I met my new guy on how many dates should I have him take down his profile.?

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My first question is: I met my new guy on how many dates should I have him take down his profile.?.

My next question is: I met this really cool Guy in August at a Industry mixer.  I told a co-worker that I was interested so He invited Me to the next function We hung out made alot of eye contact he kept giving Me love taps etc..

So now I told my co-worker that it is ok to tell Him I am interested.  Last Friday He comes to work for a Seminar and I see Nick and He's like it is so great to see You it's been awhile etc making great eye contact We Chatted for 5 minutes then He left so I said See You later and that was it..

Now the million dollar question I have no clue when I will bump into him or when there will be another Industry event etc.  Do you think it is cool to shoot Nick an e-mail to see if He wants to grab a drink??.


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Your question was: I met my new guy on how many dates should I have him take down his profile.?.

Oh, hey, I believe in being proactive.  But asking some guy for a first date using can be a bit dicey.  Usually guys initiate and being proactive crops up somewhere after that initial interest is shown.  But then again, I know an older couple, they will tell the story of how he was in the army stationed in the Phillipines and she arrived for a nursing stint and then she happened to show up at his desk asking for assistance on one thing or another and she finally said to him "will you ask me out already?"  They are still married, children, and grand-children, and he laughs about how clueless he was.  Oh, who knows, maybe he had is eye on someone else but by being proactive, she stole the show. .

So first, get your iron will out just in case he says no so that if he says no, you accept it gracefully and say "nothing nothing lost, nothing gained"  Then, shoot him and e-mail and invite him to join you with a few colleagues for drinks or shoot him and e-mail and invite him for coffee.  If a group event, sit next to him.  If it's coffee, see if ends the date using with an invitation for another.  Good luck!..

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No, I wouldnt. Your friend let him know that you are interested and he declined to move anything further...

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Absolutely, positively YES!!! Ask him out for a drink...

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Did your co worker tell Nick you're interested? If so why did he only chat for 5 minutes, then take off? I'd ask the co worker what Nick said..



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He was leaving a meeting at My office he swung by on the way out.  Well I told my co-worker it is ok to tell him I like Him now I gave Him the green light So he invited Nick to a cocktail party This week!! So I am assuming he knows now since he is coming!!.



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Yes I agree.  What will be will be.


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What a night....We went to the cocktail party and Steve My Co-worker told Me Nick was going this was as of 3:00 that day anyway We get to the party @7 before I twist and turn it is 8:30 Steve comes up to Me and is like Nick never got back to Him the end of the day and He probably just got caught up. .


And I still have to go to the Holiday party He is throwing and any other event he has, so I kept my composure in front of everyone and continued to enjoy the rest of the night I am not bringing it up anymore I am going to his Holiday party for an hour and see how it goes I all ready told Nick I am going.  I was just really disappointed and I dont want to question my co-worker to death..

Opinions would be helpfull 2 of my close Guy Friends told Me not to read to much into it and to go to His party and have fun!!..

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There's a world of difference between seeing someone at a party and seeing them one-on-one. A one-on-one indicates a serious intention. Anyway, whether it's at a party, via texting, via email, a phone call, whatever, just ask to meet for a drink after work, lunch, even breakfast coffee at Starbucks or something. A little face time will let you both know if you like each other...

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That is very true.  We can't fully be Ourselve's around Our Co-Worker's  and at Company functions..

I left off with Nick about 2 weeks ago that I will attend His party.  So I am going to go see how he acts and then see if He wants to get together with Me alone for a drink or a quick dinner this way with no one around We can see if We both would like to get to know each other more!!.

God this is so nerve wrecking lol..

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No word yet on The Holiday event...I will keep You Guys Posted!.

Thanks for all the great advice!!..

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