for a chicken breast stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and oregano and a little feta cheese. Tasted better than most pizzas and fit in with my L & G.

Pizza sauce and a little low-fat mozzarella in it. You would only have to deduct a little from your Lean, plus a condiment. It would taste like a pizza. Keep at it and keep trying to come up with some things to make it taste like you need it to taste. Best of luck to you..

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If you are willing to take the time to figure out how to make it work, you can have foods that will satisfy your cravings without taking you out of the plan. Check out OrangeBlood's Blog, he has some interesting recipes, including a way to make pizza crust out of Medifast ingredients. Just watch the portions, because he cooks for his family and makes large amounts. You have to be responsible for not putting in things that might only be allowed on maintenance, too.

There are lots of recipes in these threads to find which will help with making your L&G meals have more variety. Just count all the ingredients.

Cravings are normal, but if they are very very strong, then it is probably more than just missing a particular food. Your body has it's own language, and it might be trying to tell you "Stop trying to starve me". It does not want to let go of the fat! You have to be the boss and stand firm in your desire to lose weight. Not always easy, but not impossible, either. Whenever you feel like you are going to give in, get online and talk. This will help forget about the food. And drink some water while you are at it!.

Hope this helps. Happy Medifasting!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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